Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday Letters...


Letters, letters, letters hmm where to begin @...

Dear Chris... Lunch was amazing the other day. I loved how we matched one another. It was too cute to say the least. Hello yellow! I think I'm more so sad that we did not take a picture together since we matched sad moment.

Dear Daddy... I love how we was able to catch up over lunch together @ Tennessee Barbecue & see some pretty amazing people whom work there. gotta love them all! I love you so thank you for being such an amazing father.

Dear Work... Thank you for messing up my plans on Monday :* I for real hate you now days! I know it summer but I feel as if I do not even get a summer because of you! God I truly hate you...

Dear Amanda... I am so thankful that you are my best friend & so much like a sister to me. I am one lucky girl to say the least. I loved that we got to visit & catch up today & that we got to grill out! Teaching you how to grill is so much fun to watch I love you pretty girl...

Dear 3 Cheese Burger & Baked Beans... You was truly very yummy today for Amanda & I. I did a great job cooking you & thank you for being so kind to me. Amanda even turned you once & she did great! I was so proud of her... Maybe one day Nick & I will have learned her how to cook without killing boiled water in a pan hehe! Ps all your swiss, cheddar, & american cheese with spices & such was gooey & juicy!


Dear Liz, Ricky & Landon... I am looking forward to seeing you three tomorrow. We are gonna burn up @ the Falls i do not know if you know this or not! But just thought you all should know it will be around 108 degrees. Afterwards we will eat some yummy food together then I have a bridal thing :( then after that I have the races! Man its gonna be a busy day! I hope you all are ready for some fun :)

Bridal... Please be nice to me tomorrow evening! I do not want you to take forever! I will be exhausted & tired & beyond ready for a little rest before the races! 

Races... Please let the temp cool down before you begin! Its gonna be really hot incase you did not know.. I mean I love my boys & cannot wait to see them race but lord we all will be dying of a heat stroke! Let them be ok & do not harm them! I do not need a heart attack. K thanks :)


I am linking up @ 5 Crooked Halos

1. What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?

I would have to say chocolate. I still love it just as much as did as a small child. However that is about the only childhood snack that I love. Crazy maybe!

2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of?

I do not eat the low fat version of anything, or rather to my knowledge I do not anyway. Hmm! Now you all got me wondering lol...

3. What's your favorite way to cool off during the summer?

I think that for me its going out on the boat. The lake is my heaven during summer months. I love knee boarding, wake boarding, tubing, pretty much anything to do with the boat & lake :)

4. What's your favorite summer read?

I would say a good romantic novel! I am not much to read during the summer months however though I am too busy but now during fall months when its cooler outside I love it :)

5. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?

I have been a lake baby! & without a doubt been eating tons of froyo & Italian ice  yummy :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

PIn PIn Love...

I am linking up with sweet Michelle over @ The Vintage Apple

I would love to see you ladies follow my blog & Pinterest both are on my blog which is Georgia Peach

Swimpond - It self-cleans and has no chemicals, by Swimpond Landscape Design Inc., where lifestyle is in harmony with nature!

built-in hammock in the deck, I will need one of these

Family movie night.


OMGOMGOMGOMG. Two story closet. NEED.


colors :)

So sweet for mother-in-law...and yes i just cried

How I'm doing my room. @Shannon Dial

Beautiful ceiling and windows

dramatic elegance

love this bed frame


A Little Thank You Note

Liz over @ Crazy Little Thing Called Life was so sweet & gave me a Liebster Award. This was like my 3rd or 4th one :) I love them! I am not gonna fill out the whole thing for it because I have done it several times before however I did want to make sure she knew how grateful I was for nominating me.

Liz I just wanted to write you a little note saying thank you so much for nominating me. That was so sweet of you & you truly will never know how much that meant to me! It completely made my day to say the least. I am just now getting to know you & you seem so sweet! I cannot wait to know you better! Again thank you so much :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Farm Life...

