Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bachelor Gossip: What Was Once 3 Is Now Down To 2...

Sean of course is still around! Yes I would marry this man! Wouldn't you? He is cute.. Can I be on the bachelor? Only if you stayed with them after all that heartache on the show but most sadly do not :( They split up so I have to ask myself is it worth being on the show? My answer is no sadly! Guess I won't be marrying Sean no time soon! 

What was once 3 is now 2 after Monday nights episode!

Sean meets Lindsey, Ashlee, & Catherine all 3 in Thailand. Each get individual alone time with him. Plus let's not forget they can also choose to say yes to the fantasy sweet or forgo it! 

Lindsey gets the first date where her & Sean goes to Thailand market. There is tons of stuff here that I never in my life would ever want to see again! I mean did you see some of those things! Strange would be a good word for some of it. One thing that I never in my life would do that Sean & Lindsey did was eat bugs! Hell to the no will I ever do that... My luck I would be sick for forever after trying to eat bugs! But let me just be honest by saying that most likely just thinking about trying to eat them I would have done thrown up by that point no need having to try them lol. After the Thailand Market they go to the beach while getting to play with some little monkeys! How adorable right? I was jealous... I now wanna own a monkey! Think that is possible? Afterwards they have dinner & during that time he gives her the fantasy sweet pass! She said yes of course.. How I would kill to be inside that room with him! Wouldn't you if you liked him too? 

For the second date Ash & him are in a canoe in the middle of Thailand waters! Say what yes you heard right... Crazy if you ask me! What lives in those waters? I for one never want to find out. After the canoe ride Sean takes Ash to a cave! A very tight cave at that... For some odd reason she ended up loving it & for little miss control freak she did amazing! You go girl...During dinner he gives her the fantasy sweet pass & she says yes! Again who wouldn't? I would take that hot ass body any damn day.. Just as Lindsey she too said she had fallen in love for him & for her to say those words knowing that he could not tell her the same yet meant a lot considering how much of a control freak Ash is! But I love her none the less & I truly want her to win in the end :)

For the third & final date he takes Catherine on a boat ride around the island! Which is way better then a canoe ride.. Way less scary! They play in the waters with one another when it then starts to rain. In that very moment  I think it just got a whole lot of steamy... Can all the clothes come off please? But before they do let me replace Catherine! I wanna be where that girl is standing at getting all that hot steamy loving... During dinner Sean just like the previous 2 dates handed Catherine the fantasy sweet pass. She too said yes no surprise there. 

Previous to the rose ceremony Sean went to look at rings! During that time is when he lets it be known that he truly knows whom he is going to send home! Once rose ceremony has begin Ash is the first to get a rose! Hell to the yes that is favorite girl... Catherine then gets the second rose which in turn leaves Lindsey rose less! She was pissed... If she could have turned like a hot sauce red she would have! She left without saying goodbyes & all.... She did not even want Sean to walk her out, open her door, nothing! Poor thing bless her heart... She held it together for the most part but once alone she really broke down :(

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am linkin up with Jamie! Her addy is above...

1. I am loving Bar Rescue, that show is too fun! I am addicted.. 

2. I am loving Sean the bachelor! I wanna marry that man.. Do you?

3. I am loving that I surprised Andrea at work the other day! She loved it... I say that means success :)

4. I am loving that tomorrow Alicia & I are gonna have a girls night for a few hours anyway! It will be fun as it always is...

5. I am loving that that Breaking Dawn Pt 2 finally comes out Saturday! You bet your ass I will be at the store to pick a copy up... Now all I need is for them to make even more movies of them! I can always hope right? So Friday at midnight please get here fast I am ready for my copy...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hero Rush

I am getting ready for this coming up Obstacle run! I know it will for sure be one heck of a challenge but I am ready. The firefighters have developed it. It is a 5 mile run with obstacles the whole way that firefighters would have to do on a daily basis. There are 8 of us doing this run together! Our team name is Tributes does the name ring a bell? Hello Hunger Games! I love that the money goes to the fallen firefighters..I know that helps in so many ways! 

You will slide, climb, crawl, get wet, search for victims, drag & carry, carry stretchers, race up stairs, go down poles, as well as fight through smoke & flames! EEK...

