About Moi

I am a 24  year old living and loving life. I was born on September 10th ( so go buy me a present). I work as a nurse and I love it oh so much. I love knowing that I am able to help others. I am ready to be settled down with a husband of my own, while starting a family of our own. A little girl would be great especially since I could spoil and pamper her however, if it was a little boy I would love him just as much as a little girl!!!

I am OCD about organization as well as having thing neat and clean. I love my planner it is my life. I truly would go insane without it. My closet is organized by clothes such as all long sleeves are together, all short sleeves are together, all dresses are together and ect I think you get the point. My shoes are the exact same way. I hate not knowing where my things are at or placed. Some people think I am crazy for living my life this way however I think they are crazy if they don’t live life the way I do, guess you could say too each is their own and I completely agree.

I am worry wart! I worry about things to the point that they make me so sick so the moral of this story is do not tell me anything I do not need to know.  I make mistakes I'm out of C.O.N.T.R.O.L and at times {hard} to handle but if you {can't} handle me at my W.O.R.S.T than you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best! I go to bed late and get up late unless I got to work or go to college classes, that is what works best for me!

I am a hopeless romantic, despite my crazy life at times. I love the little things such as kisses on the forehead because it is my favorite place to be kissed. I love the small things way better then I love the big things. The small things is what has the most meaning and comes straight from the heart such as a homemade dinner together, or a homemade card that says I love you. The big things are great but you cannot buy love and happiness with big gifts. I have learned that love isn’t always easy, and that no one can write your love story but the two of you living it...

This is where I come to tell stories of my life and share updates with family and friends. Not only will you see who I am but you will also get to see the things I love and such as well. I have no idea what my life holds in store for me, but isn’t that half the excitement!