Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend With Little Miss

Ava & I had such a fun weekend together. I truly love my time spend with her however these past 3 days just have not been enough sadly..

During our 3 days we enjoyed tons of time spend outside while we had some warm weather! We also spend nights watching plenty of movies & I bet you would never guess the movies this little miss wanted to see.. Most of them were Nicholas Sparks movies! I love how she loves those movies as much as I do :)

We attempted to build a fort which if I do say so myself we failed at.. It looked sad but at least I tried that counts for something right? We also enjoyed chalk painting together which was so much fun & that was a win for us minus afterwards we had to wash her clothes & mine hehe!

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Videos Of Ava

My favorite is the last video :) Hope you all enjoy these cute little things as much as I do.. I may be partial though!

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Knoxville With Ava & Sara

I love this little two year old... She is the best niece ever! I cannot believe that she will be three this year.. Time has flown by!

Ava loves photos as much as her mommy & I do.. Wonder if that is because we always had the camera in her face as a baby & even now still do? Hmm! 

We asked Ava where she wanted to eat at for lunch & she said Chick Fil A so that is where we ate! We even ate outside where it was warm at.. Afterwards it was time for this little miss to take a nap before we went downtown to play!

While downtown we walked into graffiti isle.. Its so neat to see what everyone has added to the walls..

Ava played in the water for well over 2 hours & she loved every single moment of it... She was soaking wet by the time we left..

Once we had finished playing in water Ava & I found a fire truck & the 4 sweet guys allowed Ava to get inside & pretend to drive it... It so made her day complete! She loved it.. 

Before we left downtown we stopped into Rita's & picked up some Cotton Candy Custard! Its so much better then ice cream.. We got a regular size & all three of us shared it.. It was a first for Sara & Ava but at least it was a hit :) Once we left downtown it was time for us all to head home! Saying see you later is never easy especially when Ava clings to you crying because your leaving her! It always breaks my heart..

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Fishing With Daddy

A few weeks ago daddy & I went fishing at Butch & Caroline's home! They have two different ponds! One in the front & one in the back... 

The back pond is just amazing! On the two little islands they are working on gazebo's which connect by a swinging bridge.. I cannot wait to enjoy those little beauties!

Since you cant see any houses & such that would be a wonderful place to have a wedding at :)
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Lovin On This Little Guy

Back in March I got to love on Levi Chance! I haven't gotten to see him since when he was born back in January at the hospital.. That was way too long to go without seeing this little man! He has been growing way too fast.. 

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