Let me just start by saying that today it is 104 degrees outside! It is a scorcher to say the least, & it only keeps getting hotter by Friday of this week it will be up to 108 degrees! I think I hear the lake calling my name very very loudly... Me & one of my girls are gonna go riding for a bit later on tonight once it cools down so I thought I would share some farm life pictures as seeing it fit :) 

Farm life can be amazing! So much goes on all hours, & it can be great entertainment to say the least... Farm life however starts very early of a morning way too early for my liking but others love it! I can think of several things that I love most about farm life that you could not have in a city. Such as a morning cup of orange juice, apple juice, or coffee while sitting in the rockers on the front porch which seems to wrap around all areas of the house, evening walks through the crisp fields, & even seeing all the new life that is born! However for me I love Savannah Georgia, its the best of both worlds! You can have a piece of farm life with you yet also that part of city life you so long for! I want to live there & raise my children there :)

I love all the fresh air, wide open space, peaceful & natural sounds you can smell, see & hear on a farm! Hands down nothing better. My favorite time of the year on the farm is Fall! I love when all the leaves change in the meadows & you see pretty colors for miles & miles & enjoy riding the horses for the majority of the day :) Best place to carve pumpkins, take pictures, make new memories & much more! I love how you can be on the horses & hear the leaves crumble underneath the paws of the horses as you ride them fiercely! The leaves appear to be turning, twisting,  & dancing all around you as you ride! Do you have a favorite time of year while on the farm? or a special moment you will always remember for forever? If so I would love to hear it :)


horse farm


Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...

Amanda Dawn today is your 22nd birthday. I am beyond happy for you on this special day :) You are my best friend & I am beyond lucky to have you in my life! I know you do not have a blog however I know that you know that I have a blog & will be able to get on the computer & look @ this so here you go! I know you live in Georgia which is 2 hours away from me & I hate it every single day! I miss Georgia but I am beyond thankful that I get to come down & see you & all my friends whenever I want or rather as much as I have time off from work anyway! 

So back to today! I cannot believe that you are 22! It does not seem real & you make me feel even older then before boo! Ugh still cannot believe I will be 24 this year in September! Wanna trade with your best friend??? I have wished you a Happy Birthday all day I do believe but you know you love it because its from me :) I am so glad to have you get your pretty card & such! I know you are gonna love it to pieces! & yes ladies you get to see the card. I am gonna post it here in a few minutes or better yet I will go ahead now :)

(Front of her birthday card) Very appropriate for us :)

(Inside of her card) It took me forever to pick this card out :) I love it!

She had another cute message that I also wrote her inside but I did not take a picture of it but its just my way of wording how happy I am to have such an amazing best friend & to be able to share moments like this with her :) I asked her to send me 4 pictures: one of her by herself, one of her & Nick whom she married back in December, then two pictures total of the two fur babies aka holly & Hayden! Let me start by saying she does not take pictures at all what so ever. Its like fighting her tooth & nail for them no joke! So I found a few that I had however I can not resist showing you the pictures that she sent me & I will explain each one after the pic hehe! you ladies will laugh I promise I know I did... Gotta love her though! 

( I know this was from the wedding so It was an actual picture however Amanda Dawn took it with her phone lol from the actual picture is my guess) See why you gotta love her... That was her & Nick on their wedding day! Which I was so happy to be at & share with them both!

( Hayden & Holly) Super blurry I know she actually took this one but its not the best of the two sweet loving furr children!

(Another one on her wedding day yet it was so taken with her phone afterwards lol)

Ok sweet ladies please tell me those made you laugh as much as they did me! If not its ok too! Any hoo!

Amanda, I am beyond thankful that you are the best friend I always wanted! You have always been there for me & I for you! Today is your day & I cannot express enough how special you are no means or bounds can measure the love you give, or the care that you show not to just me but to all those in your life. You truly have a heart of gold & even when others do you wrong you never do wrong back & that is true courage I so wish I could be more like you always! 

