Wednesday, February 29, 2012

pin pin loves

snowy proposal ♥
How presh is this?

So romantic
So romantic


maybe a pair in pink too?
love love love these!

Cabin Pool -  Olle Lundberg's cabin pool is an old wooden water tank- 25 feet in diameter and 14 feet deep
How cute is this pool?

Apple Cinnamon Muffins
Yes please....

Love <3
Me want :)

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So What on this monsoon Wednesday

So what  that I got drenched coming out of work after a 10 hour shift & I bitched. I was tired & the last thing I wanted was to be soaking wet....

So what if I could not see but two feet in front of me so I was not a happy camper

So what that I am to exhausted to wanna cook for me & the hunny. Looks like we will be eating out better yet ordering in sounds even better at this point!

So what that I really am not liking this extra leap year day so far it has sucked. I got stuck working a 10 hour shift, monsoon outside,soaking wet, thunderstorm warnings until all hours of the night hmm wonder why I hate this extra day?

So what that I am more then ready to end this work week, I got a lot of plans for this weekend & they cannot start until after I get off Friday evening from work... 

So what that me n the gang have been making plans for our camping trip coming up. We cannot wait its going to be so much fun :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Have you guessed who this beauty is yet? If not I will just go ahead & tell you. This would be Emily Maynard...

For those of you who do not remember her, she was on the Bachelor with Brad Womack one of the lucky girls fighting for his love & heart. She won his she was the last girl standing. 

The Bachelor's Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick photo

The Bachelor's Emily Maynard shows off her engagement ring and former fiance Ricky Hendrick

However she went through a lot before being on the show. She was engaged to Rick Hendrick a Nacar driver. He died in a plane crash back in 2004. She had been with him since the age of 15 & at the time of his death she was 19. She found out in the same exact time that she was pregnant  & now was going to have to raise the baby on her own without him & it broke her heart but she was glad to know that a piece of him still remained & always would in their child. She gave birth to a precious little girl whom she named after her fiance Rick. Her name was Josephine Riddick Hendrick nickname "Ricki"

I cannot wait to see the new season of Bachelorette  with her! I know I will have to have a box of tissues by my side because I am sure that plenty of tears will be shed :) Are you all as excited as I am?

Love & Theft

I am without a doubt in love with this song! I found a part in it that I find so true of me & I am sure that others may feel the same way in a since toward themselves. The line I love says:

"There's a little bit of devil in my angel eyes, a little bit of heaven with a wild side"

I fell in love with that part because I feel as though I am a sweetheart I do have that devil side to me also. I for the most part am very lovable but I also can be a bitch if need me point blank. You miss me off & get  on my bad side the devil comes out. So I love how that song has contrast to it! & I do go to church have my whole life however I am not a saint I do have a wild side always. I am so full of adventure, fun, risk, & so much more so I guess you could say that little line in this song sums me up to a point :) Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I just love these cute adorable colors! Do you?

After Sex

Aruba Blue

Boat House

Bungle Jungle

Exotic Liras

Go Overboard

Golden Nuggets

Island Hopping

Jamaica Me Crazy

Knockout Pout

Lapiz Of Luxury

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's A Crazy Town With Georgia Peaches & I Don't Want This Night To End!

I chose the song Crazy Town by Jason Aldean for 2 reasons:
1. Because I was off to Nashville Tn Yesterday to see the performance of that sweet man
2. The song itself says Nashville in it so I thought it to be appropriate :)

I chose the song Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina because of 2 reasons:
1. I am a Savannah Georgia girl & that will always be my home 
2. That song is my favorite one on her album :)

I chose the song I Don't Want This Night To End because of 1 reason:
1. I did not want the night to end at all last night....

