Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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The Hell During/After The Birthday Party

So as you ladies all know I am sure is the fact that our lives are not perfect & that things are not always peachy in paradise! Well this is one of my cases where things are not always peachy in paradise sadly. 

I am choosing to write about this because its my choice & my decision. My blog is my blog & I will write about good & bad both as promised from the very beginning several years ago when I first started this little blog of mine which has grown so very much & I am thankful for that & you sweet ladies whom follow me :)

Saturday was when we had the 1ST birthday party for Spencer. Now I am not gonna go into details of how the party persay went but I am gonna right about why it was hell during & afterwards. I am choosing to be more of an adult then they would & instead of using full names I will only use beginning initials. (S) will be for the girl, (K) will be for the boy & when I meation parents it will be for his parents. When it got to the ending to do the cake little man was very fussy had been pretty much the whole entire time during his 1ST birthday party! He of course had a smash cake which he seemed to want nothing to do with. I took his little hand & placed it into the cake but he did not seem to be any happier by the fact that his hand was now in icing. With that I am gonna forward to the part that became hell. 

(K) whom is little man's daddy along with his parents had enough nerve to say that I grabbed little man's arm so hard that I pulled it out of socket it seemed like just to get a photo of him in the cake playing. I did not know this had even been thought until I seen (S) crying & me being the friend I was went to check on her & she lied to me & did not tell me the truth. Afterwards I asked to speak to her alone & that was when (S) told me the truth & you talk about someone going off that is exactly what I did.  I asked (S) if she had said to (K) & his parents that I would never do that however she did not say that she did not even speak up! That made me even more angered I then said wow I am so repulsed by you which led to me going inside getting keys & leaving!

After I had left I tried talking to (S) as an adult but she refused to answer the phone & instead acted as a 2 year. She then said very inappropriate things in which was not ok & very unacceptable! I will not go into details as to what was said but please know that the manner in which they was said & what was said would offend many if they had been through some of the things that I have. & I will leave it at that. With that I called one last time when (S) finally decided to answer we had a heated argument & I also had one with (K) too!

Skip to the ending of this all & I will start by saying I deleted (K) from my facebook & phone. I do not want to ever see or speak to him or his family ever again! I could not forgive (S) for her hurtful words & for choosing to not  speak up. I did not delete her however 2 days later I had noticed she blocked & deleted me from fb. Afterwards she then added all the photos I had taken of her little boy's birthday party without even giving credit to whom took them but she did not have the edited ones I had them only on my labtop! I then blocked her on IG & deleted her number from my phone! She was one of my best friends but let me just say that best friends do not say or do what she did & for that reason alone I am not ok with her or him & they both are no longer in my life.

***I want to make something very clear I would never harm a child in the manner that (K) & his parents said I did! I love kids they are my whole life & world ask any of my friends & family who's children I keep. They will agree  to the fact that I take great care of kids & babies. I did grab his arm yes but gently only to place it in the smash cake however I did not & would not have ever grabbed it & pulled it out of place! So too (K) & (S) thank you for showing me your true colors & whom you both truly are as well as your parents (K). I am blessed that neither of you are or will never be in my life again after this whole ordeal. You both are very immature & have a lot of growing up to do & I can only hope that someday you both learn that its time to grow up & act your ages! & if not I feel for those whom are choosing to steal deal with you all & your immature ways!

Spencers 1st Birthday

Spencer turned 1! He is getting to be such a big boy & before you know it he will pass up ages 2,3 & 4! Little ones grow up way too fast sadly! I just wanna say that although I loved being able to capture him at this stage & take the photos of his 1st birthday afterwards it was a nightmare which I will post about afterwards & I am calling it The Hell During/After The Birthday Party so be sure to check it out because its real life & sadly yes it was real life for me that night. Anyhoo I am gonna let the photos I took do the talking so please enjoy :) I did semi edit them but I only cropped them I decided not to edit colors!