Monday, April 29, 2013

She Is Goin To The Chapel & She Is Gonna Get Married

I love my title! Don't you? Its cute right? I thought so..

Lacy & Brent tied the knot yesterday! I could not be more happier for them both. I know to Lacy Brent is her best friend & soul mate & there is not a doubt in my mind that its the same for Brent when it comes to Lacy!

I still remember when I met Brent for the first time & seen him interact with Lacy something inside me just ticked a switch & said I know he is the one for her! The way she was playful with him, the way she hugged him, the way he made her get butterflies always was just so precious. 

Knowing Lacy so well meant seeing a part of Lacy I had never seen before when It came to Brent! & I loved every second of seeing those two together! Knowing her so well meant knowing that this love was a different kind of love then she had ever had with any other of her ex boyfriends. It was stronger, more intimate, & I truly could name several reasons that this one was different then those before!

A year into their relationship Brent would come to purpose to Lacy & ask her to be his wife! It was the sweetest moment for Lacy I know! She without hesitation said YES of course... The proposal happened this past Fall on their way back from Chattanooga!  They then set the date for April 27, 2013 only a few short months later so wedding plans begin to happen.. 

Here is a few photos from their big day! I cannot wait to show more then just these... But the others may be a week or so sadly :(

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Meal Plan For The Week

Spaghetti Squash

Grilled Hawaiian Chicken

Cajun Sliders

Grilled Cheese

Homemade Pizza

Out To Eat

Out To Eat

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

21 Benefits Of Married Life

I know that for the most part you have these 21 things before you are married but it just seems more real I guess you could say after saying "I Do"...
1. You will have a live in spider killer!

2. Someone will always be around taller then you to reach the top shelves in the kitchen!

3. You will live longer: Studies showed that married couples live longer!

4. You will always get a Valentine present along with an Anniversary present!

5. Your husband is like a built in warmer always on the other side of the bed!
6. You will always have someone to share your deepest secrets with!

7. You will have a dance partner for life!

8. There will always be someone to wake up to if you have a creepy dream!

9. You will have someone to support you in all things!

10. Someone will always be there to bring you soup if your sick!
11. You get to start a family with the man you adore!

12. Having a husband is like having a handy man on call 24-7 all day!

13. You get to gain a whole extra family that you will love & whom will love you!

14. Your husband will always have your back!

15. Your husband will be your partner in crime!
16. He will know you as well as you know yourself!

17. Two heads are better than one: Especially when your coming up with excuses to stay home from work or getting out of prior obligations & so forth!

18. You always have a date for Saturday night!

19. Someone is always there to share laughs with!

20. You get to look forward to your husband walking in at the end of the day!

21. You will have someone to try new recipes on & someone to tell you how your butt looks in those jeans!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweet Letters

Tomorrow you get married to your best friend! I love you sweet girl & I cannot wait to be apart of your big day.. I know your nervous but just remember to breath! It is just the beginning for Brent & you.

Mom & Daddy
This coming month is both your birthday's! I am planning a surprise party for you both & I hope you love it! Its titled over the hill of course :) Get ready for some walkers, canes, & such... I cannot wait to see how shocked you both will be! 

Color The Curve
I signed up for you Wednesday & I cannot wait to run you! Our team name is Throwing Scoliosis A Curve :) Great name since its for those with scoliosis! I am glad you will be super early morning so we don't burn up during you...

Hero Rush
My ladies & I made you our bitch! We conquered you :) 

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hero Rush Race Day @ Honey Suckle Hill Farms

It was a cold crisp morning as us ladies got out of the vehicle at Honey Suckle Hill Farms! We was so excited for our marathon to begin. We had to be there @ 9 AM one hour prior before our race was to begin @ 10 AM! We waited for our timer to buzz & then we was off...

The pathway was nothing more then dirt filled & the ground still moist from the night before causing footing to be a little slippery which kept us on our toes. 

Throughout the run we managed to go up creeks, muddy hills, & even obstacles! It was a challenge yes but us ladies accomplished it all... We can truly say we conquered Hero Rush!

We was in several photos but in order for you all to see them we would have had to purchase them & we did not want to do that... So I instead opted to show you a few we took before & a few of other teams so you can see what we had fun doing! Enjoy :)

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