Over the years you have became more then just a best friend but also like a sister too me! I love it & not only have you became like a sister too me but another daughter to my daddy! He always says he has two girls which are you & me! He loves you just as much as I do & I know you love him too! He was so blessed that you wanted him to be apart of your special day back in December I even remember him saying the only next thing better will be when we both are at my wedding with you up their by my side as my maid of honor! I love you sweet girl & so does daddy :)

Close your eyes & wish that wish on your special day today & may all those wishes come true for you sweet girl. however I do request one simple wish & that is too always remain friends with you. Your friendship is important to me, the fun we have, the laughter we share, the sadness as well all remain secure in my heart & every moment of us I will always & forever treasure!

Happy Birthday Amanda Dawn Cohagen! I love you!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Themed Gift Baskets :)

I have found the most cutest things ever! What is that you ask? Themed gift baskets... I have found so much love for these little babies, they are just too adorable. I cannot wait to make these for my friends & family. This is gonna be such a blast! I now am gonna share this with you sweet ladies because I am just that sweet :)


BBQ Basket

Shots Basket!

Shot Basket

picnic theme

Picnic Basket

for the fisherman

Fisherman Basket

Bridal shower wine basket idea! 5 bottles of wine each with a poem for firsts: champagne for first night married, red wine for first fight, white wine for first Christmas eve, rosé for first anniversary & sparkling apple juice cider for first baby!! Then you can add champagne flutes or wine glasses

Wine Basket

Get well basket

Get Well Basket

welcome home

Welcome Home Basket

game night

Game Night Basket

movie night gift baskets
Movie Night Basket

Beer Basket

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters...

I am linking up with sweet Ashley over @ Adventures Of Newlyweds

Dear Friday... I am beyond glad that you are here that means one less working day for me however I do not get off again until I see you next week sadly :( Please be good to me that night because I will have 4 days off to enjoy yay! & after working 10 straight days I will be more then ready to enjoy something :)

Dear New & Current Followers... I know I do not tell you all this enough but I do love each & every one of you. You all make my days brighter & better truly! I enjoy reading your blogs as much as you all read mine! I feel as though I am so close to many of you & some of you I cannot wait to meet some of you! Meeting in person is the best thing ever not gonna lie & I am beyond glad to get that choice :) 

Dear Instagram... I am so addicted to you & you are the best thing ever! I especially love that I even have some of my followers on their & I love them to pieces because to me they are not just followers yet girls whom I have come to love so very much & I love that I can see their lives on a daily basis as much as they can mine so thank you instagram for being so great!

Dear Asshole Of A Dog Owner... I just want you to know that you are an awful owner! I cannot believe that you left your poor little puppy tied up to your steering wheel in a hot ass car  then to make matters worse you tie a long rope to him & sit him outside on the hot ass pavement with no shade while your dump ass went into Walmart for lord knows how long with no water to drink & no shade! I am sure his poor little paws was scalding hot! & what makes me even angrier is that the puppy was the sweetest thing ever & that I gave it some water... I do not think your sorry ass deserves a dog just saying mister! I wish you had of taken the poor puppy's place I bet you would think twice next time.

Dear Weather... You are extremely scorching hot however I will take you any day over the cold! I promise! I can at least sit in the lake water or under the air conditioner If I start hating you too much lol  :) 

Fill In Friday...

I am linking up with sweet Lauren over @ The Little Things We Do

I will be honest I have never in my life wrote a haiku so therefore I will not even try because I am sure that it would be an epic fail sorry ladies! 

To some summer means nothing but misery & heat
But let me tell you what summer means to me!

To me summer begins as the last bud blooms fall
Summer is sunshine's warmest delight

Summer is fast water slides & lazy lagoons
Eating ice cream & snow cones with spoons

Long summer days
Short summer nights

Fireflies lighting up the night sky

Picnics & barbecues 
Grillin out with family & friends

Palm trees summer breeze 
Salty air sun kissed hair

Tanning all day nights dressed to kill

I would be happy with summer all year round
With spring, fall & winter  no where to be found!

I think my list could truly go on & on because there is so much to do during summer however I will go ahead now & stop while  I am ahead & let you sweet ladies enjoy a few pics :)