Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giving Blood In Remembrance

Let me just say that in the whole entire 24 years of my life I have never given blood.. I hate needles to be very honest! I do not mind giving others shots & such but when it comes to me I just hate those things! Crazy I know..

Jesse always had this little saying for me which was:
Give Blood Give Life

Well after Jesse's death yesterday I decided to do something for him to honor him & that was for me to finally give blood! I wish he would have been there to hold my hand but I know somewhere deep down that he was there in spirit.. He was right beside me the whole entire time holding my hand!

I knew I needed to do this for him & for me both.. I needed him to know that I trusted him & that I wanted to give blood to give life back.. I needed to do this for him if for no one else...

Jesse you truly make me remember to cherish life all the small & big moments because you never know when its our time to leave this earthly place..

I did it though I gave blood which means I gave life to another.. I now can donate my blood every two months which I will do on the 30th not only that but on my 1 year of giving blood it will always be on the day you passed for your anniversary of your death! It will remind me always of how loved you were by so many of us & that we still cherish & love you even now that you are gone! Love you bub..

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Today all the way around has been a very hard tragic day.. I lost a dear friend today. His name was Jesse! He was 24 years old & a paramedic.. He was someone whom I have known since 8th grade..

A call came in & all the paramedics headed to try & help but it was done too late Jesse was gone! After over an hour of working on him they called time!

I had just talked to him 2 days prior & I never knew that then would be my last goodbye, my last hug & such from him.. I never once expected that! I spend most of today crying.. It all seems like it should be just one big bad dream! 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nite Out In Knox With Leia

Our night out was filled by the airy breeze which blew but it was safe to say that it was a night filled with laughter & heels clicking to the walkways..

Leia & I enjoyed our shopping trip which was eventful to say the least.. We closed the mall down needless to say! At the very end we had some great workers whom helped us out.. We literally was walking out the doors as the lights was shutting down!

Afterwards we headed over to one of my favorite places to dine at which was the Cheesecake Factory.. The food is always delicious & the portions are always more then enough... I ended up picking the more simple cheesecake which was Cherry while Leia decided to go with the Oreo! Of course we had to have our liquor drinks as well & let me just say they was amazing as always, very juicy..

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Visit To See Baby Ava

On Wednesday Leia & I made the drive to Knox to see Sweet baby Ava as well as the sweet parents Sara & Donny... Sara is one of Leia's & mine sweet friends & well we have grown to love Donny over the time that Sara & him have been together! 

After our 1 1/2 hour drive we was able to hold our sweet baby niece & we could not have been more thrilled.. We loved on every little inch of her! Having to leave her was bittersweet for Leia & I!

Here is a few photos of our sweet little one :)

Photo: Girls day:) happy girl

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What I Am Lovin This Week

I am loving that this week is now half way over..

I am loving that today Leia &  I are going to Knox to see our sweet niece baby Ava Irene :)
Photo: My little princess :) #1weekand1day sometimes I can't believe she's mine

I am loving that Sunday several of us are going to go hiking...

I am loving that Monday we will be having a fun barbecue cookout, slip & slide along with several other fun games..

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cute Comfy Girlie Baby Girl Clothing

I swear I was meant to have a little girl or at least that is my story & I am thus going to stick with it.. Why well you see I always am finding these cute little girl clothes that I cannot leave without having.. I wish I could find cute boy clothing I really do but it just does not happen for me sadly... So without much a due enjoy these little outfits!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dinner Time Plans

Fried Okra,Creamed Corn, & Fried Squash

Vodka Pasta

Grilled Chicken & Baked Beans

Shredded Chicken Barbeque Sandwiches & Chips

Cod Fish & Hushpuppies

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What do I miss the most about being a kid?
I miss the innocence that I once had as a child. Where I was always just a happy baby girl with no worries at all..I didn't know real pain, real heartache, or real anything! The only real that existed was the real my parents gave me which was unconditional love.. They sheltered me from hurt, heartache, tears & so much more! & I love them for that..

2. Did I have a nickname growing up?If so what was it?
I am sure that I did yes! However, do I remember them?No.. I can tell you a few now which have been Baby Girl, Ash, Georgia Peach, & Precious!

3. What was my favorite thing to do at recess?
Oh this is by far easy to answer it was playing four square or red rover.. Those were my favorite two games!

4. What did I want to be when I grew up?
I knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mother & a nurse both! I did not know that I could not have both though however at the exact same time :( how bittersweet right?

5. Did I participate in any school activities?
Yes I did... I had several that I participated in :) & I loved each & every one that I did..

6. What is the funniest thing I done as a kid that my parents still remind me off?
So If I tell this little story all I gotta say is please remember I was small & did not know any better.. As a child my gran had a kitty which I loved very much! One day I seen some milk in a bowl & I thought It was mine so I drink it.. What made me think it was mine you ask? Well I have no clue to be very honest! So long story short It was not my milk it was the kitty cat's milk & I drank it.. Every last drop of it to be truthfully honest! By the time I was caught drinking it, it was too late to stop me sadly.. Thinking of that whole accident now as an adult kinda makes me sick to my stomach to be very honest..

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Ava:
You have finally arrived & I could not be more happier! You are perfect my sweet baby niece :) You weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz & 20 inches...I know you biologically are not my real niece but your mamma is one of my best friends & she is like a sister too me thus meaning like it or not you are stuck with me as your aunt my sweet sweet precious girl!

Dear Leia:
I am looking forward to our night out tomorrow night! Hello yummy drinks like the ones we had the other night... But even better come Sunday its hello shopping day! I love that we love to shop :)

Dear Baseball Games:
I had truly missed watching you however I loved that for the first time in years I got to watch you again earlier this week.. To some degree there are bittersweet areas when it comes to baseball but maybe starting to watch them again can help make those bittersweet memories easier!

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