Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I am lovin on this Airy Wednesday!

I am loving that today is Wednesday, that means one day closer to the weekend!

I am loving that I am back to blogging again, I have missed it oh so very much!

I am loving that I am going to go hang out with 2 of my friends Boone and Daniel I have not seen them in like 2 weeks :(

I am loving that Saturday I will be getting my toe nails done with my sweet baby cousin Taylor, it will be nice catching up with her :)

I am loving that Saturday after the toe nails are done I am Nashville bound to hang out Rach one of my friends who I love and adore to death...

I am loving that Sunday Judy and I will be taking a hiking trip for the day! Cannot wait it will be so much fun...

I am loving that tomorrow I get my hair highlighted :) I cannot wait to see what color it will end up being ! However I trust Kirstie and I know she will do an amazing job...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lying Games!

Lying Games
So I bet you are wondering exactly what the Lying Games are right? 
well It is actually a new show series on ABC Family!
It is made by the ones who make Pretty Little Liars :)
In case you do not know what the show Pretty Little Liars are here a picture of the girls...

So now here is where you get my little secret from this movie.... I love all 4 of those girls however my favorite one just so happens to be  Ari :) 
Now for you girls who watch the show you will know that Ari is dating Ezra :) Well just so happens that I am  in love with him just a little... I guess it happens to the best of us and here is him :)
So now that you know a few of my little secrets I will get back to the Lying Games :) Here are some pictures from the new show! hope you like it ladies!!!

I honestly think you should tune in on ABC Family one Monday @ 8p to check it out ! I promise you will fall in love with this new show series a lot of people have so why not make it easier on yourself and be the next :) Enjoy ladies...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sweet October I am ready!

Sweet October oh how I am ready for you!
I love the colors, temperature, & to be quiet honest I just love it all...
Does it not just make you want to be in love?
It makes me think of romance & relationships!
When I think of Fall I think leaves falling down all pretty,
Pumpkins growing in a pumpkin patch,
hayrides on all Hallows Eve,
Football games screamin @ the top of our lungs!
Fireside nights all curled up next to your significant other
hot coco & cider all night long
Halloween when all those scary things go down 
& the best part of it all is the smells, scents, & aromas of fall that fill our home with love as well as cozyness...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joshie is home on leave n Im lovin every single minute of it :)

Josh came in on leave from Japan where he is stationed @ as a marine :) He is able to be home for a lil over a month which is super duper nice. I am enjoying every little second I am getting to spend with him needless to say. I am loving my Nashville trips to see him and his sweet family they are dear to me and I love them very much...  One adventure Josh and I had while home thus far was our fair trip to Wilson County Fair and here are some of the wonderful pics of that nightly adventure :) enjoy!