The one in Nashville is April 20TH! So if any of you sweet ladies or gents want to join a team your more then welcome to join ours! You can even do a promo code team15 to pay less if you want! Just go to sign up for the Tennessee one find team Tributes & click join! Our wave is at 10am at Honey Suckle Farms :) 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Meal Plan For The Week

Honey Chicken
Honey Chicken. This was ready in 30 minutes & was fantastic. Hubby & kids ate it up! Ingredients: 8 chicken strips 1/2 cup flour 2 Tbsp. Black pepper 2 Tbsp. salt 2Tbsp. Paprika Preheat oven to 400. Roll chicken in flour, fully cover, place strips in a 9x11 or 8x8 pan, place in oven for 10 minutes. Meanwhile make sauce. You need: 1/3 cup lemon juice 1/2 stick butter, melted 3 Tbsp. Bbq Sauce 1/2 cup honey Mix all the sauce ingredients together. After chicken has cooke

I can't believe I didn't pin these the last time I made them!

Honey Lime Shrimp
Honey Lime Shrimp. The most amazing ingredients in one bite.


Salad Tacos

Out For Dinner

Out For Dinner

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

Director: Richard LaGravenese
Cast: Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan Wate), Alice Englert (Lena Duchannes), Jeremy Irons (Macon Ravenwood), Viola Davis (Amma), Emmy Rossum (Ridley), Thomas Mann (Link), Emma Thompson (Mrs Lincoln), Eileen Atkins (Gramma), & Margo Martindale (Aunt Del)

The movie begins in South Carolina as Ethan awakens from a dream. In his dream he is seeing a girl whom he does not know. School starts & at that moment is when he meets a new girl named Lena & she resembles the girl in his dreams. He is nice to her but the others are not & all start in on her which it turn makes Lena very angry thus leading to the windows being busted out.

As Ethan drives home he almost runs Lena over in the road. Her car had broke down & she was trying to get help. He gives her a ride home & during that time they start to bond with one another. He finds a locket in his pocket & once they both touch the locket next thing he knows he winds up at his home after seeing a small portion from the war long ago. Macon does not approve of the new friendship which blossoms into a relationship. 

On Lena's 16TH birthday she will either be claimed for the light or for the dark. She is scared she will hurt those whom she loves. Too make matters worse Ridley her cousin & her mother Sarafene show up uninvited. Both was claimed for the dark & they too want Lena to be claimed for the dark. Sarafene is powerful of them all however once Lena is claimed she will be even more powerful then her own mother. 

Ethan & Lena locked hands once more with the locket seeing the past when doing so Lena & Ethan learns that a spell in which was forbidden was used to let her loved one live but when doing so it turned her pure evil which thus making her kill him after bringing him back to life. Amma the keeper of the caster library tells Lena there is cure for the curse & that she alone can only find that Macon had tried many times before. Lena focused & the book of moons showed itself to her. It was the most dangerous powerful book of all that only casters may touch. She finds the secret to cure the curse but it only reveals that her loved one must die. Knowing that she could not kill Ethan she instead erases his memory of their time together.

Ridley enchants Ethan's friend & gives him a bullet for the battle of honey hill where they are to do the reenactment. Ethan & Link decided to kill each other in the game so they can go find something better to do only problem was the fact that the bullet was real that link shot Ethan with thus killing him. Lena while at her 16TH birthday feels the curse being broken & runs to find Ethan. She clutches his dying body as Sarafene & Ridley tell her she will be claimed for dark now for sure. Lena lashes out in anger sending lighting strikes through the crowd until Ethan transforms into Macon. She ask why & he said because I knew you could not see Ethan dead or you would turn dark & I could not have that so one of us had to die. She stands up too her mother & cousin & makes the moon disappear stopping it from claiming her for the dark. Lena allows Ridley to flee & she kills her mother Sarafene.

Months later as Ethan is too leave town for college you find him apologizing saying that he wished he had taken the time to get to know Lena. Lena allows him to say all knowing that she will always love him. Right after you see her down in the caster library & come to find out she has been claimed half light & half dark both. Meanwhile as Ethan passes the town line he recalls their memories together gets out of the car & yells Lena's name. From off in the library Lena hears his voice & is claimed solely for the light. 

I am rating this movie a 4 out 5. It was good it had suspense, funny moments, teary eyed parts, & even moments that we had no clue of what had happened. We enjoyed it & yes we would see it again however I can truly say there are more movies I have seen lately that I have liked much better. With that we came to learn that this movie was actually a book before it was a movie & with that there was a set of 3 books so soon in the future there will be 2 more movies tying into this one. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Letters

I am linking up with Ash!

Dear Meal Plan, I plan you for every week now yet believe it or not I do not follow you completely. I sometimes have friends decide to wanna go out to eat thus us deciding that it would be way more fun to meet up then to stay home & cook. Which means I place you to the side sorry.

