Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Letters

Where to begin... You are an amazing boyfriend! I love how sweet & caring you are.. I love the little moments we share together! Such as when you get up you give me kisses in my favorite spot which is the forehead, how if in the middle of the night I roll over to grab my phone you seem to think I am falling out of bed & you grab for me (that is too precious), I love how you love to cuddle next to me in bed & that some part of us has to touch always... the little moments truly for me are what makes me care even more for you & helps us as a couple to grow! 

I know you are Jeremy's daughter first & foremost! Thank you for opening your heart up to me! I adore you & am so blessed to have you in my life just as much as I am to have your daddy as well..

You are your daddy's child through & through.. I love how much you both look alike! Seeing your daddy with you Wednesday night was precious! I can see how much he adores you & Mads.. He is a great father! 

I am so glad to know that you are growing! Its wonderful.. I cannot wait for you to get here! I am impatient just a tad bit. I just want you healthy & here already.. I wanna hold you, kiss you, cuddle you & so much more! I am already in love with you little one!

Mom & Daddy:
Tomorrow is your surprise party! I love that I have been able to plan this for you both.. Its exciting! I hope you both  love it...

Fast & Furious 6:
The Mr & I are gonna see you Sunday night so please be good! Everyone so far says you are great so we have high hopes for you :)

Gracy & Addison:
I love both you girls to pieces! You both are such a blessing.. You both very much are like the little sisters I never had but always wanted.. I enjoy my time with you two always.. I cannot wait to see you both grow up & become young ladies while spoiling you both rotten!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I am loving that my sweet little niece/nephew has grown by a whole week! I am so in love already but more ready to know what I will be an auntie too! 

I am loving that my hunny has had his little girl for a whole week! Its been nice for the 3 of us to spend time together. I adore his daughter, she is precious..

I am loving that I got to be apart of my babes daughters birthday party. She turned 10! He also had his son there & its so great to see him with his kids! He is such a good father & an amazing boyfriend! 

I am loving all this amazing weather! Its great...

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cardstore Review

Ladies do you ever wanna find that perfect website to design something that you can truly put your own touch too? Well let me just start by saying I have found it :) Yes you heard me correctly I have finally found a website that allows me to personalize anything from birthday cards, invitations, save the date, & so much more! It truly is all about you & how you want it designed!

Cardstore has won me over! I am huge into being able to personalize things exactly how I want them! I guess that is why I love all things monogrammed as well. It is nice to have tons of options. I love that cardstore allows me so many great options! Anything that can be custom is good in my eyes because to me it gives things more of a meaning or reason to keep it because its a message from you instead of some stranger just writing words! 

Lauren asked me if I wanted to do a review & without hesitation I said YES I would love too.. It was a great opportunity for me & this now has became my second review for a company! I am blessed that my little blog is growing & that company people are asking me to do reviews for them! I only hope they like/enjoy what they read from my reviews! 

With that being said my parents both have upcoming birthdays! My mother as you all know just had her birthday this past Saturday & my father will be having his this coming Wednesday! Instead of doing individual birthday cards I decided to combine them together! Reason why you ask? Well that is a good question to ask & do not worry because I will answer it for you ladies! As you all know I decided to throw my parents an over the hill party so I thought it would be much easier doing one card saying I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise party! I did do two separate cards for their actual birthdays but this was a little add on bonus! So all together I have given both of them two cards a piece. 

I bet you all would like to know how to find the birthday section on Cardstore right? Well here is the birthday card section! Its super easy to navigate the whole website. I enjoy that on the main page you can even find discounts to use for varies things which comes in nice! Now days every little bit of savings help.. & the nice part about Cardstore is that they are reasonable prices! Not too over priced which is nice..

Here are a few photos from the card I have chosen for my parents!

I bet you all want to know why my photos of the inside is pink? The inside is originally white with black lettering but when I edited them I colored them so you all could read the writing inside that I had picked out better. Here is where you can see the original :)

As a little surprise I was sent a 25% off for a whole year  that I can use on as many cards as I order! I loved that little surprise that came in my package! Speaking of package I received mine just two days after I had placed my order! They did a great job & got it here in amazing time :) I was very impressed & thrilled..

 Overall I can truly say this has been the best card I have ever given anyone & in the future I will be using Cardstore for all of my birthday cards, Christmas invitations, Save the Dates, baby announcements & so much more!  I was so very pleased with how it turned out... 

Lauren thank you for the opportunity :)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day: In Remembrance

Even though I know the day is spent by cruising the lake on boats, grilling out with family & friends I never want to forget the true reason for Memorial Day... Its not something that could even be celebrated if it were not for our brave men & women whom have fought for our country! Some died, some lived, some retired & some currently still are serving this nation of ours! I am thankful & grateful for all of our soldiers past & present! I appreciate all the sacrifices those brave men & women have had to endure & face in order to give me & the rest of you the freedom we have on this earth thanks to them.. 

