Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainy Afternoon

So here is a little recap of my overall weekend. Saturday I had to work a 12 hour shift 

Sunday I also had 2 work a 12 hour shift but this time I was sickly and not feeling up to par at all to work but I tuffed it out and was a big girl and went to work sick and all. 

Today is Monday and It has been one rainy yucky day all in all, which has yet to stop... We are looking at yet again more thunderstorm warnings and such. To top it all off I am still sickly and not enjoying this at all... I am ready to feel better and have warmer weather... This yucky stuff makes me look forward to June when me and all my family will head the beach...

Since I was feeling yucky  I decided that it could be movie day so the four movies i chose were, Seceterian, Eat Pray Love, The Town, and Step Up 3 :) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

DC Cupcakes :)

This is one of my absolute favorite shows which season 2 started again tonight it came on at 9pm :) I have been super excited all week to see it again after all this time of going without it for what feels like a whole lifetime :)

The two sisters started GeorgeTown Cupcakes. Katherine and Sophie are two sweet sisters they are hard to not love. I think almost anyone could get along with them that is for sure.

Having no formal culinary school training and only armed, with their grandmothers recipes Katherine and Sophie quit their corporate jobs to follow their dream of opening a bakery together. They opened Georgetown  Cupcakes on Valentines Day 2008 in Washington D.C. as the city's first and only cupcakery. To their suprise their small shop grew beyond their wildest expectations.

This makes me want to be so creative and I have actually had their cupcakes I ordered them and let me tell you they were amazing and so full of life. They were oh so delish. they do a great job. their cupcakes are so moist rich and full of flavor and life :) I could eat them all day everyday not gonna lie

Link up with Momma M and have some fun :)

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
Absolutely not!!! I did try once but lets just leave it as I was awful and that is why I stick with my automatic vehicles which are so much nicer then a stick yes I said nicer because it is so true. I dont have to worry about killing my car in traffic, or any of that stuff you worry about with a stick shift so ha ha. I think that stick shifts should be for boy's only they are the only ones who seem to care anything about them anyway.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
Well their are several things I refuse to eat because that is the joy of me being a picky eater their is not a whole lot of variety to food when it comes to me I must say. But if I absolutely had to choose just two things I would have to say Sushi is one of those big dislikes I just do not want anything raw what so ever in my mouth at all the thought of it is just way to nasty for me to handle not gonna lie. The second thing would have to be Onions the smell itself makes me want to throw up little long thinking bout the taste of them. Who wants to cry when they do not even half to I know I dont so no thanks onion you can stay in the ground and rot before I ever want to see you sorry

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
No I do not buy girl scout cookies only because I am not a huge fan of junk food and to me that is junk food it just does not make me want any at all. My cousin is in the girl scouts and my parents buy them like they are nothing for their home but just not for mine I can do without them. I would rather have something like a cheesecake to work for my cravings :)

4. How do you pamper yourself?
Ha why do I need to pamper myself when I have amazing parents who have done that for me all my life? Uh I do get pedi's during the summer about every 4 weeks  I need them to because I am always in flip flops or high heels so it is nice to feel soft feet.I also get my hair done a lot I love to have things changed up :)

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
Lil Bit is my nickname that some of my boys who are like my brothers named me because I was so much smaller then they were with me being a girl and all but I love my nickname oh so very much and I am glad they named me that instead of some crazy name that I totally hated with a passion. I have such sweet bubbie's :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So What...

So what... that I hate these thunderstorms when I hear the loud boom or the cracking of it

So what.. that I am blogging this a day late I was busy yesterday besides better late then never at all I say

So what... that Mindy and I left after our test in class and ran to Arby's only to have to go back to school to finish lecture, which btw we  both didnt want to do

these are my so what's..Can you tell me what yours is?
{one} do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?

I]]yes bc the beeping is annoying. But in others vehicles no bc I am not in the driver seat or nothing bad I know I should wear it all the time..

{two} do you crack your knuckles?

