Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures Of Spencer & I

Spence & I took some cute pictures the other weekend when I was In Nashville visiting :)  That was such a fun weekend for me but then again I always have fun when I am there :) & of course I had to have me some Gigi's Cupcakes! They have 8 new Spring & summer arrivals which are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Roll, Hummingbird, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Lemon Poppy Seed, Pistachio, Mississippi Mud,  & Chocolate Raspberry Frappe! I ate the Cinnamon Roll, each time I go I always try a new one :) So much sweet goodness!


Loved spending time with this cray cray friend of mine

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fill In Friday!

Fill In Friday:
1. My favorite color is: pink & black

2. My home decor color palette is: blues & browns

3. Other people always tell me that I look good in the color: yellow, orange & red but I think black is best for me bc of my dark hair & my tan skin

4. The color I detest is: White! I hate every thing about white to be honest & barely anything in my house is white...

5. If you were to look in my closet the colors you would see would be: A variety of color! I am not particular I normally buy what I think looks cute on me :)

6. A color that I cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is: alot of greens I can get away with a few odd pieces but other then that I think I look awful in that color!

7. The color of my favorite dress is: Black!

I'm Lovin!

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over at This Kind Of Love!
She always host What I'm Loving Wednesday...
To be honest sometimes I hate my work weeks & sometimes I love them.
Here are a few things in general that I am loving :)

I'm Lovin:
1. That our camping trip was a success!
2. That sissy got to come down & visit me in Cookeville even if only for a night :(
3. That I had 4 days off but now its back to work for 10 :(
4. That sissy & I signed up for the 5k in Nashville 
5. All this warm weather! It has been great :)
6. All my cute new summer dresses I bought!
7. That I half way have finished both my summer beach trips yay :) One month apart! One is in June & the other in July!

Baby Boo Has Been Sick :(

Baby Boo has been sick for the past few days :( 
I hate when little ones are sick I would much rather be sick compared to them!
But what is worse is when you both are sick! 
Jaylin has wanted nothing but cuddles with very little of wanting to be let down to lie on her own!
When she has been sleeping its like extra bonus nap time literally bc I have not been able to do anything with her on my stomach
I hope we both get better soon :)
Bless her she has been so pitiful, however she did allow me to take a few pictures :) 
Here they are hope you all enjoy!






Pin Pin Wednesday

As you all know today is Wednesday & I bet you know what that means!
That means its time to link up with sweet Michelle @Vintage Apple  For  Oh How Pinteresting!
I know I have been bad lately & not posted & I am so very sorry ladies but my life has been so crazy lately & so busy that I just have not had time sadly! 
Hope you enjoy my pins today & as always  I would love to have new followers on my blog as well as on my Pinterest! 

The websites are as follows: 



cute Easter egg wreath 
I just love these bright colors! So adorable...

DIY Fabric Wrapped Styrofoam Ball Wreath Tutorial 
Super darlin!

easter Bunny Wreath! 
Who could not love this! I thought it was super cute... I wanna make it & hang it on our door :)

So Springy! I love it...

love this color for my toes :) 
I so want this color on toes n fingers :)


Super cute rhinestone bow sandals! 
So girly! I love it...

BEST iDEA EVER!!!! Stop the clock under each child's picture at the time they were born. LOVE this SO much!!! 
I love this idea! Put a picture of each of your children on the wall then underneath put a clock & stop it at the moment they was born :)

Totally going on my future child :) 
In love!

Hope you sweet ladies enjoyed :)

A Night Out

A few nights before our big camping trip a few of us went out one night :) It was so much fun for us girls! We loved every single minute of it but then again we always do... It is so much fun for us girls & its nice to enjoy time away from the stress of work & such! Sissy came down which was nice that meant she got to join in on the fun night which she does not get to do very often unless I go to Nashville to see her. I just love her & am so blessed to have her in my life even if she is not my real sister I could care less. So here are some of the pics from our fun night out :)


Sis & I


James & I

Nick, me, & James

Dee & I

Ar & I

Ar, Me, Sis, & Dee

Nick & James 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook fun with Crystal

As most would have guessed or seen last night was a full moon! So what did I do well I wrote on Facebook that its a full moon! I bet the werewolves come out tonight...It let to me & Crystal @ Life As A Seed to have a very fun convo which by the way we get married in hehe! She now becomes Mrs Cullen & I become Mrs Black! Such a fun night :) We also have to do a picture of us in our matching dresses mine is blue & hers is pink! How cute right.... 
Enjoy the laughs ladies!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Recent Pics of Family!

Here are a few pictures that have been taken lately of my family ;) I know a few weeks i posted up some as well but I had took these on my cam so I had to transfer them to the comp to work on them :)

Aunt Judy & I 

Josie & I 

Aunt Joyce & I

sweet one :)

calm as can be 

Maddie eating something....

Weekend Pictures :)

me :)


Rach & I... we loved these dresses!

we hated these!

Hated these also!

I liked mine she hated hers

pure love

look ma no hands!


sweet smiles


spitz & I

Rach & I

Jess & I

No clue what we was doing!

us 3 :)

Cam & I

Cam Cam