Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween...

Happy Halloween sweet ladies! I hope each & everyone of you have a BOO FANTASTIC day :)

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Two Months

AVA IRENE I love you so very much sweet girl.. I cannot believe you are two months old & very soon will be turning three months old! Time has flown by all too fast sadly...

Please know you are loved so very much! Even when you are a fussy girl & do not want you auntie & only want mamma.. I know in years to come I will look back & laugh at these little moments! I am so looking forward to you talking, walking & so much more..

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things I Am Lovin

I am loving that this weekend it was spend it Downtown Franklin then soon after it was hello haunted houses! I should have sneaked in photos.. See these creepers?

I love that on Sunday & Monday I went to the movies! On Sunday I seen Prisoners with the Madre & Aunt Joyce while on Monday I seen Bad Grandpa with Jonathan.. Both was good movies for the most part!

I am loving that yesterday I was in Knoxville seeing Sara & sweet baby Ava :) I love being an auntie to Ava!

I am loving that today is filled with Lee Lee & her mother.. I am so excited to enjoy our ladies day together!

I am loving that I only have 1 full work week left until Gatlinburg with my family & Lee Lee! It will be so much fun..

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Din Din Time

Oven Baked Tacos

Chicken Salad on Grilled Bread

Lime Chicken & Baked Beans

Devil Eggs

Potato Soup

Potato Soup Leftovers

Out To Dinner

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Giving Blood & Looking back At Two Months Ago

I cannot believe it has now already been two months ago since I gave blood & almost two months since I lost Jesse.  They called me yesterday to tell me that If I wanted I could go ahead & come in a few days early to give blood that I could. Since I was already out in town having lunch with a friend I swung by afterwards! 
This time it did not turn out great like last time sadly. I ended up getting sick this time & it was just beyond miserable to be honest. It takes a lot out of me afterwards too so pretty much the rest of the evening I stayed in bed! I just did not have the strength to get up & do much of anything. Even now today I can tell I am still worn down to be honest.

Jesse not a day goes by that I do not miss you! I see thing always that reminds me of you & if that was not the case I would forever & always have the place I work at to remind me of you. I miss your laugh, your big bear bugs, your cocky little attitude that made you so very special, & so much more! I cannot believe that come the 30th of this month it will have been two months since you have been gone! It seems like just yesterday to be honest.. I still remember not being able to say goodbye to you but only being able to say a faint I will see you again someday! I can only hope that you watch over us all from up in heaven knowing that someday when the time is right that you will be able to see us all again!  

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear 7 days off, I am so excited to have you off! I hope that you go by slowly. After my 6 days of working I am plum wore out needless to say... 

Dear Nashville, I will be seeing you tomorrow night for some fun downtown! I hope you live up to the fun per normal. However this time its not going to be bar hopping downtown instead its going to be haunted houses & such! I am ready for you so I hope you are ready for me...

Dear haunted houses & haunted woods, I hope you are super duper scary! I need you too be anyway. Please make my skin shiver & crawl.. 

Dear actors, please bring your "A" game to the haunted houses & haunted woods! I love knowing that I am gonna be scared nothing better if you ask me hello screams however please do not come around me if you are a clown with jagged teeth or a man with a chainsaw! I do not do so well with you two actors you truly do scare the hell out of me no lie.. I without a doubt will run for my life & scream bloody murder... 

Dear weather, I hate you so very much! I think you skipped over Fall & went straight into Winter. It has been so dang cold outside morning & night here lately. I do not like this one little bit just so you know! Please bring Fall back first.. 

Dear Ava, sweet niece I cannot believe that you are now 2 months old goodness how time has flown by! It seems like just yesterday that you were being born! You in turn have changed so very much its crazy how your little face has changed as well as your hair color! Please slow down just a tad bit this auntie is not ready to see you grow so darn fast...

Dear Sara, I love that during my time off this week one day I will be seeing you & sweet Ava! I miss you both so very much. I hate that we live 1 hour & 15 minutes apart now,  & what is even worse is knowing that in two years it will be even farther then that sadly. Thank goodness for face time on our phones..