Unfortuntely, yes I do crack my knuckles but only if they are absolutely drivin me crazy from them needing it  or if I get super nervous I do it by accident..I know its bad but so hard not to do it

{three} what is your favorite flavor of gum?

Maui Melon Mint

{four} what is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

My ring from Grannie Dimple that she had given me before she passed away I cherish it oh so very much...

{five} who is your best friend?

I have more then just one best friend

{six} what is your favorite smell?

Victoria Secret perfumes

{seven} what is your favorite lunch meat?


{eight} do you still have your tonsils?

Yes I still got mine thank goodness I dont know that I would like surgery very much to have them removed

{nine} do you untie your shoes before you take them off?

No I have knots tied to the end of them and loosened so that I never have to untie them I am to lazy for it Ill be honest but then again Im only in shoes when I am on duty as a nurse other then that I am in flip flops and high heels

{ten} what color is your car?


PS sorry that it is a day late but I had to study all day yesterday for a test I had today so i guess you could say better late then never at all... ENJOY

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 2 Things you've learned from your parents or grandparents

I do not even seem to know where to begin at to be quite honest. I have learned so many things from the people in my life. I do not know that I can honestly name just two things.

My parents have taught me so many life lessons but I guess if I really do have to name only one I would have to say that they taught me everything happens for a reason so always take both the good and bad. I agree with them completely, everything truly does happen for a reason. I know that we may not always know the reasons of why something happened or did not happen but in the long run someday we all find out the reason why when its the right moment for us to know the truth. I believe that that everything falls in and out of place to make way for new ones always. I have learned to never take life for granite thanks to this that my wonderful parents have taught me...

My Grannie Dimple always told me that the greatest thing in life is marriage a bond between two people who come together as one and I could not agree more with her on that. Grannie Dimple had a wonderful marriage to her husband  right up until the day he passed away and even after that she still loved him with all her heart until the day that she passed away as well. I hope to have that wonderful marriage in my life someday with kids as well. I want a love that is conditionally between the two of us as a couple and that our love always burns within our hearts for each other. I want to wake up next to the one I love every day and see his sweet face as well as him see mine, I want to cuddle always, love endless with him always, I want so much for the both of us in our life together. 

Scarlett and I had a long day and now r exhausted

     Ok so I know that it is no longer Monday and It is now Tuesday but I have had no time up until now to write on here so I guess you could say better late then never right... I mean its better then nothing at all I will have to say...

     Yesterday my sweet baby cousin Scarlett threw a fit bc she wanted to come home with me but she was staying with her daddy and he would not let her and I also had to work for a few hours so I promised her that I would pick her up after work and let her come stay the night with me and she has finally was satisified with that so I could leave she was all giggles and grins then... I loved picking her up today bc after we had so much fun.

     Scarlett and I went and seen sweet baby Maddie Rae another sweet cousin who is 4 months old she is one of my pride and joys also. Maddie loves other kids and Scarlett loves her some babies no matter whether boys or girls so it made their day. After that we left and went to Burger king which was tons of fun then seen brent my love then watched life as we know it and then to top off our night we got all prissy and pretty we did our hair in curls along with put make on and did our toenails and fingernails she loved it as much as me.. here are some pics from it.

     After all that we watched Pretty lil liers,You're cut off and x life she loved it oh so much as well as me also :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


5 Question Friday

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?

5. What is the best book you have ever read?

1. NO I absolutely have never worn the same outfit more then one day in a row. I am the girl who if i get the least little thing on my outfit it gets changed or even if i get bored of the outfit it gets changed just ask Brent I change at least twice a day if not more. its just a bad habit but that is also me like it or hate it.

