Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Gobble Gobble Day

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Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! I hope each of you sweet blog girls of mine have a wonderful day with your families :)

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Thanksgiving With Loved Ones

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I hope each one of you sweet ladies have a wonderful day today with your loved ones!

I have 2 Thanksgiving things to go to so hopefully I won't gain too much weight. Ha whom am I kidding? How do you eat just a little at each place? 

After both of those are over it will be time for some Black Friday shopping.. Hopefully all of us ladies going together wont try to kill too many people for being completely crazy nut jobs hehe!! Anyone else feel like hurting people on Black Friday shopping when you go out to deal with a few crazy ones?

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Do :)

I got my hair cut today & I am in love.. I truly love my curly hair filled with layers :)

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie Day

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What day is it? Movie Day...

My Aunt Joyce, Mother, & I  went earlier today to see the new Hunger Game movie which we all know was Mockinjay Part 1... We did have to wait in line of course still a few days later but it was so worth it... We loved the movie however, I am more ready for Part 2 because I know it will be the best!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas Touch In Gatlinburg

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The day before my family & I was to leave for Gatlinberg I of course had my nails redone! I loved them.. I thought they turned out cute as always! Do you not agree?

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Hello all smiles on my end! No more work for a few days & hello small mini vacation.. Oh & just so you ladies know this photo was taken way too early.. I so passed out after this photo hehe! I was still sleepy...

After our 3 hr drive we decided to eat lunch at the Old Mill.. We just love the Old Mill.. Our food was delish!

After we all finished up we headed to our condo to check in.. Once checked in Lindsey, Allison, Taylor, Aunt Judy, Josie, & I got right down to adding tons of layers to us so that we could go enjoy Dollywood with our season passes :)

Once we got there we noticed that none of the roller coasters was moving come to find out they was all shut down sadly.. The only thing open was rides for the tiny little ones such as Josie... She lucked out & the rest of us didn't.. Josie loved being able to ride the little rides! 

After she had rode for a bit we decided to grab up some hot chocolate in order to warm up a tad bit plus we grabbed some yummy gooey cinnamon bread! We all love that stuff..Perfect holiday treat..

Once we had finished snacking we walked around too see all the pretty Christmas lights.. Here are a few photos :)

After a few hours spend at Dollywood we all headed back to the Condo to shower, change, & go to bed so that we could be up bright & early that next morning...

Mother, Lindsey, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Shirley, Taylor, Allison, & myself spend the whole day literally shopping...

We skipped Breakfast & had lunch at Fuddruckers. Later on we went to Apple Barn to enjoy some yummy goodies... We all of course got different things... 

One of my favorite things at Apple barn is the Apple Julep & Apple Fritters..

After our goodies we ate at Apple Barn we all headed back to the condo to shower, changed into jammies, then we all hung out until like 1 in the morning then passed out...

We woke up got dressed, packed up, & headed back home... On our way home we stopped at Chop House for lunch.. It was super yummy... Here was my lunch :) 
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Oh I almost forgot here are the cute little snowmen I found a mamma & a baby :)
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day For Our Brave Men & Women

I grew up my whole life around military. Several in my family went to war that was what I knew of them & such.. Later in life I ended up being with Charles & he was in the military.  That was what I had known but then for almost 5 years that was what I was apart of. That was just how life was for me! 

Several asked how did you handle it? Well that was all I knew so that was something I learned to cope with years before when younger! It's life you roll with the punches good & bad... Oh & learn to have a lot of faith & trust because you truly will need both of those as well.. 

With that Happy Veterans Day to all those brave men & women whom have served our country past & present! Thank you for your sacrifices to this country..

I did not get out of the house today except to go to the gym & workout afterwards Luke & I rode around in the truck with me getting to hear him sang which I loved. I did however make sure to dress for Veteran's Day in my workout gear... Luke however did not :( He was not having it... No red, white, & blue for him instead it was hello black & grey..

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So I took a video of Luke singing to me.. I loved it! I posted it on Instagram so I broke it up into 2 (15) minute videos & now I am posting it on here enjoy.. I even love how when it talked to me he kept a cute little country accent too dang adorable I gotta love him..

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snow Already

I of course had to work a 12 hour shift on Halloween night & wouldn't you know it we started seeing snowflakes! How crazy right? It just turned November & already it has began! This means it will be one very long cold snowy Christmas ...

I am not ready for this one little bit.. As I walked outside on November 1st to head home this was what I was greeted with!

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Oh & here is what Gatlinberg looked like the next day...

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I hope when I head down to Gatlinberg in just a few short weeks the snow is gone! I hate it... Its pretty too look at but not so great to be out in!

After all that snow you better bet I wore my fleece socks! They was super warm & very winter season festive...

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SNOW! Please stay away until December but even then I would be just fine without you...

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Movie Lounge

Movies I Want To See This Month:
Beyond The Lights
Mocking Jay Part 1

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Fall Photos

Last Saturday I drove up to Knoxville to see Sara & Ava. I could not have been more excited that we was gonna have photos done as well. I needed some taken so that when Christmas came around I would have a card to send out. I seem to do it every year, I guess you could say its a tradition I do & several in my family do one as well. We love it plus it is a keepsake that you can keep verses just a plain old card that would be thrown away!

What I was not expecting was that Ava would end up being in most the photos with me. She did not like sitting on the back burner in that stroller one bit so once I went over to her & she moved her little hand in sign language which meant get me I could not resist! I had to pick her up! I am blessed however that she ended up being in the photos with me! We ended up getting some amazing photos & these I will cherish for the rest of my life..

I know that Ava is not my real niece & for those who have followed me for quite sometime know that as well but you also know that to me it does not matter. Sara has been apart of my life as a friend for as long as I can remember now & its only natural that her daughter is as well.. I am auntie Ashleigh to her & always will be & I am 100% perfectly fine with that! Its not always about blood its about how much you love that person & I truly love Ava & Sara. 

One day when I have little's of my own Sara can then be called Auntie Sara by them & before you ask yes I am fine with that as well. My babies can have as much love as my friends & family want to give them! More love the better if you ask me...

During these photos Sara took the ones I am in & the ones I am not in I took. Once finished I went through edited & cropped them all.. They turned out amazing we did great team work!