Monday, April 20, 2015

Dry Land Fish Huntin

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At the beginning of today I was dolled up can you tell? However, later on I got undolled & went dry land fish huntin with my sweet AMAZIN daddy.. We found a good amount 20 or so which was awesome :) 

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I think the only sad part is that I only took a photo with just 5 in my hand..  At the beginning it was just 1 little lonely one! Why not a photo with them all you ask well that is a really easy answer shocker my phone died :( how sad right? By the time it was recharged again they had all done been split, soaked, & fried!

However, it is now nap time for me because I work tonight! Hello about 3 hours worth of good sleep :)

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby Weekender

A few of my friends were going out of town this weekend to Rod Run. For the first time in forever I truly did not want to go plus I had my scheduled wisdom tooth removal of my top one that I had. Thank goodness I didn't have all 4 of mine! 

Since I wasn't going & I would be of work because of my wisdom tooth removal I told Tess & Thomas that I would watch Titus which is their 4 month old.. You better bet they took me up on the offer plus I was happy to spend all weekend with hims :) 

Since I still wasn't feeling super energetic I enjoyed a low key weekend with the sweet little one which you can now see below in photos for the rest :) Enjoy!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Window Cliffs Out The Window

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So I woke up this morning got ready to hiking at Window Cliffs however not once did I even think to look outside! Why would I after all the past few days have been in the 80's & amazing outside minus today! It was raining sadly which meant no Window Cliffs..

Fuschias in the rain from Debbie Black.

Taking Photos of Rain by Digital Photo Secrets

I ended up spending the majority of the day inside cleaning house & doing laundry but I did manage to read my nook as well before I headed out into the rain to workout at the gym! Overall I guess it was still a pretty good day even if I didn't get to go hiking..

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day At The Park

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Good Morning Sunshine! That is what someone should have said to me today... I was in good mood when I woke up can you tell? I was all smiles! 

Please ignore the blurry part to the photo however! Boo to a sucky in facing camera on my iphone... I cannot wait to have the Samsung S6 in September! It is amazing :)

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After I had woken up I was scrolling through Facebook when my cousin Rachel posted this of Elleree & Emeree! Two of my baby cousins! I revamped it a tad bit & such then posted it myself on Instagram! I love these two sweet little girls even if I do not always get to see them a lot! I even love their cute little outfits how adorable..

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After I posted that photo of the girls I then went & got ready for the day! I was meeting up with Tess at the park to go walking & even got to spend some time with her mini me! Titus barely had his eyes open he was just not a fan of the sun lol... It was a very hot day for us ladies & little man outside but we all 3 loved getting to spend a few hours outside!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Longest Ride

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I bought my ticket online as you can see! I cannot wait to see this movie.. If you know me at all you know that Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author! I own all his books with one being signed by him, plus I own all his movies on DVD... I could watch them a thousand times over & never get tired or bored of watching them :)

The movie turned out to be amazing & then some! It without a doubt made me do a happy dance to finally see it put into a movie where characters became real & not just me having to imagine them & I must say that the real characters made the ones I dreamed up look puney! I without a doubt cried during this movie but you better bet I also smiled a ton as well.. I cannot wait to own this on DVD!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Furious 7: Where Tears Were Shed & Smiles Happened Both At The Same Time

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It was such a pretty day outside! In the 80's which was amazing if you ask me... How did I celebrate this weather I drove around with my windows down & music turned up :)

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I had been looking forward to seeing this movie for months! You better believe I was happy to finally see it even though I knew I would bawl my eyes out.. I went prepared hello waterproof mascara!

The movie was amazing! Hands down it has been my favorite one by far out of them all & I cannot wait to own it on dvd.. The ending was wonderful the tribute to Paul aka Bryan was so dang sweet that I couldn't help but to smile & cry at the exact same time.. If you have seen it then I am sure you know exactly what I mean! PS: if you have not seen it yet then you should especially if you loved all the other movies from Fast & Furious :)

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Randoms Of The Month So Far

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I am loving my new candles from Chesapeake Bay! But what is even better is the scent of my new candles which is called Sea Breeze. It reminds me of Salt Life which I love... 

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Look who finally straightened their hair after months of only wearing it curly... On another note my hair is getting so dang long I so think I need a major trim!

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I found this shirt on Facebook & I liked it after all it is my name! How sweet :) I even loved the design however, If I had to guess I would say that this shirt has more meaning then I can even know about by another girl whom also happens to have my name to share..

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter This Year

I hope each & every one of you sweet ladies had an amazing day today!

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 I found the cutest thing on Pinterest & if I was a lady whom loved breakfast I so would have fixed this however, sadly I just am not a breakfast girl... But is this not the cutest?

Miss Colleen and I will try this tomorrow morning!!!

Today was a busy day for some of my family & I...  This was our day:
1. Had lunch with Madre & Aunt Joyce
2. Josh & I seen each other for a bit
3. Went & done the county wide egg hunt with Aunt Joyce, Madre, Aunt Shirley, Cousin Kendall, & one of her friends
4. Went & seen Insurgent with Madre & Aunt Joyce.. It was amazing by the way
5. Dinner
6. Called it a night & passed out

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Movie Lounge

Movies I Want To See This Month:
Furious 7
Longest Ride
Age of Adaline

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Already

I cannot believe that it is already April.. Goodness these past few months have flown by...

Did any of you pull good April Fool's jokes today? I know I didn't do a single one.. How sad is that? Hopefully you all made up for me slackin!

A few days ago I got my new perfumes in & I was one happy camper! That was a good mail day you can see below :)

I also had my nails done yesterday & I was bein a little rebel.. I didn't get them done in anything Easter oops! Is that bad? I did however make them sparkle :)

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