Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Madness

     Where to begin my day... I woke up this morning to find tons of snow outside and I wont lie  I was pretty mad  because I am very exhausted  of all this snow...It has gotten to be like a little annoying bug that you just want to get rid of yet you cant catch it in time to kill it that is what I am starting to think about this weather that old man winter keeps giving us...
     I had to work today but I got lucky because my sweet father came and took me to work... How many daddy's do you know that will do that for their children... Well I'm not gonna lie I am kinda sorta spoiled ok thats a lie I am very spoiled but I have always been but at least I don't think I am better than others....Work was very long today it seemed to go on and on but maybe that was because I was sleepy because I did not go to bed until after 1 am....yet somehow I am shockingly still awake but I have been busy doing things that is the only reason why...
     I finally finished catching up on all my blogs up to this point today and it feels great to have them all finally caught up. I hope everyone has enjoyed getting to read all my new ones and so forth. I hope you all have enjoyed them as much as I have :)
     I am super excited 2nite is when Pretty Little Liars comes on as well as the new season of You're Cut Off

what is your capture: top 10 photos of 2010 that I loved

These are my top 10 photos from 2010 :) hope you have enjoyed them to the fullest as I have when i captured them:)