Saturday, March 24, 2018

Argan Magic

So I never use the same shampoo or conditioner over & over again. Each time I always change it up which I love. Recently I have been using Argan Magic in both the shampoo & conditioner.

These are my personal thoughts on both the shampoo & conditioner. No I am not not getting paid and I did not receive this product for free. I truly just thought I would give my feedback in case anyone has seen this & wondered about it.

I love the smell of them, they are a little slice of heaven if I do say so myself. I am a stickler for smells if it does not smell good then I do not want them. They are paraben free which means sadly they do not lather. That part makes me a little sad because what girl does not love lather on her hair? When using these I always use 5 pumps a piece because otherwise I feel they do not cover my scalp & hair. 

I sadly would never use these again because once all is said & done with hair dried & such I feel like my hair is super duper dry & that is even after using a leave in conditioner spray! 

Have any of you all used these products & felt differently about them then I did? Would you thoughts & comments!