Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pin Pins...

I would love to have you sweet ladies follow my blog as well as my pinterest :) 




Sailor Dreams Neon Yellow Bandeau Bikini

tutorial for making baby shoes - adorable!

I love makes perfect sense

Surprise for groom's mom at the wedding.

The last two pictures are my absolute favorite! So is gonna be done for the wedding :)

I'm Lovin...

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over at This Kind Of Love


That it feels like sweet summertime outside :)


That I only have two more days of work then I am off for 4 whole days! yay hello water :)


That we will also be having yet another cookout this weekend with sweet friends! I live for you?


Summer. Summer. Summer.

Sunsets! I live for these during summer...

That I can finally stay up on the wake board yay...


In Remembrance of those Fallen Soldiers: Memorial Day 2012

 I know that this is a few days late however better late then never right! I have been a water lady since this past Thursday so needless to say I have not really been on my actually computer & what I have been on has been my phone but it has been every so often with more fun in the sun then anything! I have had such a blast this Memorial Weekend! It was great here are a few Memorial Day things I think you all will love :) Enjoy ladies! PS I hope you all had great weekends as well!

Memorial Day observed on the last Monday of May, is a day of remembering & honoring those men & women who died while serving for our country! Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day. It typically marks the start of summer while Labor Day marks the end!

Many people visit the Cemeteries & memorials of their loved ones, to honor those in their life that have died due to serving our country! & I know that if you ever get the chance to see Arlington National Cemetery you will see that each grave flies an american flag to honor those fallen soldiers! Its so heartbreaking to see it all in front of your very eyes because so many have fallen & some graves only have tombstones without bodies bc some have never been found or recovered :(

Sometimes it makes me sad in a since when I see what Memorial Day now is which is filled with lake trips, beach trips, fireworks, family cookouts, & yes even Indianapolis 500! I do love all those things do not get me wrong & yes I do them, I am guilty... so throw the handcuffs on me however I do make sure to always remember & see those of my friends & family that have passed away & I take flowers & a flag to each of their graves! I make time to say how much I miss them & wish that they was still here! But I know they died for an amazing reason for helping us to stay free in America! Such brave soldiers! I love them so dearly & always will...

Remember me as your son
when you used to doctor my bumps
remember me playing in the dirt
remember me crying when i would get hurt
remember walking to get my diploma
remember arguing and saying I'm gonna
remember me as a man doing my job
remember me , and please don't sob.
I did what I had to do no matter what
I was heavily trained and I fought
no regrets as I am in a wonderful place
Remember me when you look at my purple heart in your glass case.
the geraniums in the basket are silk
Red, white and blue
For those we knew
Who marched off to war.
We honor them now
And show them how
Their bravery we can't ignore.

Heroes of war,
They were so much more,
Father and brother and friend.
Flags at half mast
For those of the past
To whom our gratitude we send.

We place flowers on the graves
Of those who were brave,
We salute them far and wide.
Seeing poppies galore
While our hearts soar,
remembering proudly those who have died.

flag and fireworks

Sweet Summertime!

Since i have spend my time on the lake which started Thursday night & it does not end until Monday night I decided to post some pretty summer pictures! I am in love with summertime & it never last long enough sadly :(

sunrise over the ocean

Laguna Beach, CA

Golden Light

I'm going to do this(: be here....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday Letters...


Normally I link up with sweet Ashley however I am a day late so I am sure that by now her link has closed. I decided to go ahead & post this anyways. A day late is better then not at all right? Any hoo here comes my sweet letters!

Dear was an amazing day! Thank you so much for letting me have so much fun :)

Dear Sunburn... on my rosy red cheeks you hurt please go away! I do not like you not at all.  I rather hate you quite a lot. I  am thankful though that you only burned my cheeks & nothing more :) So I guess thank you for being semi sweet!

 Dear Mom... It is your birthday or rather yesterday was your birthday lol however, I love you & I am beyond thankful for you!  I am glad you had such a great day & I was glad I came & seen you & was able to give you 56  spankings :)

Dear Daddy... your birthday is Tuesday so you will be seeing me then & do not think for one second that I will be any nicer to you then I was to my mother your wife. You as well will be getting some spankings :) I will try to take it easy on you however we will see how well that works :) & if it makes you feel better you at least will not have as many to get you only get 47!

Dear Lake... thank you for being warm its way nicer then you being cold! You see since you are warm I dont grow hairs on my legs again right after I shaved them :) I cannot wait to enjoy you many more times this summer dear lake!