2. This is absolutely a very hard choice to decide on. I would love to live in a big city I love city life its amazing. I love how there is always something to do in a big city. I want maybe a little of both worlds i dont wanna live downtown by any means i do want to live maybe right outside the city to where I can have a rural area. I want pretty scenery and houses that are not too crazy close to where I am. I want that big pretty 3 story house so i know its a give and take on it and it will be hard to find a place i can truly call home but i wont give up city life. As my children grow up I want my husband and I someday to be able to take them to do fun things throughout the week and even as they grow up giving them more things to do will hopefully keep them out of trouble. I dont ever want my kids to grow up like I did in a small town which I hated oh so very much. There is not one part of me that would miss small town life at all.

3. I would have to say it would depend on how old the children were as to whether we would fly or drive. I mean I dont want to take small children on a plane at all they would go crazy on the plane and get very bored from not being able to move now if they were older as in like teen years then yes absolutely i would fly... But to be honest I myself have yet to get on a plane since 9/11 the thought of it all still terrifies me to a certain extent.

4. Spring cleaning to me is just another day of cleaning but then again I am the organized neat freak whose home is spotless to say the least. I cannot stand to have a dirty or disorganized house little long disfunctional. I like knowing where things are, I like things being all pretty and neat and well kept care of but that is just me not everyone is that way. So for spring cleaning there would not be much to clean I dont have to clean out my closet bc I have a huge walk in that I keep all clothes at year round no matter what now Brent he should have a spring cleaning for his closet I would have to say hehe...

5. The best books that I have ever read by far would have to be Harry Potter Series and Twlight Series... In both of them I was sad once I had finished the last book only because I wanted so badly for them to keep on going I hate how they leave you hanging wanting more to happen. I love how they both have movies of each this year is the last year for the Harry Potter movies then next year ends the Twlight movies I will truly be in a disarray once they end I have looked forward to them both for several years now its like they are part of my life lord knows i have been the girl waiting at midnight to get in to see the new ones and I have loved every single second of it :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T2T: Grammy

Top 2 Favorite Grammy Dresses!

This was not one of my favorite dresses but however I do love both Miranda as well as Blake Shelton. Their music is amazing and I love that these two are love birds they are super cute together so i had to post this hehe

I am absolutely in love with Miley Cyrus dress. It was so cute I wished it was hanging in my closet i would so wear it as much as i possible could. It was so out there from the design and that is what drew me too it. I also cant lie i like miley cyrus she does a great job in movies and such

This was my second dress pic that I loved. It looks super cute and flows so naturally. I love that it looks so comfy and that you could wear it to more then just one event. I would however liked a different color verses yellow maybe like a red or black would have been cute as a button

Valentines Love

Me and MJ over at Teaching in heels are linking up in this cute Valentine's Survey

1. What is your favorite romantic comedy? 

This is my favorite of all time I was so glad to see it finally on dvd bc of course I went out and bought it i mean how could you not. It dont get much better then this. I love how they fell in love

2. What are your favorite flowers?

i have several :) I love Iris, crazy daisy's and crazy roses

3. What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat to eat?

I absolutely love love love chocolate covered strawberries they are so delish

4. Describe your best Valentine's Day.

I cannot think of a favorite one right off the top of my head bc I have has several that have been so amazing and so very very wonderful that I could not choose between them at all to say the least

5. What has been the most romantic night of your life?

When one of my ex and I was on the beach walking it late at night when no one else was around we walked by the moonlight bc it was a full moon and wached as the waves came up and hit our feet as we walked along the water edge while holding hands and then sat down as we watched the sunrise

6. What's your go to date night outfit?

Mine would be a nice fancy dolled up dress like i usually wear with pretty highheels as well as matching jewelry with a cute handbag to match

7. Where is your favorite place to go on a date?

I would say for me it has to be Chilies only bc that is the first date Brent and I ever went on together and that is where we decided to go. It always brings back sweet memories of our first date I can still tell you exactly where we both were sitting at together on that special day. I love recapping our memories together always

8. Store bought Valentine's or homemade?

I am going to say homemade without a dout only bc something homemade has more thought and effort put into it verses just buying it from somewhere

9. What is your favorite love song?

Who Are You When Im Not Looking by Blake Shelton
Dont You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean
and many many more Brent and I have so many