Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Favorite breakfast food..
During Summer & Fall my favorite breakfast food is fruit with fruit dip! Pineapple & strawberries are my favorite. During Winter & Spring I would say my favorite is Chocolate Gravy served with Bacon & Eggs!
how to make Chocolate Gravy!!! yummm

Best way to spend a free day..
Summer time free days equal lake/beach days
Fall time free days equal bonfires & camping
Winter time free days equal ice skating 
Spring time free days equal hiking & things inside because at times it is just too darn rainy..
Beach days

Take advantage of the dry, crisp leaves and branches to build a big bonfire. The nights will be chilly but nothing a huge fire cannot warm. Large punch bowls filled with a Solerno punch and a plate of s'mores are optional but highly recommended!

I dream of going ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

Airline ticket to anywhere in the world where would I go & why?
Any place where a tropical island is involved & why you ask well that is easy to answer I am a water baby I love being in water especially ones I can see below because the water is so clear
Sunset on the Tropical Island

I can only leave the house with one thing, what is it?
My cell phone!

How do I take my coffee?
Well it has to come from Starbucks & it cannot taste like coffee if it does I do not want it..

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