Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Of My Fears

To many I am sure that death would be a fear! However to me that is actually not one of my fears.. I know that when it is my time to go that I will go in peace & will be reunited with so many of my loved ones in heaven! To me I cannot fear that no matter how sad it may be to even leave my loved ones still here on this earthly relm! I can only hope they enjoy the rest of their lives here until we meet again one day!

Do I have just one fear? Oh no way  I have several such as spiders & snakes. Those two alone are fear for me but above those two I would have to say my fear of clowns with jagged teeth are way worse!

Truth be told I do not even have a clue what started my fear for clowns with jagged teeth. You would think I would be able to find one memory of when this started for me but I can't which I find odd some days! 

Halloween is my favorite time of year but you better betcha that if during that month I have to see a clown with jagged teeth my ass is out of there as fast I can go! I run for my life in every since of being..

I still do not remember my dreams except for one dream & it always is the exact same one can you guess what it has to do with? Clowns that is right, or in my case just one! However that one clown in my dream is plenty for me believe me when  I tell you that..

I remember that dream as clear as day as if  I truly endured it in my lifetime.. I am surrounded by woods on all sides of a 3 story house which is huge! Its old & ran down without a doubt giving me the heebie jeebies! I am always on the inside & all I can see is the orange glow of lights on. The house itself has too many crazy things going on such as you can slide down random trap slides, crawl through spaces! 

Without a doubt I would call it a fun house for that crazy clown that chases me during my dream with all his jagged teeth & his trusty giant knife which I know he wants to use on me to slice me into a billion pieces! I run around trying to survive for what feels like hours upon hours & scream as loud as I can for my life!

In the end it always ends up the same I am trapped after what feels like forever of running from that clown & as he is so up close & personal in my space & is about to murder me I always wake up!

I guess I should count my blessings for waking up & not dying in my dream! One always says its never a good sign when you die in dreams...

What fears do you all have? Is clowns one of them? Or is there something more to your horror story?

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