Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Parent Mad After Teacher Throws Child Food Away

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I wanted to share a little something with you all! Something that really just tugged on my heart this morning! I was scrolling on facebook which now days is something I rarely seem to do! However, I am so thankful I did this morning.. I read an article where a Teacher had thrown away a little boys's snack out of his lunch box because it was not acceptable as a good food but rather a bad food!

Now I know some see that as possibly two different things one being good food meaning healthy food while bad food being unhealthy food. I can also see it to be perceived as good food meaning not out of date & bad food being out of date..

So with that said it was a piece of Banana Bread for this little boy to have as a snack.. Not only did this teacher throw it away but she done so in front of all the other children.. I can only imagine how heartbroken this small little boy felt!

I did post a comment on my feelings toward this! This was my comment.. The way I see this ...

I'm not saying I don't love how schools try to be more proactive as far as what they are feeding children now. However, growing up I was a picky eater so I had limited choices of what I would or would not consume in my body! As an adult I now eat more choices then I ever did before but still struggle with some foods & I always will.. 

With that being said if anyone took my child's lunch from them & threw it away & what not you better bet your ass that I would be there in a heartbeat to have your job & then some! No where is that acceptable ever.. As an adult you should know better!

I didn't grow up poor but I didn't grow up rich either even now as an adult I'm not poor but I'm not rich either I can live comfortable.. So even though I'm not poor some people are & cannot afford organic foods or super healthy foods because sadly those organic foods & super healthy foods cost more then the unhealthy foods.. Please remember that when you sorry people are taking these poor children's food from them! 

Any food is better then no food.. If they cannot afford the good food choices maybe give them enough credit that they might teach their child how to eat in moderation & to not eat 24/7..

I know personally for me I go to the gym workout & what not. I even eat good food most of the time however, there are times that all I want is something unhealthy to eat like a cheeseburger & fry so if I want it I go & get it or fix it here at home either way I still eat it.. Oh & daily I consume at least 1 mountain dew if not 2.. As an american that is my choice & my right to do so!

How would you all feel if this happened to your child or how do you feel about what happened in general? Would you be ok with this?

I promise my little rant is now over! 

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tour Of Homes 2016

I enjoyed being able to go with my family to see the 2016 tour of homes! I loved all the new homes but the 1 older home that looked like a farmhouse I was def not a fan of.. I could not have imagined myself spending anytime at all in the home.. You also will not be seeing any photos from that house because I did not take any of it ha..

I also fed a Buffalo for the first time ever! It was without a doubt a new experience  but those tongues ugh I am not too fond of.. They are long & very yucky & goodness those Buffalo are super needy when it comes to wanting bread of all things ha!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Ava You Are 3

Ava 3 whole years you have spent on this earth & what 3 years they have been! Just 3 short years ago you arrived into our lives & you were so loved from the moment we found out about you! I don't think I will ever forget the day when I got to hold you in my arms for the first time it was love at first sight it was an instant visceral connection for one so small & helpless! I was never so more grateful to your mother Sara whom was allowing me to be apart of your life & to watch you grow little by little... I love being apart of your life watching you crawl, walk, talk, become your own little person & so much more! I love the little person you have become thus far & cannot wait to see what lies in store many years down the road as you grow older! Happy 3rd Birthday Ava Irene... I love you too the moon & back

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Holiday Weekend

My holiday weekend was a blast spend with family, friends, & tons of people whom I did not even know but I loved every single moment of it..

I worked Slide the City as a volunteer but I also took plenty of turns sliding too believe you me heck I even learned a whole new meaning to sore & could barely move.. 

Enjoyed seeing the boys dress up in crazy outfits each day which totally made me laugh however I bout killed them all 3 when they done a video of me taking a crash & burn sadly...

Made new friends which was pretty great if I do say so myself I even got to do sign language which I haven't done in forever it seemed like..

My aunt's & us had doughnuts which we will never eat again ha you believe that right? Yea I didn't think so goodness knows  I don't believe it hehe..

I even managed to make time to go see Tarzan.. I may be 27 but you can bet your booty that when I went to see it I said I was 5 bahaha.. I loved that movie & I will without a doubt be buying that baby up once it hits dvd status :)

Fireworks & cookouts happened during this holiday weekend too goodness knows neither of those can be forgotten about however, our fireworks were about 20 minutes delayed but that was ok they still turned out good in the end :)

Did you all have a good 4th of July weekend? If so how did you spend yours?

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