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Restaurant Review: Bobby Q's

I decided that yesterday I wanted to go all natural! Can't you tell? No make up on what so ever & for me that is rare!

Anyway to the subject @ hand.. I decided that since Jeremy & little miss was going to go race that I would stay back & do some spring cleaning! That lead to a huge mess which me & my over need to keep things clean & organized was driving me crazy! Before long though I had things back pretty, neat & organized! 

My parents asked me if I wanted to go try Bobby Q's out with them so I agreed! I love BBQ its always so good. Now I would say every where has good BBQ but that would be a complete lie! Some do & some do not! 

One place that does NOT have good BBQ would be Bobby Q's but then again they do not have much good of anything & what they do have is over priced. I could go to my favorite BBQ place for that amount..

Here is my plate! I should have taken a photo of my parents plates as well...

Where to begin? Well you see that macaroni it was cooked from a box! Yes you heard me right a box that you buy @ the store its not homemade. It was very dry & far from moist. My okra was burnt so it was not so edible! I can @ least say it was crunchy.. Now let's move on to my BBQ chicken! It was cooked with that awful liquid smoke stuff & then for a few minutes I would say cooked with the BBQ on it however the sauce was awful but then again that may just be the awful taste from the liquid smoke. That will forever remain a mystery! I can at least say my bread tasted good.. 

Daddy ordered ribs & mom ordered a pork chop!  Daddy's ribs might as well been called bones. There was not enough meat on them at all the was beyond lean to say the least. Mom tried eating hers but she gave up! Daddy managed to eat his but I have no clue how! Both of theirs was also cooked in that liquid smoke.. It tasted awful. If my daddy says its awful you know its because because my father can truly eat almost anything!

After we decided we was done trying to eat our food we was going to go pay! Our total came out to 45 dollars for the 3 of us! Now here is the crazy part.. Are you ready? Those people could not break a $100 dollar bill... How crazy is that? As over priced as their things are you would think that they would be able to break a $100 dollar bill but no! Not even close to it.. What would they have done if daddy did not have anything else other then 100's in his wallet? I guess we would have ended up not having to pay them? I truly do not feel like we should have had to then because of how awful the food was.. 

If I had to rate Bobby Q's I truly think I would give it a 2 & that is only & solely because the girls in there working was sweet! That is it! The atmosphere is old & the food needs a lot of work & revamping! 

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carnival Night

Last night the hunny & I took little miss to the carnival in town after my mother's birthday dinner. They come once a year right after school ends! She went the night before with nannie but wanted to go again.. Needless to say she got her way! 

We waited until later in the evening to take her that way none of us would be too hot! The night sky had a cool airy breeze blowing around so it was a tad bit chilly for what all three of us had on. None the less we all enjoyed the night together at the Carnival. 

Before going little miss asked me if I would ride at least one ride with her so I agreed to only one. Oh & for those of you whom know me you would know that I cannot do fair rides anymore! I found this out last year while trying to ride with Scarlet Olivia. I rode one ride with her & well let me just say I could not get off that ride fast enough to throw up :( Funny thing though I can still do theme parks & I am fine. How strange is that?

Once there we got her a wrist band which I mind you cost $20 dollars. Is it just me or is that not crazy? I remember when it use to be $10 dollars. I then purchased  enough tickets so I could ride that one ride I promised her! During that one ride after it went around just once I was done ready to get off but the carnival guy did not seem to think just once was enough! We went around that thing like 10 to 11 times if not more & once off I was right at the side ready to throw up! I felt awful the rest of the night :( but I know it sure made little miss happy so I tried not to show how bad I felt! 

Originally she wanted her daddy to ride them all with her since she knew my limit was just going to be one. But lucky for us some friends showed up & they had kids which in turn led to us adults all being able to have conversation while all the kids enjoyed riding together. Score for both us adults & the kids!

After we left the carnival we headed back home! Once home we all piled up in the living room to watch a movie!  Little miss watched 20 minutes of the movie & then was fast asleep while the Mr & I was able to finish all the movie he was so sleepy after it ended so he headed to bed! I ended up watching part of another one but then I too went to join him in bed for some much needed sleep. We left little miss on the couch to sleep since she seemed so comfy..
Here are a few pics!
On our way :)
He really hates photos :( I bet you can tell by that face expression I am getting..
3 of the 6 kids..

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Happy Birthday MOM

Dear Mom,
I know I am a whole day late but 57 is the new 40! ( Hope its fine that I just told the whole world your age). I am so thankful that god gave you the title of my mother. Even with our ups & downs I still love you none the less! I think he gave me you to challenge me & you do challenge me all the time.

I love that you take such an interest in every aspect of my life! Oh wait maybe not so much! I sometimes wish you did not want to know my whole life story sometimes.. Things might be a little better then. But I know you well enough to know that you must know all or you feel like its crazy not to know! 

