Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hike At Virgin Falls

Yesterday Josh & I went hiking at Virgin Falls. It was a 10 mile hike round trip! I wish we could say we loved it but we didn't.. For as long as it was we didn't find very many waterfalls! We had more woods, dead trees, & small streams compared to anything else sadly.. 

At least we can both say we tried & conquered Virgin Falls! Hopefully the next hike we pick will be better... Here is to some fingers crossed!

PS in the photos below u will see Josh in jeans & boots! Its fine to call him crazy lord knows I did when I seen what he was wearing on a hike.. By the end of it he said he learned his lesson to never wear boots or jeans again on a hike that long bahaha..

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Hike With Sarah

Yesterday Sarah & I went hiking at Burgess Falls for a short little trip.. Its not a very long hike but hey a hike is a hike!  We were productive & that counts for a lot.. Here are a few photos that was taken from our trip!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patty's

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Happy St Patty's Day to all you sweet ladies.. I hope you all have fun today with family friends & of course the little ones involved around activities :) Hello all things green today unless you wanna get pinched...

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I think its safe to say no one will be pinching me... See my neon green? That counts right? I hope so!

I was so looking forward to hiking today with one of my friends Sarah! The weather was perfect for us if I do say so myself hello 70 degree weather.. You make me one happy lady just so you know! After our hike we went straight to the gym which we done for about an hr which was less then normal but that was just fine with us!

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After our workout Sarah had to go home to get ready for work but I didn't wanna go home just yet! I wanted to make a stop at I Hop. For the past few days I had been craving some French Toast & Seasoned Fries & you better believe that is exactly what I got.. However, after all was said & done I felt like I needed a gym session! Oh the irony of greasy fattening foods..

Bluetique Cheap Chic » a fun and affordable boutique!

On a good ending note for the night before the fun begins: How cute is this dress? Is it not just adorable? 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Hot Tub & Catchin Up

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I think its safe to say that I slept like a baby right? I mean I am smiling after all.. Well wrong I so did not sleep like a baby! I actually slept something awful with not a whole lot of sleep! I know by the end of the day I will either have taken a nap or I will be in be in bed before midnight..

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Toward the end of the night after the gym & such Priscilla & I got into the hot tub... It was tons up fun getting to play catch up! However it is now currently 11 at night & this girlie girl is goin to bed! I am beyond exhausted..

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Catch Up On Ava

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Little miss loves walking everywhere!

She loves saying bye bye & doing the hand movements with it of course..

She loves snow! She found it very interesting back a few weeks ago!

Bath time speaks for itself up above as you can tell, she has no problem with water.. She loves her bath time..

I still cannot believe that in less then 6 months she will be 2... Time has flown by or so it seems! I love that she is growing but I also hate it too is that possible?

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Date Night With Daddy

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While in Kentucky yesterday I bought this tunic as well as another except its colors is pink & white! I am in love with them :)

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Tonight is date night with my sweet daddy & I could not be more thrilled.. Yes I am 26 years old but I will never be too old to have date nights with my daddy! Time with him is very precious too me especially since each year we both grow older! I know I will not always be able to have him & so therefore I want to enjoy the time in which I do.. Can you blame me?

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Tonight we are going to the movies too see Run All Night. It has Liam Neeson playing one of the roll characters. Daddy & I have loved all the movies he has played in! He does a wonderful job acting..

After our movie is over we then are going to go have dinner! 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Dovie's In Kentucky

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Dovie's is a little gem found in Tompkinsville Kentucky! I know the outside & inside may not look like much but they truly have some of the best burgers hands down! They are very juicy, moist, & fall to pieces upon even trying to eat them! 

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How do they fix them you ask? They deep fry them! Crazy? Maybe.. They not only deep fry burgers but hotdogs & bologna as well all served on hamburger buns! You can order things two ways regular or squeezed! When ever I am there for a visit which is not very often sadly I always get mine squeezed!

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While in Kentucky today mother & I stopped at the Walmart there because they do not do sales tax! We needed a few items so we said why not.. While there we ran into one of my cousins & two of her three boys! Sawyer is the oldest but he was not there sadly however, Braxton & Grady was with her so it was nice to see them along with Amy! Braxton wanted a photo so a photo he got! Love his sweet smile.. He is the middle child! He has grown so much since I last got too see him :(

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chappie, Warmer Weather, & Gym Time

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I love that I was able to wear a summer dress today! It was 72 degrees & you better believe that this girl was doing a happy dance! oh how I have missed warm weather.. However, what is even better is that is now finally suppose to start staying this warm & only getting even hotter from here wahoo!

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Even though it was warm outside I had been dying to see this little robot movie! I may or may not have mocked him when he said certain things such as: I am chappie, I have book: its mine, & I want to live not die.. Perhaps I would even go as far as to say I really wanted to see it only because of that little robot..

Overall the movie was good but I felt they could have done way better with that little movie.. I can at least say I watched it once at least however if you asked me if I would watch it again my answer would be a no sadly..

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After seeing Chappie I went to the gym to workout.. It was a great workout but afterwards I was plum wore out needless to say! 

I came home afterwards, showered, & then called it a night after I went outside to enjoy the fresh air on the back deck while reading my e book :)

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Monday, March 2, 2015

50 Shades Of Movie

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Aunt Joyce & I had brunch at I Hop on Sunday right before we left to head to the theater.. We enjoyed our meal.. I ended up with French Toast & Bacon while she had Pancakes & Bacon!

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We finally had time to go see 50 Shades in the theater. Where to begin? First & foremost I was actually surprised at how well Dakota Johnson did playing Anastasia Steele. She actually pulled it off! On to the subject of Jamie Dorian playing Christian Grey I hated it.. He did not pull it off one bit! He is no Christian Grey sorry..

Overall I both loved & hated the movie! To some degree I expected so much more.. I felt as though they left a lot out which they should not have sadly! Oh & too top if off instead of doing three movies they will only be doing two which means they will have to cram book two & three together in the last movie which is set to release in 2016.. Boo!

On a better note I have not stopped playing Ellie Goulding "Love Me Like You Do" which was played in the movie when you seen Ana & Christian get into Charlie Tango! I think I am obsessed with the song... & in case you have not heard it I decided to paste it below :) You are welcome ahead of time hehe! Hope you get addicted to it as much as I have..

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Movie Lounge

Movies I Want To See This Month:
Run All Night

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