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Book Review: Watcher Trilogy

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I am thinking about doing more book reviews on my blog! As it currently stands I read a lot of books & I truly have no way to keep up with them per say. The only way I know whether I have read them or not now is when I go onto Barnes & Noble to order more through my nook! If I have bought & read them they say read out to the side which is nice!

Before you even ask or think it, no I was not a book nerd in high school..& even now am not! I just love to read.. It helps that I am a fast reader & not a slow one so I can go through quiet a lot of books needless to say!

In my spare time when I do not have plans with friends & such is when I read anyway moving on now!

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What can I tell you about this Trilogy Series? Well I can tell you it involves, Lucian, God, Vampires, Werewolves, & Angels! It has several main characters not just a few..

Lilly is the girl you come to know as half angel half human whom must make a choice of does she still love Will whom is an angel or does she need to move on & love Brandon Cole whom also happens to be an angel! She does make her choice in the end between the two & during the between parts she finds out what she must do to stop Lucian from destroying earth! 

You seem her make friends with an angel turned vampire because of his lust for blood but because she fends for him they gather a rare friendship & he no longer craves blood & wants to do right for Lilly so they make a pact as long as she will be friends with him he no longer will kill humans for blood & in the end he truly does love & protect her. It's the sweetest thing!

If you love paranormal then I highly suggest you read this little trilogy!

What are my thoughts on this particular trilogy series? Well I loved it! I thought it was well written as far as the story line went & I could just not get enough of these books! I even love that its continued on into the Watcher Chronicles which I will share with you next week because I only have one book left of that series to finish! I loved the ending even when Brand was able to be turned human to live his life out with Lilly.. However I am sad that although Lilly was able to stop Lucian from his complete plan it did not come without default because a tear has been open & must be fixed in the new series to come! Cannot wait to see how it all plays out :)

I rate this book a 5...

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