Monday, May 25, 2015

Color Shine 5K Downtown Nashville

Us ladies had so much fun doing the Color Shine in Downtown Nashville on Saturday however, even with it being fun for us there was a lot of downside to this Color Shine Tour!

1. There was only 4 colors that was it normally there is way more!
2. This one was not for a charity & most of them are!
3. It was way to crowded so it was really hard to actually run, we did more walking if truth be told because we could not get past people! That was how many there was..
4. Some took it a little overboard.. For instance people was rolling around in the color! I even almost tripped over one toward the end because of her rolling around on the ground!
5. We didnt even have timers at this one...

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Sorry for our blurry photos! We took the photos from our phones which was covered up in color! Truthfully I am surprised the photos turned out even this good... 

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly Update

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I love how we matched one day at the gym without even planning! Adorable right? we thought so :)

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We watched Jazlynn's game! It was so pretty outside! We had just came straight from the gym...

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Had a baby shower for Angel whom in only a short while will be delivering sweet baby Catherine...

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Jeff is a huge Red Sox Fan & I am more then ok with that :) I loved this photo of us! 

I participated in the Color Shine which was held in Downtown Nashville Yesterday! I took several photos & will try to post them soon promise...

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Today mother & I went & seen Pitch Perfect 2 & let me just tell you we laughed so hard we cried... we both loved this one better then the first one!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Kendall Graduates High School

This is a very proud moment for you! Now that you have graduated your hard work is still not over yet. You get a small break right before you enter into a new battlefield & life called College.. Always remember my sweet cousin that as one door closes another one opens.. Life life to the fullest & never take one single day for granite! Life after high school seems to fly by. Before you know it you will be graduating college, getting married & having children! I am so very proud of you sweet girl.. Congrats on being a 2015 high school graduate! I am blessed that I was able to be there for your big day...

Graduation ecard with a message

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Catching Up... This Time From Last Week

Ready to play catch up some more? I really need to start getting better about posting again! However, sometimes it is just hard to do sadly. So here is more of my life at a glance lately!

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I thought I liked the low 80 degree weather but hey this one is way much better.. I am one happy lady!

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I had a craving for cherry I guess you could say because it seemed like all I ate one day was Cherry Cobbler while drinking Cherry Slushie! Which need I say was so very yummy...

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I finally got my dress in & I am in love with it :) Is it not just adorable?

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Spent Mother's Day with my madre of course which I loved! 

Mother I know we may not always get along but at the end of the day I still love you so very much & truly am thankful that GOD picked you to be my mother & not someone else! I am glad you had a wonderful day.. Love you!

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We ate at Giovanni's for Mother Day! My mother loves their pizza & everything else... I love it too but the curves to get there are not so much fun! 

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After time spent with mother I had to come home & take a nap! I even felt so tired I stayed in my strapless dress & never even bothered puttin my jammies on.. HEHE!

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Since it has been so nice outside I have spent late evenings outside reading my nook books :)

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Most strawberries I have came across have looked awful & I have refused to by them however, finally I found some one day that looked good & I bought them! Washed them, cute them then ate them for a yummy snack :)

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I have been too 2 funerals only a few days apart one for my family  whom had cancer then one for a friends mother of mine of whom died of a massive heart attack! I hate funerals but these two being so close have not made me love them anymore that is for sure... They never get any easier to go too...

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I attended my cousin's high school graduation but before I done that I went to the marina at the lake to have a nice late lunch with a friend named Dustin whom I hardly get to see! We normally see each other once  every six months sometimes sooner! Thank goodness for texting inbetween then lol..

I also have photos too show from graduation which I will try & post by tomorrow fingers crossed that happens...

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Dustin & I down at Blue Water Grille! We love that place :)

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After graduation ended I did end up at the gym but only to tan & watch this one work out :) I loved my time spent with him even if it was just watching since today was one of my off days from working out...

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Let's Play Catch Up From The Past 2 Weeks

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I am thinking about getting my hair layered like this! I just am in love with all the wiggle work layers... Too cute if you ask me!

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I haven't worn my hair up in forever & one day during these past two weeks I did it up in a french braid.. Cute huh?

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This was dinner from Logan's one night.. Hello yummy goodness! I loved my meal.. Its the only food photo I took during these past 2 weeks hello food photo fail huh!

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I found this cute shirt &  I am beyond in love with it! For everyone who knows me they know I love anchors plus being girlie what girlie girl wouldn't like a bow to go with it? I so am gonna be buying this :)

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This is my cute adorable dress that I bought for Memorial Day & 4th of July this year... Is it not adorable? I am in love with it & cannot wait to wear it!

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Me at Cane Creek one day walking since the weather was so lovely outside! I am happy that its finally getting hot again :)

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A lady can have a lazy night right? If not too bad because I did... Hello lazy movie night.. I loved it :)

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I bought a few new sanitizers! How cute right? I love the scents..

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I love buying goodies at Khols but what was even better is that all these were on sale so I saved around $30 dollars (Score) which that included my $10 dollar gift card 

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I am ready for Memorial Day! Can you tell? Love my new nails :)

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One day after work I was so beyond tired & all I wanted to do was pass out... I could not get into the above jammies fast enough for my happiness!

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I hardly ever want coffee but when I do one of my go to staples is a Cotton Candy Frappe from Starbucks if not that you can find me drinking a Smores Frappe! The other day I craved coffee so coffee is what I got..

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Today it was 80 degrees outside & I was doing a happy dance! I spend the majority of the day outside needless to say :)

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