Sunday, April 29, 2012

Southern Nights

Southern Nights is a show that comes on CMT every Saturday night from 10/9c! I have fallen in love with this show. I use to watch the seasons of Sweet Home Alabama which they all have been on but for now they have stopped those & started this one & it is amazing. It takes place in Savannah Ga which makes it even better! & They have my sexy man on it Collin :)

collin e1333409900551 Collin Varallo on Southern Nights: The Cast And I Are Like Family

I have never been a girl much for a super country boy however Mr. Collin Varallo has changed my mind. Gah what a sweet little hottie that he is I could take him any day :) He is from Birmingham Alabama & works as a landscape company owner. I would without a doubt marry this country boy....Wouldn't you?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

EKK New Release :)

I am beyond excited to have her new CD Blow Away come out on May 1st. I cannot wait to say the least! I just love Carrie Underwood & I am willing to bet that this album is just as good as all her previous albums :) & this album cover is absolutely amazing, I love it! Don't you? Oh & I read the story line for this new album & let me tell you it was great!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fill In Friday!

1. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is kiss my hunny :) unless he wakes up first then its opposite he kisses me first :)

2. I can hardly wait for summertime! We have so much going on: lake, camping, concerts, vacations, cookouts,hiking, horseback riding you name it I am sure we are more then likely doing them :)

3. The quickest way to my heart is forehead kisses because those are my favorite kisses in the whole entire world I love them more then a kiss to kiss on the lip a little crazy huh?

4. A little known fact about me is an answer that I cannot give you! Reason being I have more then just one fact about for instance I am girlie, peppy, sweet, loving, caring, Auntie to the sweetest baby boy, & so much more I even like the weirdest girlie drinks that most would throw up over I bet for example I love amaretto & cream soda mixed together as well as amaretto, sweet n sour, & mt dew. Crazy right but so  good :) I love my girlie drinks...

5. The best part about my job which btw is being a nurse is that I am able to save lives & help others who truly need it that to me is such a huge blessing :)

6. Something I just couldn't live without would be my cell phone without a doubt! I love my I phone way to much to not have it!

7. Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is sew things together. I can handle small things that has already been done but to take just linen & try something like pants or a shirt ha that will not happen with me anytime soon at all. But I wish I knew how because I am sure it would be less expensive that way!


Pin Pin :)

I know that I missed pinning Wednesday & I am so very sorry sweet ladies however, for what its worth I am now about to pin some lovely things :) Hope you all enjoy my Pinterest finds. I have chosen photos for this week :)

I just love how happy She looks to be having this child :)

Love the back
I love love love this pic they way it was taken :)

I love everything about this picture. How cute that daddy hold the B & Y & she hold the sweet little one within her :) So precious!

I love how they are looking at one another :)

Oahu Engagement Photography by sarah deshaw  rain, lush, kiss, love
So darling! I love how this picture is so natural :)

I love how his heart goes onto her tummy where the sweet little one is being held :)

just beautiful
I love how she seems so at peace embraced against him in his arms so natural :)

Visit From Bubbie & Babi Boo

Yesterday bubbie & baby boo came for a visit. I was so excited. One new thing I just love is that baby boo can now say i love you,bye bye, hi, no,sup ( with a head knod), thank you, & please! I wish he would learn to say aunt Ashleigh however that would really make me one happy girl! I am more then ready to hear those sweet words from him! But for now I love hearing I Love You :) better then nothing right? He also can do high five, fist pump & gives great kisses! & those kisses are the best :) I live for those :) I love being an Aunt! Here are some of our pics & best part is that he loves pictures just like his daddy & me :) yay!!! Enjoy ladies

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ragin Cajun Crawfish Boil

13th Annual Ragin Cajun Crawfish Boil
Saturday April 21st 2012
East Bank Greenway (LP Field) Nashville, TN

$30 VIP (3/1-3/31)
$30 (4/1-4/7)
$35 (4/8-4/20)
$40 @ the door/gate

Chicken Jambalaya
Chicken Gumbo
Red beans & rice

Music Lineup:
Mikes Pawn Shop (local band)
Saving Abel
Gavin Rossdale
Boys Like Girls

This was such a fun night to say the least. This was my first year of attending & I am so glad that I did. Several of my friends & I went. We ordered our tickets back in March for VIP which allowed us to get in at 3pm verses 4pm & not have to stand in such long lines & I for one was glad because those lines was so huge & long. Several bands that I have never really heard of or listened to before was there they only ones I had ever heard of was Saving Abel & that was it but I still had never really listened to their music. They had all you could drink & eat which I thought was great so not a bad price at all to pay. I so badly wanted to take pictures but we parked so far away & the clouds looked bad so I took neither my cell phone or my camera sadly. I am planning on attending next year as well & hopefully it will not be so nasty looking outside next year so I take my camera with :) One thing though to keep in mind if you plan on attending is the fact that you must be 21 years old or older from where they serve beer. I know you all more then likely want pics so I am gonna post some of crawfish & such to obtain to the event however these was not my photos. Enjoy Ladies!

(This is the only picture I have of the actually crawfish boil it was the day before when this was taken)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sexy men that make me wanna do very naughty things :)

Heaven On Earth! 
I love these men...
Do you?

Jensen Ackles

I could kiss this cutie all day long!

Jensen Ackles

I would run with him every single day if he was mine!

Luke Bryan? Yes please.


Such a sweet looking boy but sadly he is just that! Why could he not be older?

Eric Martsolf- Days of our Lives

Hottie I just love him especially when I get to see him Monday through Friday on Days Of Our Lives :)


Look @ that amazing smile :)


Oh how I love love love this pic it is without a doubt an eye catcher :)

Pictures from the past 2 weeks!

I have had several pictures that I have taken over the past 2 weeks! Nothing huge or anything but I just thought it would be easier to do one post over them all make it easier on not just me but you ladies as well. Hope you all enjoy these small captions for my pictures :)

That is one of my many sweet baby cousins posing in a mini session! Jessie Holloway does such an amazing job :) Such a sweet one!

The above pictures were taken at Cliff Cove :) I loved it there for the most part minus the critters & such that us girls did not like too well.

I took pictures of all these sweet little critters at the exotic aquarium. How cute they turned out. I thought I did such a good job! I normally do not take pictures of fish to be very honest but I did good :)

It was a good morning sunshine kinda day for me and as for sissy well you see that cute little teddy bear there in her arms she is kissing on, well she loved that little guy! So sweet...

Gracie the little go stylist!

Samara & Grace such cute little bumblebees!

This little miss turned 1... Sad sad day! It does not seem like she should already be this old, time has flew by way to fast :(

Just another day at work...

Bubbie was a jerk & refused to smile all dang day :( I could have beaten hims up...

Baby Josie & I! I just love her she is the sweetest little thing every! Such a precious baby cousin...

Tay Tay & I went to see the Lucky One! She is my absolutely favorite baby cousin. I remember when she was little I use to carry her everywhere because she refused to go to anyone else but I was more then ok with that. There may be a huge age difference but I am so close to her mother & Aunt because they are my age & my cousins that its only natural to love their kids hence Tay :) I even nicknamed her Tay Tay which everyone calls her that in the fam :) I just love her she is such a little blessing in my life...

Ava is one of my twin cousins. Her twin sister is named Addie & they could not be more different. Ava loves purple & is a huge cuddler as to where Addie loves pink & likes running around like crazy going full speed. She reminds of her older sister Elle They are so much alike literally. I just loved that tonight I got to spend time with all 3 of those precious little ones! I especially loved all the great cuddles & hugs... Thanks Ava for wanting to take pictures with me :) love you precious girl!