Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pin Pin Loves

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tis the season =]

Keep Calm 25

{day by day delight}: Burlap Door Hanger - Tutorial

In love with this dress!!!!!

Oh my goodness!

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Repeat Crafter Me: Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern


Love Wednesday

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I am loving that Thanksgiving is finally over. As good as the food was I ate way too much let's just be honest! I am sure you ladies did too. Am I right?

I am loving that I leave this weekend to go to Nashville! I cannot wait to go to Opry Land Hotel & see the lights... I love that I made it a tradition for me :) Have any of you gone before? If so do you love it as much as me?

I am loving that I am getting my photos done by Sayrah yay for friends whom are willing & then afterwards I am gonna take photos of her baby boy Spencer whom is 11 months old! Great trade right? I thought so :) 

I am loving the Hallmark Channel lately! But then again I always do during November & December. They always have the sweetest love movies on!

I am loving that I am already packed for my weekend get away... & come Friday all I got to do is load my luggage, go to work, then leave out afterwards!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hoot Hoot I Am Looking For You

Hoot Hoot I am looking for you! 
Just kidding ladies...
As you all know or are getting to know about me is that I love owls!
Not the creepy ones but the cute little sweet ones that you see on most clothing designs..
Oh & cute little elephants! 
I could never forget them.. I love them too...
So I decided to share with you the sweet little owls that I have found that I so very badly want :) Oh & maybe next week I will share the elephants!

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Ok ladies do you love these as much as I do or no?


Be Merry Berries Holiday Photo Cards

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I love all these cards. I cannot even begin too choose which one to pick from! & knowing me between now & time to send them out I still may not choose any of these & instead choose a completely different one. I just love them all! ba hum bug :(

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Letters

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Dear Thanksgiving, you turned out amazing yesterday. Thank you for being such a pretty day! I loved spending time with my sweet family.

Dear Family, I loved spending time with you yesterday. It was so much fun & I am so blessed to have each & every one of you in my life.

Dear Black Friday, thank you for being better this year verses last year. I wanted to kill too many last year but I didn't want to kill hardly anyone this year! That too me makes the books :)

Dear Outfit, you was too cute on me yesterday! I loved how adorable you looked on me!

Dear Sales, you was great last night/early morning today.  I bought some pretty great deals!

Dear Body, I know you are absolutely exhausted today & I am so sorry! If you promise to survive work with me I swear I will let you sleep once off. I will get you caught up so your happy once again!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gobble Gobble/ Crazy Black Friday

Throughout the years Thanksgiving has been altered & changed in ways I never thought possible. Now sadly most care more about Black Friday then Thanksgiving & that truly is sad! I never knew someone could care more about going out & buying those half priced items & being killed in the process! I tried Black Friday shopping last year for the first time ever & I learned my lesson that it would never happen again. I vowed that I would just pay full price on things so that I did not feel like I was going to have to kill people for shoving me, pushing me, or running over me in carts because they thought they would get them somewhere faster. I went from being a sweet girl to a complete bitch during that time last year because of so many pissing me off.  I was never so excited & thrilled when I left & went home... However my family last night kept pleading with me too go so I said I would but I told them I was not staying out past 3am because I had to work today! I am surprised enough to say that it actually turned out better last night then last year which was a big plus :) 

 Another big thing I would never do for black Friday is start camping out days before it even begins. That too me is pure insanity. I do not think most would be doing that if they had a job to be at! But maybe that is just me & my way of thinking because I know some have different opinions then me! But if they are camping all those days earlier how are they able to spend time with their family & friends on Thanksgiving? Are they saying they care more about Black Friday then they care about their loved ones? If so that is truly sad! Sorry...

I am choosing to spend Thanksgiving the way in which it should be spent. I am cooking up yummy dishes & I will be enjoying time well spent with my family & friends! Loved ones mean so much more to me then Black Friday ever could or ever will. I want to laugh, smile, watch loved ones around one another & enjoy the little moments that one day will be gone.  One day I will no longer have my mother, father, aunts, & uncles with me because that is how life & time works. You are born, you live & then you die! I want to have always as many memories as I possibly can of each one of them. So only after I have went to all the family get togethers will I leave to go Black Friday shopping!





Guest Post: Single Girl's Thanksgiving

Hello Georgia Peach Friends & Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Elle and I blog over at Faith & Serendipity

I'm so excited that Ashleigh is having me guest post on her blog today!

When I was trying to decided what to post about on Thanksgiving the obvious answer was to do a "Thankful Post" but you know what? Those have been done, done & done... so I'm going to tell you a little bit about being single & living in a new city on Thanksgiving.

In July I moved from Michigan to Las Vegas to teach 3rd grade. I moved out here only knowing 1 person & her husband. Yep... I my family thought I was certified crazy...
And while I do love living in Las Vegas, I am missing my family & friends around the holidays. So here is my list on how to make being single in a new city full of holiday cheer!

1) Make New Friends! I'm so lucky to actually like my co-workers (well most of them). The other 3rd grade teacher invited me out to dinner with her and her parents. See you at 6 pm Cosmopolitan!
2) Work! Yes I have a full time job as a teacher... but you don't go into teaching for the money. Unfortunately student loans & bills don't understand that. I had to pick up a 2nd job at Old Navy. Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Not only do I get to work with fun people & tell crazy stories but I get to work today & get time and half.... I'll be too busy to self-pity!

3) Make your own Thanksgiving Dinner! How many times have you gone to a relatives and only liked maybe 5 dishes? That happens to me a lot! I absolutely LOVE my aunt but she can't cook at all! This year I decided to re-create my own Thanksgiving foods that I love. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & green bean casserole.

4) Skype with Family! My parent's have just figured out the amazing technology of Skype. It's the funniest thing to watch to say the least but I get to see their faces so it helps :)
5) Be Thankful & Happy! While it is a bummer that I don't get to be home for the holidays I need to remember how blessed I am. I have 2 jobs that I love, my own apartment, car, and a few close friends & family that love me!
My Parents & I

Family Picture when I was 7.
When all else fails.... Drink Hot Chocolate & Write Christmas Cards!
 Happy Thanksgiving!