Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweet Letters

Remember how the other day I wrote about how I was doing my first hosting party on Facebook for Origami Owl?If you ladies would like to order anything please go to this website: Origami Owl. That will take you straight to my ordering website thanks ladies...

Aunt Joyce:
I am excited to see you this Sunday! Cannot wait to see our movie as well as eat.. I love getting to play catch up with you..

Please warm up! I hate that you have started being cold again! I just cannot take it.. I miss Summer & Fall something awful...

You know how most whom are prego nest? Well I feel like I have been nesting but the thing is I am not prego! I have been cleaning anything & everything way so more then normal.. I guess I have just been in that mood set for some odd reason!

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review: Watcher Trilogy

Watchers Trilogy Banner

I am thinking about doing more book reviews on my blog! As it currently stands I read a lot of books & I truly have no way to keep up with them per say. The only way I know whether I have read them or not now is when I go onto Barnes & Noble to order more through my nook! If I have bought & read them they say read out to the side which is nice!

Before you even ask or think it, no I was not a book nerd in high school..& even now am not! I just love to read.. It helps that I am a fast reader & not a slow one so I can go through quiet a lot of books needless to say!

In my spare time when I do not have plans with friends & such is when I read anyway moving on now!

Cursed Cover Art by SJ West

Blessed Cover Art by SJ West

Forgiven Cover Art by SJ West

What can I tell you about this Trilogy Series? Well I can tell you it involves, Lucian, God, Vampires, Werewolves, & Angels! It has several main characters not just a few..

Lilly is the girl you come to know as half angel half human whom must make a choice of does she still love Will whom is an angel or does she need to move on & love Brandon Cole whom also happens to be an angel! She does make her choice in the end between the two & during the between parts she finds out what she must do to stop Lucian from destroying earth! 

You seem her make friends with an angel turned vampire because of his lust for blood but because she fends for him they gather a rare friendship & he no longer craves blood & wants to do right for Lilly so they make a pact as long as she will be friends with him he no longer will kill humans for blood & in the end he truly does love & protect her. It's the sweetest thing!

If you love paranormal then I highly suggest you read this little trilogy!

What are my thoughts on this particular trilogy series? Well I loved it! I thought it was well written as far as the story line went & I could just not get enough of these books! I even love that its continued on into the Watcher Chronicles which I will share with you next week because I only have one book left of that series to finish! I loved the ending even when Brand was able to be turned human to live his life out with Lilly.. However I am sad that although Lilly was able to stop Lucian from his complete plan it did not come without default because a tear has been open & must be fixed in the new series to come! Cannot wait to see how it all plays out :)

I rate this book a 5...

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What Origami Owl

So what that on Sunday I somehow managed to let Sara talk me into doing a origami owl party online on facebook! I do not know exactly how well that will turn out but I know it will be the same as if you was in person but instead of in person it will be all online  you just have to be on the event page for the time it starts!

My event will be begin on March 5th @ 7pm! It will begin on a Wednesday night & I am going to allow it to stay open until Friday night @ 7pm which will be March 7th! If you all are interested in buying anything origami owl please let me know so I can send you a link to the event... Thanks ladies

PS if nothing else please just come join in on the fun when it begins @ 7pm so that I do not feel completely awful trying to host my first little party ever for something like this :)

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things I Am Lovin

I'm loving that I was able to see not only baby Ava but also baby Quinn on Sunday.. I love all the sweet little ones in my life!

I am loving that I was able to eat dinner with Beth at Famous Dave's on Sunday night...

I am loving that a few days this past week it was up in the high 70's almost to the 80's.. If only this warm weather would stay..
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Din Din Time

Homemade Potato Soup & Butter Rolls

Leftovers from Monday

Tenderloin, Cabbage, & Cheesy Biscuits

Pinto Beans, Cornbread, Kraut, & Creamed Corn

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Favorite breakfast food..
During Summer & Fall my favorite breakfast food is fruit with fruit dip! Pineapple & strawberries are my favorite. During Winter & Spring I would say my favorite is Chocolate Gravy served with Bacon & Eggs!
how to make Chocolate Gravy!!! yummm

Best way to spend a free day..
Summer time free days equal lake/beach days
Fall time free days equal bonfires & camping
Winter time free days equal ice skating 
Spring time free days equal hiking & things inside because at times it is just too darn rainy..
Beach days

Take advantage of the dry, crisp leaves and branches to build a big bonfire. The nights will be chilly but nothing a huge fire cannot warm. Large punch bowls filled with a Solerno punch and a plate of s'mores are optional but highly recommended!