Dear fruit tea, I have been loving you so much here lately! You seem to be the only thing I have been wanting at all. I just cannot get enough of your sweet goodness... 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things Men Do That Drive Us Women Crazy..

1. Too much boy not enough man!
At some point its time to grow up & ditch the childish shirts! It drives us women crazy when we have to remind you men to dress like a grown up. Take care to look good & dress well, no girl wants a sloppy mess & more importantly, act like one. There is without a doubt a place & time  for having fun & being childlike,  but the refusal to grow up & be responsible is a very tough pill to swallow for us women, whom do want a mature man with some sense of direction..

2. When we are texting & then I call him & he don't answer!
I clearly know he has his phone especially if we had been texting so just pick up the phone already..

3. When he leave that toilet seat up!
Most men should realize that us women use the restroom several time in a day as well as night even, so when its 3 am & us women are half asleep we are not caring to look at toilet seats to check whether they are up or down, hence sitting down in a bowl of water which then equals screaming..

4. When he sits in the car & refuses to wear a seat belt!
I wish I could say I want you men to wear it for your safety, but actually it has to do with that damn beeper that won't shut up until you buckle up.. I know horrible right? Oops!

5. When he casually mentions he is going out with friends & says "I can come along if I want"
Do you want me to come or not? This kills me.. Especially if the response is " I don't care" regarding when I asked him if I should come or not! Note to you men just say "yes" yes, I want you to come!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Din Din Time

Raspberry Vinaigrette Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Seafood Pasta

Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas

Cajun Burgers & Baked Beans

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Things I Love About October

1. Football
We wait for this season all year long & once it finally is here we all tune in to our television to watch or get smart & off to the games we head for some fun, & exciting times enjoying tailgating & so much more! Most love tailgating in the south lord knows I do :)

2. Pumpkins
Pumpkins are wonderful during this time for so many reasons! You can have drinks, food, & fun all from these little baby's..  I love eating & drinking things made from them but I also enjoy very much being able to carve them & have them on the porch as decor as well :)

3. Scary Movies
Inside snuggled under blankets with your friends & other half  could not end a better night if you ask me! I could do it all 31 one days of Halloween just so I can watch anything & all scary movies.. 

4. Fall Leaves
Not only do I love the color of the leaves during fall but I love to watch them fall to the ground as well especially when the wind is carrying them! Afterwards you will find me going out of my way to step in them while having my boots on! I love the sound underneath my boots as we walk across them! 

5. Haunted Woods/Houses
One of my favorites about October is the fact that I can go out of town for a weekend & walk as many haunted woods/houses that I desire :) I can never get enough of being scared half to death & the better I am scared the happier I am :)

6. Hayrides
These are always so much fun with the little ones & or big ones too! I always like to think I am still a child @ heart.. I enjoy these so much during the Fall season & I can never get enough rides on them!

7. Fall Pictures
I love Fall photos! The warmth colors you get are too amazing & full of life.. I love that you get so many wonderful capturing moments as well as pretty family moments with Fall backgrounds.. That makes for the perfect Christmas card to send out :)


8. Bonfires
Hello warmth! I love the sweet snuggles you get while all cozy next to bonfires... Plus you can roast hot dogs, & smores, that sounds like a wonderful time to me :)

9. Fall Decor
I love decor such as Halloween decor along with Indian corn, pumpkins, squash, corn hulks, & so much more my list could go on & on... I always decorate the house every single year & I would not miss it for anything!

10. Fall in general
I wanted to name 10 but then I realized that it could not be possible to pick just 10. I love Fall way too much to choose just 10! Its my favorite season & I love anything & all things having to do with this season.. I mean don't you? So 10 for me is anything and all things Fall that I missed in 1 though 9 :)

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Must See Shows

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

Chicago Fire

Sleepy Hollow

Hart Of Dixie


Vampire Diaries



Beauty & Beast

Witches Of East End

I watch every single one of these sweet amazing shows & I can never seem to get enough. I am sure that before Fall is over I will end up adding several more shows to this large list of mine! Do any of you watch as many as me? Or do you watch any of the above ones as I do? & if so do you love them as much as me?

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