Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Missing This LIttle Corner Of My Life

I have truly missed you all in case you so didn't get the memo from above hehe! It's so odd sometimes not being on my sweet little blog every single day anymore but at other times it feels kinda nice in a way! However, I do keep up with you lovely ladies on instagram & that is something I would miss like crazy if I didn't get on it... 9 out of 10 times u can find me there! 

Sometimes to me that feels more personal which I love & it seems so much easier to keep up with everyone that way :) I love watching how all of our lives change from day to day moment to moment & I love most that I get to share them with you all!

I don't plan on quitting my blog anytime soon or in the near future even but someday maybe it will happen many many years from now but for now updates every so often suit me just fine for now :)

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