Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paintings Of Me

So I found this need little app on my phone that turns photos into paintings! I fell in love with how the photos turned out.. I thought it was so neat needless to say! The two above were from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day :)

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Summertime @ The Nature Center

Back during Summer one day when I was visiting Sara & Ava Sara decided she wanted to take some photos & I was all for that needless to say! It may have taken her a lifetime to send them to me but I finally have them.. I think for the most part they turned out cute :)

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope each & everyone of you sweet ladies enjoy today with family & friends! 

However, no matter whom you are celebrating this day with please remember the real reason in which we can celebrate this day & that was because God sent us his only Son..

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Instagram Rant

Where do I even begin at?  First & always my instagram is for friends, family, & the sweet blog ladies whom I love! I realize that some whom I follow may not follow me back & that is fine because that is their decision to make just like it was mine & mine alone to choose to follow them! Whom does not follow me back you ask? That is an easy question not all of my blog ladies follow me back but that is fine! Even if they are deciding not to see my life I like seeing theirs!

Why am I about to rant you ask? Easy question to answer you all with! The other evening some random person whom had a blog sent me a follow request which I accepted seeing that she had a blog I assumed she had started following me on here so I didn't think much of it to be honest! I started following her back! 

A few hours later I noticed she no longer following me however, I was still following her! Seeing her page made me angry because noticed she had over 2,000 friends & yet she was only following around 200 & some odd numbers worth! Now why go through the trouble of all that to just have people follow you? Can you not be happy with a small number following you? What is so wrong with such a small number? I have not over 500 following me & I am beyond fine with that! 

I do not randomly follow people just to hope they follow me back I follow them because I truly care & wanna know how their lives are on a daily basis & such!  I ended up writing to that said person & letting her know that I was not ok with what she did & such & that to never send me another request again! I was very angry to say the least!

I miss how Instagram use to be so badly! What happened to the days when you only followed their lives on a daily basis? Now days their are tons of advertisement in our scrolls along with tons of people whom I swear only added an instagram to promote it works & everything else! I just wanna see daily lives of friends, family, & blog ladies that is it... UGH rant over!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello December Sorry I'm So Late

Where have I been hiding at? That is a good question! You see now days I just have not had much going on or at least not enough to post about sadly.. On top of that its hard to find time to blog its much easier to just instagram it all... I know I know its sad but its so true!
I bought these 2 new Christmas books & of course I just adore them something fierce! The little ones have loved them too since they cannot get enough of me reading them over & over again..

Look how festive my nails are! I absolutely love them needless to say... A big thanks to Ernie for always making them adorable :)

As you can see above I finally filled in my new Chalkboard... I was in love with how it turned out.. I think the tree I done was my favorite part :)

I have not been such great hair days this month sadly but in the above photo my hair actually looked really good & not super frizzy! I called that a win & of course snapped a photo how could I not after all?

I stopped by the local winery for some wine of course! Hello yummy goodness you are all mine to drink & enjoy..

Do you see those presents behind me in this photo? I so wanna be a very naughty girl & go open every single one of them right now.. Is that bad? I think I am worse now then I was when I was a little kid! I do not know if that is bad or good to be honest but in my eyes wink wink I find it good :)

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