I love how you support my dreams, passions & entire life even if you might have wanted it differently in your eyes! You look through mine & you know I am right where I want to be! You support me even when you don't understand my ways. 

Thank you for being you! I love you..Happy Birthday mom!

Me on our way to meet my parents for mother's birthday dinner @ her favorite all time place Cheddars...

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Sun Bathing Time After Work

After work ended Friday I decided I really wanted to go to the lake! I wanted to take the float & layout.  I truly thought that the water would be a little warmer then it was but sadly the water was still way too cold for my liking to jump in. 

Alisha & Kate jumped in with no problem! How they stood it I will never know! But others must have been fine with the water temperature because several was in it.. I voted for the beach part only needless to say! 

I love that even though I did not get in the water I was able to put our lake pass to use finally! I renewed it back in February so it was nice to finally have it hanging up in the vehicle! We go so much that its cheaper to have a lake pass then it is to pay to swim or put the boat in. & the nice thing about our lake pass is that we can use it anywhere :) Score!

Here are a few photos..

Afterwards I was able to spend time with little bit! She wanted me to fix her hair in pretty bows too so here is the before & after :)

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Letters

Blog: I am so sorry that I have neglected you here lately! I bet you are super mad at me huh? I know I would be if I was you! I really am sorry though life for me lately has been very busy & left little time to blog sadly.. I am at least trying that counts right? 

Lake: I love that after work today I was able to go to you for a few hours but gosh why are you so dang cold still? I need you to warm up as soon as possible & In my language that means like right now please & thanks! 

Sweet Niece/Nephew: I still do not know what you are & wont sadly for quite a few more weeks but I love you already & I pray for you every single night! I cannot wait to find out what you are so I can begin spoiling you before you even arrive! Rest assured that when you come see Auntie you won't have to bring anything because I will have it all here for you already! I am more then ready to hold you, love you, kiss you, & keep you overnight & take you on all kinds of fun trips :) You can be my sweet little mini me! 

Hunny Bunny: I love you! That is all :) 

Work: I really hate you! I love my patients but the people I work for are awful.. They need a better system & way of doing things that they do! I need a new job something awful.. & the sad part is that this job has made me hate nursing to some degree just because of the office people I have had to deal with not even the patients! I know I would miss my main patients but I need a change :(

Mom: Your birthday is tomorrow! Happy 57th birthday.. I love you even if at times you drive me crazy insane to the point of I wanna bound gag & tie you up somewhere & leave you there for awhile..

Daddy: I love you too the moon & back! Always have & always will... I love being a daddy's girl more then anything. Your birthday is Wednesday! You will be turning 50.. Happy Birthday..

Weekend: Please go by slow.. I know you will be busy but I do not need you to fly by! I need to feel like I have had & enjoyed my two day weekend..

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am loving that my sweet little niece/nephew is still baking & getting bigger with each day! I am so ready to find out what the little one will be...

I am loving that I have weekends off! It gives me time to enjoy the outdoors..

I am loving that summer is almost here.. 

I am loving that Friday is when I should be receiving conformation calls for my parents surprise over the hill party I am throwing the first weekend in June! 

I am loving that I have been horseback riding twice this week already.. Its a stress relief for me to say the least!

I am loving that tomorrow I get to have a dinner date with Priscilla.. I have missed her all too much!

I am loving that since it was so rainy & stormy outside last night I got extra snuggles in! Those are always nice of course..

I am loving my sweetie :)

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Friday night after I had gotten off work I went to the race shop to see the boys & too see the girls too of course! I just love Addison & Gracie.. We ended up making Strawberry Daiquiris & virgin Strawberry Daiquiris! They was yummy :) Afterwards it was bedtime for those 2 little girls... I went & layed down beside Addison while she feel asleep! 

Saturday Jeremy & I went to his parents house that morning to drain the pool water out to place new water in & use chemicals! Afterwards I grabbed us some lunch & we went to the race shop! A few hours there & I had to leave everyone to go to a party! 

Afterwards I came back to join everyone & on the way back Addison called to ask me how much longer until I arrived.. Bless little miss impatient! After there we decided we wanted some mountain snow & it was oh so yummy :) Brooke, Michael, Jeremy, Addison, Gracie & I all got different kinds! 
I gave Addison a bath per her request! It ended in water everywhere which had to be cleaned up of course.. After the shower little miss & big sissy snuggled in close to me & Addison said I just wanna rest my eyes for a few minutes OK & I agreed! But I knew she was sleepy because when she gets that tired she gets extra snuggles in... In about 10 minutes she was passed out like a light so I carried her to bed & placed her in the bed to sleep! Afterwards Gracie & I played games while the others watched TV...  

Sunday Brooke did not feel good so I watched the girls while the boys worked on the race cars! It was a fun rainy day but needless to say I was exhausted! Between hide & seek, walks, monopoly, & so much more It worked up an appetite for us all so we decided to order a pizza :) 

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