Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am loving that tonight Alicia & I have the Love & Theft concert.. It will be so much fun!

I am loving my main squeeze as always! I am beyond blessed to have Jeremy..

I am loving Mads & Hudson about as much as I am missing them too.. I am ready for Jeremy & I to spend time with them together! 

I am loving that tomorrow is lake day.. Hello fun in the sun!

I am loving that Friday I am getting my hair cut but I am still clueless as to how I want it too look..

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

York Mill: Alicia & I

So as you all seen in the previous post Alicia, Jeremy & I went to York Mill on Sunday.. As much as I enjoyed taking photos of Jeremy & Alicia, it was sweet that Jeremy took some of Alicia & I... He didn't do too bad if I must say so myself! I am sure it helped though that I could edit all of the photos taken to make them look better :) 

Here is a few of them.. Enjoy!

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York Mill: Alicia & Jeremy

I was blessed enough to be able to enjoy this past Sunday with one of my best friends Alicia. She is not only a best friend but she is more of a sister then anything! I wrote her a cute little note on Facebook before posting all 118 photos! For those of you whom are not on my Facebook or do not follow my photography page here is what the little note said:

Alicia you are an amazing best friend but I must admit we have always been more like sisters more so then anything! I love you too the moon & back.. I was so blessed & happy to be able to take photos of you & Jeremy on Sunday! It was so much fun.. I cannot wait to do the maternity ones! I love seeing you so happy & I am even more excited you finally get something you have always wanted which is little baby Liam! God truly gives us what we need when the time is right.. I cannot wait to hold the little guy & of course make him say Auntie a thousand times! As for you Jeremy I love seeing you put a smile on her face its a nice change to see her so happy! I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months & goodness how time has flown by! I hope you both enjoy these photos

One thing that I know is true is that god truly does give us what we need when the time is right! He also will never give us nothing we cannot handle!

Here is a few of my favorites from the photo session! I hope you all enjoy them if you wanna see more of them just go to my Photography Page:HERE

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Meal Plan

Meatloaf & Mash Potatoes

Grilled Hotdogs & Baked Beans

Out To Dinner

Steaks & Sweet Potato Mash

Baked Beans, Creamed Corn, & Mash Potatoes

Out To Dinner

Out To Dinner

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Race Time In Manchester

Race days are a tad bit crazy especially the spur of the moment ones, when nothing is ready to go! That means frenzy time of lets rush & make sure we make it on time which leads to a whole lot of speeding in the diesel, especially when location is 2 hours away from the house..

Today would happen to be one of those crazy days! We was suppose to meet up with a few friends for dinner & drinks as well as see a movie but instead Jeremy last minute decided hey I wanna go race 2 hours away from here! That is time manageable right? Wrong! 

We packed up the gear & headed out! It was a nice day to have windows down so we did just that.. It was nice to see the country views even if they did seem to come & go awful fast! We made it on time at least! Jeremy seems to be good at making it on time even if we seem to think we will be late.. 

Arrival to the track was interesting! It was nothing like I expected it too be! I knew this was going to be an interesting night to say the least & let me just say it was for the record! Nothing started on time & payout to win was awful.. They really need to learn how to organize things at this track in Manchester! 

Jeremy won 1st place & I was proud of him! But there was only 6 racers total. I guess the others was smart & all stayed home! On a good night of 4 wheeler racing there is at least 20 or more racing! This track which reminded me of wrong turn I was more then ready to leave & for us to go home! 

Anything really at this point would have been better if you ask me! This place in Manchester was a joke.. It might have actually been more fun if it had been some kind of horror woods or something at least then I would have been busy verses bored.

Two hours later after leaving the track we finally had made it back home! I for one especially was glad to be in our own bed! It was nice to know that Jeremy too was glad & said we would not be going back there! I was thrilled to hear those words come from his mouth!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Sweet Letters

Last night I enjoyed our night & time together! It was good getting to catch up over dinner then afterwards going to the fair to enjoy some time together as well! I think this is the first year we have went that we did not take photos together. To some degree that is a little saddening! She did not take a photo of her food but I did! See how yummy it looks :)

I enjoyed our time together we had on Tuesday night at the fair. It was nice to have a just us night.. It really reminded me of when I was little & you would take to ride any of the rides I wanted which was pretty much all of them! Too bad now I just get sick on them all :(  I love you too the moon & back!

Babe I enjoyed being able to watch you race on Wednesday night! It was exciting for me to see you do something you love & are passionate about! I am so proud of you for placing 1st not once but twice that night! You rocked it babe! I love you..

I am so blessed to be able to enjoy you being in my life! You are a bundle of joy at your age! I loved sharing time with you at the fair on Wednesday night! Seeing you be such a child is the sweetest most precious thing to me! I loved watching those eyes of yours light up.. Love you sweet girl!

Gracy & Addison:
You two are like the little sisters I never had so I absolutely enjoy every single moment of spoiling you both as well as time with you two! It was good to watch you two sweet girls at the fair on Wednesday! I am beyond blessed to be able to enjoy & watch you two grow up now & in years to come! I love you both..

Crossfire Series:
I finished you in a matter of 6 days that is a grand total of 2 days per book! I was addicted to you to say the least.. I thought their was only 3 of you but to my shockingly reveal there are another of you that will be releasing soon! I had promised myself to wait for all 3 books to come out which I did only to be done with book 1 when I found out there would be a 4th but by then it was too late I had done been sucked in wanting to read more & more of you! I am now waiting for book number 4 too release & I am not good at this whole waiting game! So please hurry up! I wanna hear more about Eva & Gideon!

