Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sweet Ladies
Sunday was so much fun
Why you ask?
Well 1st off sissy was in to visit :)
2nd  I was going to take pics of Dusten & Cam (father n son)
We were suppose to last weekend but it was not so pretty out so we postponed it...
Dusten was super excited to finally meet sissy because he always hears me talk about her :)

Now let me start off by saying
Cam is turning 2 this month
Dusten hates photos
& well
Rach n I love photos
so you put all that together 
What do you think that gets you?
Not very far!

Cam was cranky bc he had not had a nap
Dusten was fussy because he was tired of his picture being taken
Did I meantion we barely got started before we decided to give up?
We all decided to goof off instead & from that the pictures you will see is
Some in between hehe literally 
Then me editing them afterwards which took forever!
But overall  we all had such an amazing time together 
I love my Sundays :)

FYI if you made it this far I am proud of you sweet ladies....
In case you were wondering it was a grand total of 90 something pictures!
Yes thats right how crazy huh?
I guess you can tell I love pictures by now hehe!
I truly hope you ladies enjoyed this though if you made it to this point :)