I dream of going ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

Airline ticket to anywhere in the world where would I go & why?
Any place where a tropical island is involved & why you ask well that is easy to answer I am a water baby I love being in water especially ones I can see below because the water is so clear
Sunset on the Tropical Island

I can only leave the house with one thing, what is it?
My cell phone!

How do I take my coffee?
Well it has to come from Starbucks & it cannot taste like coffee if it does I do not want it..

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweet Letters

You my sweet niece will be exactly 6 months old at the end of this month! Where has time went? It has flown by all to fast.. I cannot believe that in exactly 6 months from now we will be throwing your first birthday party! Auntie Ashleigh is gonna cry... I truly do love you so much sweet girl & I am beyond thankful for you in my life you constantly put a smile on my face!

I cannot wait to see you on Sunday! You are am amazing mother to that sweet niece of mine but most of all you are an amazing friend of mine! I love that you allow me to be not only a part of your life but your daughter's as well! I hope time does not fly by so fast on Sunday! It seems like every time I come to Knox for a visit it always ends too soon!

I am glad that I will get to do a late dinner with you on Sunday night before I head back home! Its always nice to see friends even if its only during a dinner date or lunch date! Next week when I am off though I will come down so we can enjoy our movie plus a dinner date.. Yay to extra time!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Of My Fears

To many I am sure that death would be a fear! However to me that is actually not one of my fears.. I know that when it is my time to go that I will go in peace & will be reunited with so many of my loved ones in heaven! To me I cannot fear that no matter how sad it may be to even leave my loved ones still here on this earthly relm! I can only hope they enjoy the rest of their lives here until we meet again one day!

Do I have just one fear? Oh no way  I have several such as spiders & snakes. Those two alone are fear for me but above those two I would have to say my fear of clowns with jagged teeth are way worse!

Truth be told I do not even have a clue what started my fear for clowns with jagged teeth. You would think I would be able to find one memory of when this started for me but I can't which I find odd some days! 

Halloween is my favorite time of year but you better betcha that if during that month I have to see a clown with jagged teeth my ass is out of there as fast I can go! I run for my life in every since of being..

I still do not remember my dreams except for one dream & it always is the exact same one can you guess what it has to do with? Clowns that is right, or in my case just one! However that one clown in my dream is plenty for me believe me when  I tell you that..

I remember that dream as clear as day as if  I truly endured it in my lifetime.. I am surrounded by woods on all sides of a 3 story house which is huge! Its old & ran down without a doubt giving me the heebie jeebies! I am always on the inside & all I can see is the orange glow of lights on. The house itself has too many crazy things going on such as you can slide down random trap slides, crawl through spaces! 

Without a doubt I would call it a fun house for that crazy clown that chases me during my dream with all his jagged teeth & his trusty giant knife which I know he wants to use on me to slice me into a billion pieces! I run around trying to survive for what feels like hours upon hours & scream as loud as I can for my life!

In the end it always ends up the same I am trapped after what feels like forever of running from that clown & as he is so up close & personal in my space & is about to murder me I always wake up!

I guess I should count my blessings for waking up & not dying in my dream! One always says its never a good sign when you die in dreams...

What fears do you all have? Is clowns one of them? Or is there something more to your horror story?

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What

Linkin up with sweet Shannon

So what that I miss Harry Potter world.. I wanna go back to Florida right now! Who is with me? However If I am being honest though I think I miss it all Disney alone is just the most magical place on earth! 

So what that I miss butter beer? It was so good when I had it in Harry Potter world.. Its made out of Butterscotch & Shortbread Cookies! Weird combination? Perhaps but it works well together!

So what that I might even miss the Pumpkin Juice from Harry Potter world? I mean do not get me wrong it was no where near as good as Butter Beer but it was good in its own kind of way!

So what that I am missing the warm weather? I want sunny & 75 degree weather something awful.. Don't you?