Dear weather, I would love for you to finally warm up that would be great! I miss warm weather something awful.

Dear Hero Rush, I will officially be signed up for you come tomorrow! I cannot wait... I know you will kick all 8 of our asses however I know you will be tons of fun! Hello 5 miles full of firefighter obstacles. We have chosen our team colors which will be black shorts & baby blue shirts.  You will be held on April 20 so we still have a month to get ready for you thankfully. 

Dear Andrea, I loved that I got to see you & little man Monday night even if it was only for dinner. I love you both so very much. I cannot wait to see you both again. 

Dear Lacy, I am ready for our dinner date tonight! & I am even more excited to see Safe Haven all over again for the 2nd time. I know it will be amazing to see once again.

Dear weekend, I am glad to have you off! I am very much ready for some rest & relaxation. 

Dear followers whom no longer follow me, I kinda was sad/mad at first that I had lost 3 people following me but looking now a few weeks later all I got to say is your loss not mine! I wish I had every minute of the day to post things on here but I just do not sadly. I have a life being a nurse, sister, daughter, friend,girlfriend & so much more. So when I do have free time I do post things! & if you cannot handle the fact that I do not post 24-7 then I am truly sorry for you!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meal Plan For the Week

Hamburger Helper
Take out because I work night shift tonight :(
Raspberry Sherbet
Grilled Seasoned Chicken & Salad with choice of Balsamic  or French
Out For Dinner

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Review: Safe Haven & Valentine Goodies

Valentines Day was amazing. I enjoyed it to no end! I had all kinds of sweet goodies from the two men in my life :) It cannot get any better then that! Daddy got me Lilly flowers which I love because of how tropical they look along with a cute little teddy bear. The Mr got me roses along with a bag of goodies which had mm's, kit kat bars all things with valentine colors but my favorite thing in the goody bag was my little stuffed owl! It was too darn cute... I just love cute little adorable owls. 

I had really wanted to go see Safe Haven something awful. 1 because my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks, 2 I have read all his books & 3 I have loved all his movies made from the books but I knew that this one might just top the Notebook. I am thankful I was able to see this romantic movie on Valentines Day :) :) :)

Rated: PG 13 
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Story By: Nicholas Sparks
Screen Play: Leslie Bohem & Dana Stevens
Main Characters: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, & Cobie Smulders

Katie (Julianne Hough) runs away from her abusive toxic marriage in Boston where she is married to a cop. After stabbing her husband whom was choking her to death she cuts her hair & dyes it then boards a bus to Atlanta however once they make a 10 minutes pit stop in a small town known as South Port in North Carolina she decides this is the place for her to make a new life. She falls for Alex (Josh Duhamel) a widowed store owner with such a kind heart whom has 2 small children Josh & Lexi. She also becomes great friends with Jo whom happens to be her neighbor. Katie struggles with what happened to her in the past due to her husband & with Jo helping her she sees that she must now move on & let loose of the life that once was to have an amazing life now as it is with Alex. 

On her tail though is her husband whom drinks liquor from a water bottle, sleeps overnight at the crime scene which was their house, breaks into a sweet old lady's house, & those are the least of his crimes. 

As the story continues you see little bits & pieces that once came from the Notebook such as a romantic canoe ride, & a sudden rainstorm. Sadly during this amazing time he finds out she is wanted for murder except she didn't kill him & she was fending herself however Alex would not listen to her at all until a few very long 15 minutes into the movie where he says I was wrong I love you I am going to protect you & he then allows her to tell they story of what happened to her & it only draws them closer together. 

4TH of July setting begins & is the climax of the movie this is when Katie has her husband in town looking for her. He is asking around & finds Lexi whom lies to him & he leaves well enough alone for a few. Alex & Katie along with Josh & Lexi are dancing & having fun along with others all while Her husband watches her enjoying herself.  Soon after night time begins & Katie is left with Lexi at the store while Josh goes with Alex to set off the fireworks for the town. During that time Katie finds herself staring at her husband whom is wanting her back she thinks he is finally going to walk away when he starts to drench the place with gas. Katie sees what is going on & shoves him into the water. Alex & Josh had just set fireworks off & sparks ignited the fumes of gas catching the store on fire. Katie runs over trying to get Lexi out only for her asshole of an ex husband to grab her up & start beating her as he always has done in the past. Luckily Alex seen the flames & automatically jumped in the boat & headed that way. He was able to save Lexi & while finally grabbing her he hears Katie scream & goes to save her from her awful husband whom has a gun trying to shoot her with it as she struggles with him she is finally able to point it at him & during the struggle it kills him right as Alex gets to her. Katie shoves her dead husband off her & goes straight to Lexi to make sure she is ok.

