Friday, September 11, 2015

14 Years

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Its been 14 years but never has this day been forgotten during them all... 14 years since a perfect blue sky morning turned into the blackest of nights! 14 years since so many people risked their lives so that others could live.. This day deserves to be remembered every single year not because of the events that occurred, the buildings that fell, or the planes that were demolished, but because of the people, the people that are no longer with us & those who risked their lives during that time, for those whom carry scars every single day since that time of 9/11 which truly cannot be forgotten even though we have rebuilt what was lost to us once its good to remember it all because even though we may have rebuilt we cannot create the lives we lost on that tragic day so remembering allows us to honor the fallen as well as those whom still fight today!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guess Who's Birthday It Is

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I cannot believe that I am yet again celebrating another birthday! I think I wanted to stop at 25 & since then I have had two more.. I think my birthday missed my memo request! 

Here is too turning 27 & wishing for a good year :) Ugh I hate being one step closer to 30 :(

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

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I made some yummy Watermelon Cupcakes one night & of course I took them too work so that I didn't have too eat them all however, I did manage to eat 3 before all was said & done! Shame on me.. They were so good & moist in my defense though! Ha...

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Here is you a pumpkin story! One of my ladies from work through some pumpkin seeds into her flower garden which is a rectangle size not even thinking anything of it well the following year rolls around & here comes pumpkins! So much for her flower garden.. I just love the little pumpkins that normally grow they are so dang cute & round pure perfection! I always tell her I want her little mini pumpkins but there is no way I could pull them off the vine & do anything with them because I would hate to see them die...

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Are these not the cutest Starlette you have ever seen? I love the rich color of them! They almost look fake because of how colorful they are...If I had a green thumb I would so plant some of these babies at my house!

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I love sunsets & on my way to the gym one night I had to snap this sweet photo! The colors in this sunset are beautiful.. I love it...

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I have finally started making my burlap wreath & I cannot wait to have it finished! I am in love with it so far & cannot wait to hang it up for Fall :)

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I love that for both this scarecrow & snowman you can use the same plywood for both just on opposite sides! Once things settle down hopefully by the end of this month I will be able to make it just in time for Fall :) Plus what is even better is that I can use it for Winter too hello bonus! Are they not adorable?

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Anyone whom knows me knows that I am without a doubt a Georgia Girl & of course of my favorite teams is Georgia Bulldogs! When I found out these shoes came out I decided I needed them.. Are they not just the cutest things ever? I love them! 

Now all I need is for them to make a pair for Florida Gators & I would be set with both pairs :) 

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Love my next gen nails! They always turn out so dang cute! 

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One day it was kinda chilly outside so I made a pot of potato soup! Its tasted so very yummy & what was even better was that hardly any was left over :)

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