Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweet Letters

You my sweet niece will be exactly 6 months old at the end of this month! Where has time went? It has flown by all to fast.. I cannot believe that in exactly 6 months from now we will be throwing your first birthday party! Auntie Ashleigh is gonna cry... I truly do love you so much sweet girl & I am beyond thankful for you in my life you constantly put a smile on my face!

I cannot wait to see you on Sunday! You are am amazing mother to that sweet niece of mine but most of all you are an amazing friend of mine! I love that you allow me to be not only a part of your life but your daughter's as well! I hope time does not fly by so fast on Sunday! It seems like every time I come to Knox for a visit it always ends too soon!

I am glad that I will get to do a late dinner with you on Sunday night before I head back home! Its always nice to see friends even if its only during a dinner date or lunch date! Next week when I am off though I will come down so we can enjoy our movie plus a dinner date.. Yay to extra time!

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