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things I am lovin

I'm loving that on Valentine's Day I was able to go to the movies! I was originally going to see Endless Love however it was sold out so I ended up seeing Winter's Tale! It was so good.. & I truly think it worked out for the best because Beth had been wantin to see Endless love so now when I head up to Knox I will be seeing it with her :) 

I am loving that on Saturday I was able to spend some time with Aunt Joyce! We original had planned on Sunday but we decided to change it up to Saturday.. We ended up going out to dinner & then to the movies! We seen Labor Day & It was amazing.. I loved it especially the ending!

I am loving my new Julep colors that came in the mail on Valentine's Day! They was too cute :)
Displaying photo 1.JPG

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I am loving my newest DVD! Hello Best Man Holiday.. I knew after I seen it in theaters that I would wanna buy it when it came out..
Displaying photo 4.JPG

I am loving all my curly cues... I never wear my hair straight anymore! Its rare when I do.. I also love that my hair is getting longer!
Displaying photo 3.JPG

I am loving that come Sunday I will be seeing my sweet niece Ava as well as Sara! Afterwards hopefully I can do dinner with Beth while I am in Knoxville :) 

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Din Din Time

Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches with Chips

Cajun Burgers with Baked Beans

Steak & Butter Bread

Vodka Pasta & Rolls

Leftovers from Thursday

Potato Casserole, Pork Chops, & Rolls

Out To Dinner

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Favorite thing to do on a lazy day..
Well that depends on the time of year! If its winter my favorite lazy thing to do is to keep my happy little self inside on the couch curled up either reading my nook under a warm blanket or watching a movie but now if its summer you better bet the best lazy day for me is floating on my float in the water while getting my tan on :)
Take a boat out to the middle of the ocean--where there is no land in sight.

TV guilty pleasure would be..
I have too many of these to count but I guess if I need to narrow it down & not name them all for you I would say my top 3 are Chicago Fire, Betrayal, & Nashville! But please keep in mind I do have plenty more then that :) 

Favorite road trip music..
You give me anything Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or Band Perry & I am one happy girl when it comes to some road trips.. The names above are my favorite singers/bands!

Favorite magazines/books to read by the pool/laying around..
My absolutely favorite & go to magazine is Coastal Living while my nooks books mostly pertain to anything romantic as well as anything paranormal such as werewolves, vampires, Angels, & such..
Favorite snack..
Pineapple & fruit dip.. best snack ever hands down!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Letters

I loved that I was able to have lunch with you on Sunday! Even if it was just lunch & you had to go back to Knox some time was better then none at all.. I cannot wait to see you this coming week when I head to Knox to have lunch with you as well as spend some time with Sara & Ava! You know I gotta see my sweet niece while there :)

Thank you for being so sweet & surprising me! I loved that you wanted to take me to see Lone Survivor :) I even loved that before hand you took me to our favorite coffee place which just happens to be Starbucks! It perked me right up especially after only 4 hours sleep before hand.. I also loved that during the movies you handled me so well when I jumped, cried, & anything else that was a tad bit out of the normal.. You are truly such a trooper :)

Thanks for being so wonderful here lately! I just love that your coffee always hits the right spots.. You warm me up when its freezing cold outside burr!

Lone Survivor:
Thanks for not only being such a great book but a great movie as well. I truly loved both but I do admit I had more emotions when it came to the movie all because it made it seem so real more so then I could do when only reading the book.. I know you are based off of a true story & I truly know my heart was breaking for every single person involved!

Valentines Day:
Today is your day! The only single day you get just once a year.. You arrive on February 14th & then leave as fast as you come it feels like! I love to celebrate this day whether with someone or not I know I always have someone because I am loved & I love in return! I cannot wait to celebrate today.. I will do that by eating oh so yummy tempting treats as well as going to the movies & you better betcha that by the end of the night I will have a cuddly little bear to cherish as well :) I cannot wait to see endless love however in theaters today as it is being released.. 


Aunt Joyce:
I love that Sunday's always seems to be just our day together anymore & I am more then ok with that! Every so often its not but now days that is very rare! I cannot wait to see Labor Day with you Sunday @ the movie theater & I cannot wait to eat & catch up with you! I love you more then you know & I am truly blessed to be one of your nieces :)

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