Grand Finale is amazing to say the least. You see the crumbles of the store, Josh huddled crying over what once use to be a place for only his mother to go, Jo saying her goodbyes & that it is now time to finally leave South Port. & you see a few seconds later the store baring being rebuilt to its former glory, Lexi & Josh on the pier, & you see Alex go inside the home to find a letter his wife has written to the one whom Alex wants to marry & spend his life with & it was only meant for one. He hands that letter to Katie & goes to join his kids while she reads it. The letter is a huge tear jerk. You find out that her friend Jo was actually all along Alex ex wife mother to Lexi & Josh which gives many even more tears. She then joins them all on the pier to end the sweet movie :)

I use to think that a movie could not top the Notebook but let me tell you I knew that if any movie would do it that this one would be its runner. & let me just say that it did just that & I now can truly say that this movie topped Notebook. I loved it like no other. I hands down am ready to watch it a thousand times over just like I have done with the Notebook for several years now. I am already wanting it out on DVD. I highly suggest that you ladies go see this amazing movie! You will fall in love I promise. 

I rate this movie 5 out 5! Very rarely do I ever rate a movie full stars because I think most movies could be better however this movie was amazing & just as good as the Notebook which I once upon rated a 5 as well :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mardi Gras With Alicia

There is so much excitement to take in during Mardi Gras that most do not even know where to begin at. The mention of Mardi Gras leads to thoughts of celebrations, beads, & of course floats parading through the streets. Mardi Gras is to celebrate the craziness that makes us all human! That is a good way to put it in terms I would say. Its a night where you get loud & party hard until the sun comes up literally then sleep all day to awaken with a hang over from hell. 

Alicia & I knew a friend (Chris) whom was playing so we made it a point to go see him sing. He is amazing at singing! Almost every time he plays you bet your ass we are there to see him sing & play that guitar. So we had seafood of course to eat. Alicia had Shrimp Pasta & I had Shrimp & Cajun Fries. Hello yummy in our tummies.

Our night was filled with tons of fun & excitement! It was interesting to say the least. For instance the boys behind out table was insane! They wanted Sherry, Alicia & I too take a photo with their trophy which by the way said STD Trash Talker on it! We touched it before reading it but I assure you once we seen the reading we went straight to our hand anti bacterial & scrubbed our hands several times... All in all though our night was fun & we had a blast :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loving Wednesday

I am linking up with Jamie her addy is above! 

I am loving that I have not had cokes since the beginning of January! Go me...

I am loving that last night I was able to go see Chris play at Crawdaddys. He is amazing & its nice to have a friend that is a great singer. 

I am loving that Alicia & Chris are also friends. It was nice to see her & spend time with her as well.

I am loving that tomorrow is Valentines Day! I cannot wait for my fun night with the Mr :)

I am loving that their is a secret I might be telling you ladies soon! Fingers crossed...

I am loving this rainy day especially since its my only day off this week! It is super nice to just relax inside curled & cuddled up!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Visit With Andrea After 2 Years

Truthfully I do not even know where to begin at to be completely honest.  Andrea use to be one of my best friends. I loved her too the moon & back!  We both was always there for each other no matter what. You name it & we most likely have done it together. Both her & I could have written a book of our lives together as best friends. 

Fast forward a bit after our 3 almost 4 years of being best friends & she has a new boyfriend. Now let me just say I did not like this guy none of us did. She did however though. She thought he was something special how she ever decided that I do not know & either do the others. We all told her he was bad & that it was a huge mistake. She refused to listen to us. Little by little he made her shove us out of her life until we no longer had a life that involved her in it with us sadly. Within two years of not seeing her or speaking to her she married the guy & even had a child with the guy. He never let her have a facebook or anything else.  He was a bum to say the least. She worked while he did what ever the hell he wanted which included cheating on her, sleeping in every day, just basically using her for all she was worth. It truly was sad. 

Fast forward to 2 years after of not speaking or seeing each other. She added facebook back, found out what he had been doing & wanted a divorce with the divorce she wanted him to sign off all rights to her son whom is now 8 months old & his name is Kaden. We started talking again for a bit just through facebook then soon after the text messages started once again just like old times & with those she apologized & said she was so sorry for not believing me when I told her that he was bad. She also said that we could never not speak to each other again because it was sad not having each other in our lives.