Alicia & Jeremy:
Alicia I love you! You have for so long now always been more of sister to me then a best friend.. Daddy even thinks of you as his daughter just as he does Amanda whom is not his either! I have two best friends & I could not be more blessed by you both! I am excited to take photos of you & your Jeremy on Sunday! I still cannot believe that we both have Jeremy's too funny.. I hope you love how they turn out :) & I cannot wait for the next two months to hurry along so I can do the maternity ones of you & baby Liam! He needs to hurry up & grow I am so beyond ready to meet him in November! I am gonna spoil him rotten! 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alexandria Fair

My main enjoyment at the fair when I was younger was the fair rides & junk food of course. It was a view filled with wonderment & awe. The screams fading in & out as people was thrown to the air by the rickety rides! 
I remember always being the little monkey that was always up for a new challenge when it came to the rides! I always said the higher the better! I was never scared when it came to the rides! I felt as though I could conquer it all.. Going upside down in them was all so exciting & wonderful I loved the thrill that came with riding those certain rides!
Jeremy had to race tonight at the Alexandria Fair so we took Madison with us! We knew she would want to ride some of the rides! Also Michael brought Addison & Gracy so that made it even more fun for Madison! 
Before Jeremy was too race I took the girls to go get arm bands & left the boys to enjoy some alone time together! The girls was thrilled! I think now being older the biggest joy for me is seeing the little ones get so wide eyed with twinkle in their eyes that I once had as a child their age!
Once armbands was placed on the girls was ready to go ride as many rides as they could before I told them we had to head back over to see Jeremy & few friends race! We managed a total of 4 rides before heading over to see the boys race!
Good luck kisses was given & the boys was out to the arena! I am blessed to say that my main squeeze got 1st place in both the races! I was so very proud of him. I have always loved watching him race whether he is racing his 4 wheeler or race car! Both are very enjoyable..
Once the boys had finished the races the girls & I headed off to ride some more rides! Within an hour it was rounding 10 at night & Michael came to get Gracy & Addison to take them home! 
Since Jeremy was still putting up the race gear & such as well as talking to the guys whom he had raced with which to us is several friends that left Madison & I alone to enjoy some quality time together! 
We rode several more rides for the next hour & as the clock struck 11 Jeremy came to join us! As we finished up our last ride we decided we all needed some homemade lemonade, funnel cake & deep fried oreas of course! I loved that Madison loved homemade lemonade as much as her daddy & I did! 
Once we had said our goodbyes to friends we loaded up in the truck & headed back home! Once we finally got home & showers was taken it was time for us all 3 to get some much needed shut eye! Madison was tucked into bed with kisses & hugs given then Jeremy & I tucked ourselves into bed to cuddle up & get some much needed rest! 
All in all it was wonderful night which brought back tons of memories of my childhood as well as Jeremy's childhood! I loved sharing these little moments with two important people in my life! It was the smallest little fair I have ever seen but it was so enjoyable to me & my little family :)

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Cambridge

Baby Cambridge has arrived! Weighing in @ exactly 8 pounds & 6 ounces! He was born today on July 22, 2013. The name is too be Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge! 

PA Wire

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Low Key Friday Night

Jeremy was having to go race so I decided to have a low key night Friday night with Alicia. I love our nights in they turn out to be just as much fun in as they do when we go out...

We went to Chilies Bar & Grille to eat a bit to eat then afterwards we headed to the house to watch Alice & Wonderland with the pups! Snuggle time with the pups is always fun I mean you can't go wrong there..

Around 1 in the morning we both decided it was time to get some shut eye! & shut eye is exactly what us & the pups got :)

Here is 2 photos from the night..

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Bit Of Fun

On Thursday Alicia & I had a busy day to say the least.. We had to go by work to pick up checks & I had to put in my two week notice. Afterwards it was off to do some errands! We then stopped to pick up drinks because it was scorching hot outside plus we needed to go on a brisk walk! After our walk we stopped by Food Lion because little miss pregnant Alicia decided she needed a cake & icing to snack on with our dinner. 

Our dinner was across the buildings to Casa Mexicana where we took our birthday cake into! Birthday cake you ask? Yea well that just so happened to be the only cake she wanted because it had some kind of special icing she liked so we went with!

Our waiter was awesome & he had the whole group come out & sang to her for her fake birthday & of course she got pie to the face & a cute little dessert to go along with the blue Mexicana hat.. After we cut the cake we realized it was chocolate & neither of us like chocolate cake so we didnt eat the cake just the icing from 4 pieces the the rest we sent back to the waiters so they could all enjoy it too! Aren't we sweet girls?

We had never laughed so hard but it was so much fun! We enjoyed it.. Here is a few photos from the night..

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pageant Time

One would believe that a life of glamorous hair & make-up, beautiful gowns & sparkling tiaras would be every young girls dream. Sadly though its not! Some love it & some hate it! That is how it will always be..

I grew up doing pageants my whole entire life & I think they instilled me to have confidence & it gave me such a poise to have! I enjoyed getting the royal treatment as I always called it growing up.. I got to get dolled up & getting dolled up was right up my alley! 

Now that I am older I miss being in beauty pageants but I now have my friends daughters & baby cousins whom are in them & I get the joy & pleasure of being able to walk them down the little isles! So for me beauty pageants have new meanings to me now to enjoy but I love every single moment of it! 

I enjoyed being able to walk Alyssa in her pageant & she done so good! She got top 12 & that is pretty good out of 30.. I do not expect them to win but if they do that is great! I just want them to have fun & learn to be confident & have faith in themselves that they are worth it & can do what ever they put their minds too!

Here are a few photos from the night!

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