Last night was such an amazing night & a dream come true for me. I love Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan but a great surprise was having Lauren Aliana their as well in Nashville to perform by their side. I felt as though I was in heaven literally. I was one happy girl with the biggest grin on my face. I could not get enough of last night & I was very sad when the night ended. As most was staying in Nashville to go out to the bars & such me & my crew was heading back home because 3 of us are nurses & we had to be back at work bright & early this morning for an 8 hour shift. Can you say boo! I wish we could have stayed downtown & went to the bars with the others but oh well life will go on. Us girls have had a huge smile on our faces all day today with the cutest glow ever. You would think we fell in love all over again. 

Ps: If you noticed my title says: It's a crazy town with Georgia peaches & I don't want this night to end which went with my 3 song choices. I thought that was just so adorable, cute & unique :) Love it.... 

Friday, February 24, 2012

State Fair Goodies!

When most of us think of fairs or state fairs we think they last 1 to 2 week no more no less. I never knew that in bigger cities they actually last ten times longer. For example Texas state fair last for a grand total of 25 days WOW then after Texas Minnesota, & Ohio come in next... & the best part is how competitive they are with competitions. They have awards for their food vendors & they all come up with new things each year... How neat is that? I know for me when I go to the fair a must have is homemade lemonade & corn dog! What is your must haves?

Foods served at the fairs:

  • deep fried oreos
  • corn dogs
  • deep fried pickles
  • deep fried green tomatoes
  • deep fried twinkies
  • deep fried s'mores
  • deep fried lemonade
  • deep fried butter
  • deep fried banana
  • deep fried bubble gum
  • alligator on a stick
  • lobster on a stick
  • Candy on a stick deep fried

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pin Pin Love

I am linking up with sweet Michelle @ Vintage Apple

I love so many things that Pinterest has. I find dozens upon dozens of cute things daily. I swear If I could have a job & spend 12 hours doing nothing but pinning then I would without a doubt be one happy girl. Oh & they would have to pay me a lot to because I already spend tons of money now on things I find myself doing & fixing on Pinterest.

easter Bunny Wreath!
I so badly want to make this & stick it on our front door :)

How adorable is this?

summer shoes
I think this is such a cute summer high heel!

Cute for a little boy! I just love this...

If I had a grandaughter
I love every little thing about this cute adorable outfit... I even want the little cutie pie wearing it :)

Go Vols
enough said above...

Spiced Caramel Apple Dip Recipe
Spiced Caramel apple dip

fruit salsa
Fruit Salsa

Sweet ham & swiss sliders
I made these cute little things several times now & they are just great & amazing....

I have wanted to do this for SO long!  It really is easy enough, but for those of us with noooooo skill whatsoever, it will take WAY longer than necessary!
I want to this for our home :) 

hair bow holder
How cute is this hair bow holder? I so wanna make it :) just in different colors....

Sweet ladies I would love to have you follow me on both my blog & pinterest...

What I'm Loving

I am linking up today with sweet Jamie @ This Kind Of Love

Today I'm Loving:

1. That I only had to work a 6 hr shift verses a 12 hr shift

2. My homemade soup I made with extra carrots & potatoes of course because those two are my favorite & that is all I eat out of the soup

3. My cinnamon  Roll Cake I made: it taste just like a cinnamon roll

4. The thunderstorm weather its so nice to relax in bed & snuggle since now off work

5. my hunny as always :)

I want, prob dont need, but their too cute to pass up

reds & oranges, created by #htotheb on #polyvore. #fashion #style SECOND FEMALE Citizens of Humanity
I really really really love the white top & necklace :)

I love it all except the shoes! I do not care for them...

I love this whole entire outfit :)

Spring.. so cute!!!
I love the colors of the outfit & it looks super comfy however that green sweater would be burned :)

I just love this outfit! so adorable...

love the cardigan!
I want it all but the shoes & purse! I do not like those two with it...

I want it all please!!!

I just love these cute adorable outfits! Do you? Let me know what you like verses what you dont like in these cute looks! I would love to hear feedback from you sweet ladies! & lets me honest I am sure we all have thousands of things we want thanks to pinterest :)