We decided that is was time to meet in person so we made dinner plans to eat at Chili's Bar & Grill. I was excited that I was finally going to get to see my best friend again after two years of not seeing or speaking to her & as a bonus I was not going to also meet her new addition Kaden. It felt just like old times with her & I. I loved it so very much. I was glad to finally meet her little addition. He was amazing, sweet & such a little joy. 

I am angry at her soon to be ex husband for the following: 
1. He made me miss 2 years of my best friends life
2. He made her miss 2 years of my life
3. I missed seeing her pregnant
4. I missed her baby shower
5. I missed seeing her give birth to Kaden 
6. I missed 7 months of his little life because of him 

I just am thankful that now we can move forward & no longer miss things in each other lives. Even though we can not go back to relive the past two years we can now live for the future & not miss a thing & that alone is amazing. I am truly thankful to have one of my best friends back. 

sweet Kaden

Andrea & Kaden

Monday, February 11, 2013

Potato Soup & Brownies

I have always used my Aunt Joyce's Potato Soup recipe. It has always & forever been my favorite. She told me the other day that she had a new recipe which she loved better then the old one. I was skeptical at first however I decided I would make it for us here at the house & see which one we liked best! The Mr decided that the old one was still the best but I however was torn. I truly enjoyed them both & could eat either of the 2 Potato Soups! But considering the Mr likes the other one best I will most likely stick to making the old version of the soup. Here is the new Potato Soup Recipe:

8-10 Potatoes (peeled & sliced into cubes)
1 can of Mushroom Soup
1 can Cream Of Chicken
1 (8 oz) creme cheese
1 pkg Mild Cheddar Cheese
1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp salt

Place cubed potatoes in a large cooking pot & pour water to fill in over top of them. Cook cubed potatoes until they are done which would allow you to cut right through them no problem. Once done do not empty the water instead place about two mug sizes of the water from the pot to the side in case you need to add more once all ingredients are added in. 

Add all the ingredients into the pot with the potatoes & cook on low for about 15-20 minutes then soup will be done :)

I always buy the Milk Chocolate Brownies from Walmart! That is the only brownies I ever want they taste amazing & of course I always add in walnuts because let's just be honest brownies are not brownies without nuts! It was a great dessert to make with the soups! 

Speaking of walmart look at this little hoot I found staring at me! I had to buy him... 

He is now sitting pretty in the nursery with the other fur babies collected ;)

Weekly Meals

I love that the past few weeks I have been planning our weekly meals! It has been tons of fun & we have enjoyed it. The board in our kitchen looks just like the one from Pinterest with all the days! Its fun writing them with erase markers. 

A Letter To My Former Single Self

My Sweet Single Ashleigh,

     You have inhaled so much in your little life. Discovered tons & learned what you need in relationships. Your relationships will have taught you both good & bad & with both you will discover what is important to you in a relationship as well as in a man. 

     Through the years you will have learned to need someone whom will let you be the social butterfly you are whom will not hold you back due to their insecurities. You will come to that trust is the biggest part of your foundation for a relationship/engagement/& marriage. With that you will need someone whom trust you as much as you come to trust them. You will always & forever cherish little things & little moments more then you ever will the bigger things that my sweet girl will never change & will remain the same as you change & grow older. You will want one whom is just as content staying home as they are going out because as you grow older you learn that going out is not everything & that in fact staying at home having alone time is way better most nights! 

     As far as what you learned through the years I can truly say it was of value. You learn that you are strong willed & stronger then you will ever give yourself credit for. You value your little family more then you ever thought was possible. Friendships become everything too you & those are what allows you too meet the one whom you are meant to spend the rest of your life with...

     So until it is time for you too meet your main squeeze live life to the fullest, & allow doors to be opened.  I promise you that he is well worth the wait & once you know your older self which is me you will love all that he is...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 AM Morning With Things Being Torn Apart

Sweet baby boy was terrified from the demo in the kitchen so he got to go on a road trip to the store. He loved it! He does so good always! He just sits in my lap & lays there so still. The other little munchkin went too but she is in the passenger seat looking out the window! Bless her!

Before all is said & done with the kitchen that once was will be transformed into something completely different. All walls will be completely yellow & cabinets will be redone adding more storage space which is very much needed because I mean let's be honest no one can ever have enough kitchen storage space. All things owl will fill the kitchen once again & the transformation will be complete :) I cannot wait to see it all come together until then I am enjoying all the demo we are getting to do. Who knew I would love demo so much! Its like a new addiction! However I must admit demo is a tad bit dangerous it comes with boo boos & with boo boo's come blood from the injury!