Dear cookout... thank you for all your yummy goodness! You really have made my tummy very happy :) I cannot wait to have more food from you over this weekend. Ps please stay very delish & only get better :)

Dear weekend... you have been amazing so far so please stay that way. You do not end for me until Monday night! When Monday night comes to a close only then can you say your done thank you so far for being so amazing I cannot wait to see what you have left in store for us!

Dear Mastercraft... You have been oh so much & I still get to play on you all weekend long :) I so far have earned a pretty little bruise from you however I do not blame you it was not your fault lucky you. I have loved getting to wake board, knee board, & tube on you! However, by the end I am wore out from you & I need a much needed nap :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pin Pin Love... Weddin Bliss :)

I am linking up with sweet Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

I have so many pins that I am loving this Wednesday & I cannot wait to share them with you sweet ladies! I hope that you enjoy them to the fullest :) I also cannot wait to see what you all are pinning as well. 

Take a seat

it's a program. it's a fan. it's necessary for an outdoor wedding.

Guests place their thumbprint on the branches and sign their name underneath..couple can hang in their new home and will always have a reminder of who they shared their special day with. So cute!

in memory of her father, she had his favorite blue tie sewn into her wedding dress as a heart.

Love this

1st dance song lyrics written on a frame

Wedding Favor

adorable little reminder for a groom

such a cute way to ask your bridesmaids! make sure its their favorite brand and type

I would love to have you sweet ladies join my Pinterest & my bloggy world! I always love new ones :)

I'm Lovin!

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over @ This Kind Of Love

I'm Lovin...

1.That Memorial weekend is only but a few days away & I am excited to spend it with some pretty amazing people!

2.SO IN LOVE!  I am loving this oh so much!Actually it may be more then love! I so wanna do this! I would cherish it for forever!

3. I am loving that my cousin is coming in this weekend to visit until Monday night that should be fun! That will call for a night out & I for one vote yes hehe! she will too :) I guess we better make the best of it because she will not be back until the wedding in August :(

4. I have tons of other things to be loving this week however , I will stop because my list would be way too long other wise lol! Hope you all ladies have tons to love :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running My Mind!

I am sure that you all have noticed that in one of my post I was really sad to a point when I saw so many people with tons of friends on Blog & I do not even have 50. It really bothered me because I kept asking myself what made mine worse then theirs & what could I do better to have as many as they had. Ashley reminded me to not worry about how many I had & to remember why I started it in the first place & she really put my mind to ease! I then started to remember why I started by blog almost 2 years ago. It was not to have a competition with others of who had more blog friends, it was to record my life & all things in it. It was so my blog could grow as I grew from a women in a relationship, to marriage, to wife, to husband, to kids to our lives as whole & so much more! I still do that all the time. I love my life, my family, my friends & I love my blog ladies as well & if I someday get as many as some I will be more then happy with that but I am learning to be ok with those who do follow even if its not many that just means I get to cherish them more because I do not have so many blogs to read! I guess I can turn a negative into a positive & look @ it in a good way :) I know my blogs are sometimes an every day event & at others not so much. I even know when they are insane & crazy verses right on target & making since! I just wanna say thank you for your kind, thoughtful, sweet words. It truly does make my day ten times better & I am so beyond blessed to have the blog ladies that I do! Thank you sweet girls so much.... & ps I am sorry for my ranting....

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Randoms!

I know at times I have very random post & I am so sorry for that however, some things just do not fit into a category sadly! Sorry ladies please forgive me :) I know I have more to post today & before you ask no they are not random yay they are normal post! I will have graduation post of cousins I have been to 4 within the past week ugh crazy right! Hope you all enjoy those later so be looking for them :) love you ladies! I also have a post near  & dear to my heart which Ashley helped me with so It will also be posted soon too! Thanks sweet ladies!

This is so for Crystal bc we have matching dresses & her & I still need to do a post together boo I wish we lived closer so we could do an actually picture together! I hate when I meet such great blog girls whom I become friends with & we do not live close together :( I guess that just means a trip lol! & let's just be honest trips are always nice :) 

My new orange top which can be for Vols or Gators depending on which bow & accesories I use with :) love it....

Do not judge me! I had to try these little babies on they was so huge & funny that I could not resist hehe I guess that was my silly moment :)

This picture one of my sweet girls said I needed to be on the cover of magazines for face covers! She totally made my day when she said that! I think I smiled all day long... I love my friends they are the best!
I seen this on my way home from work one day & I could not resist I had to take a picture it was too sweet not too! I love summertime :)

Aunt Joyce & I oh how I love her!

I love these flowers! 

Allibeth & daddy together :) I just love this so so sweet! melts my heart :)

I took this as rain was rollin in :) love it!