Thursday, May 22, 2014

5 Island Spots

Growing up my whole life I always traveled with my parents! I loved it every bit as much as they did believe me.. I was thankful to them for taking me on so many adventures growing up & even still now as an adult! 

For today I am going to give you 5 places that I still want to go to as far as islands are concerned! Later on I will give you a few more places but for now 5 will do :)

 Let's see if you ladies want to go to these places as bad as I do...

Fair Isle Scotland

Lord Howe Islands Australia

Channel Island United Stated

Capri Italy

Tahiti Island Polynesia

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So What

So what that I am sad that I will not get to spend Daddy's birthday with him this coming week :( I left him a card to open since we will be in Florida plus I will make sure to call him on his birthday as well.. Once I come back we will do a lunch date to celebrate this!

So what that I wish people would learn to write back on these little blogs! I feel like so many love the comments but hate to write back.. I always right everyone of my girls back whom have written something to me on this little blog of mine!

So what that I am beyond excited to be beach bound in only 2 days!

So what that I am ready for July I have several fun trips planned.. Cannot wait :)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things I Am Lovin

I am loving these new food products by Johnsonville. Have you ladies tried them? If so what did you think of them?

The grillers I have tried so far are the Swiss Cheese & Mushrooms you see above along with Cheddar alone! However I think I wanna try the Hickory Barbecue ones also! They look good..

I am loving the new breakfast drink I have been making! Its called Strawberry Sunrise.. Its great for on the go mornings or even if you really are not too hungry but know you should eat something! Best of both worlds if you ask me..

I am loving that mothers birthday is two days after we leave for Florida this week so we will be celebrating her birthday down there! 

I am loving that I am only 3 days away before I leave for Florida! Finally...Friday hurry up!

I am loving that tomorrow evening I will be taking photos of a friend, his fiance, & their new little bundle of joy Katie! I hope they love the photos..

I am loving that my CHICAGO trip has finally been set!  CHICAGO I will be seeing you July 17th through July 22nd.. That is as long as they allow my PTO at work & what originally was planned as me going by myself is now one of my friends Meg coming with me hopefully if her work allows her off ..
 Gary did not want me walking around the city by myself when he was not there because a few days he will still have to be at work for a bit at least half a day on 2 days & he did not want me getting lost alone.
Hope your ready for me because I know I am ready for you :) Chicago bloggers I follow I would love to meet you! 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Din Din Time

Barbecue Chicken Pizza & Cheesy Bread

 Baked Cheesy Chicken Tacos

Swiss Mushroom Burgers served with Baked Beans

**Thursday I will be too busy to even think about cooking & come Friday I will be Florida bound so hello to eating out for the next week :)

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. Best summer memory as a kid was getting to travel with my parents! It was always so much fun & I truly loved every single minute of it...

2. Favorite summer drink is by far either Fruit Tea or Russian Tea take your pick ladies! I love both & if I am extra feisty wanting some liquor my go to then is anything Pineapple & Rum!

3. Favorite summer show is.. Wait hold up just one? No way can do! I got two which is better then one :) Pretty Little Liars & Beauty & Beast! That may change once I see what else comes on for Summer but for now you got two :)

4. Best summer outdoor activity is lounging at either the beach or the lake either by float or by land! Either is fine with me however if I am being honest hiking comes in at a close 2nd choice..

5. Summer vacation essentials are as follows below:
Beach Towel
Sun Dress
Cell Phone
Tanning Oil 
Flippie Floppies
Beach Bag

Summer Essentials

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Letters

Destin Florida:
We are finally in the single digits before we meet! I am so beyond excited to have my toes in the sand.. I love being a water baby! I hope you are ready for me Florida..

Pensacola Florida:
I already want to come see you in September for Taste of the Beach! I know you will have so many fun things to do but also you will have plenty of goodies to try which makes me even more excited! Hello to trying new foods! All I need to do is talk a few of my friends into coming to see you! Think I will succeed? Fingers crossed that I do!

Outer Banks NC:
I did not know that you also did a Taste on the Beach! I want to come to you as well.. Goodness all these fun events makes me wanna move to the beach!  You have done passed for this year but I can always plan you for 2015! That is something to look forward to in the new year right? 

Jacksonville Florida:
I want to come down there in June to go to Country Superfest! I love all the performers whom are performing..  Ugh so sad my time in Florida will end almost 2 weeks before you happen! Next year I will plan better & see you during the Country Superfest...

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Breathtaking Golden Isles

For those of you whom know me at all you know that to me Georgia is the place I call home too me! I miss Georgia something awful & one day when I am married I hope that my husband & I can move their once again to raise our children! That is if I do not move back before then...

Nestled between Georgia & Florida lies Brunswick along with four barrier islands: St Simons, Sea Island, Little St Simons, & Jekyll Island. I love how historic Brunswick is & I swear I could stay there all day snapping some photos! As far as barrier islands go come on now let's be honest whom would not like to enjoy each one of these special little places? There is so much too do & tons of photos waiting to be taken...


St Simons

Sea Island

Little St Simons

Jekyll Island

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So What

So what that on Sunday evening I decided to see on my little blog whom still blogged verses whom didn't that I followed! The total was 67 that either no longer blogged or went to private which I clearly was not invited too sadly...
 So with that how do I delete blogs I once followed that is now private or no longer blogs? Can you ladies help me out? No point of keeping their blogs on my things when one I cannot see it any longer or two I can see but they no longer blog so no point to keep it right?

So what that this week will be the longest work week for awhile starting tomorrow! I just gotta make it through this work week until next Thursday & I will then be Florida bound! 

So what that I already wanna go back to the beach in September for Taste of the Beach! Can you blame me? I love the beach what can I say plus being able to sample good food makes it all the better :) 

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things I Am Lovin

I am loving my new Chevron dress! Is it not adorable?
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I am loving that daddy & I had a father/daughter day in Nashville on Friday! It was so much fun getting to shop with him & I love him for being so patient with his girlie girl daughter whom happens to love shopping :)

I am also loving my other new dress I got & daddy was sweet enough to take a photo of me in it..
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I am loving all my goodies that I got from Victoria Secret... I know I already have enough bras & undies from there but I mean come on what's a few more? Us ladies need options right?However when I went I didn't find the normal ones I bought as far as undies so I came home without new ones.. Oh but on the bright side I bought a bathing suit too as if I didn't have 2 new ones already this one made my 3rd...
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I love that after we finished shopping daddy let me go to one of my favorite places to eat which was Famous Daves! I love their barbecue pork & barbecue chicken...I am so thankful  that daddy loves barbecue as much as me :)
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Yes I am an adult
Yes I still call my father daddy & always will
Yes he spoils me still at 25 & that is ok
Yes I still make tons of time for him & I to spend together because one day I wont have him in my life & all I will have is the memories that I will get to cherish of our time we was allowed together! 
Oh & yes I am daddy's girl in case you haven't noticed yet :) 

Lugnut got a bath & that sweet boy was super cuddly afterwards! I just love how sweet he is! He may not be mine but I could steal him & keep him all the time I so would believe me..
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I am loving my new foam pillow with cooling agents in it.. Hello comfy & soft! Best of both worlds if you ask me...

I am loving that I got to have breakfast with Beth on Saturday! It was nice getting to spend a few hours catching up!
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