Saturday, December 31, 2011

Videos from my life lately

Tay trying to play just dance for kids :)

Lug Nut was snoring super duper loud but needless to say hewoke up n my hunny found him in the closet!

This is how crazy lug nut sleeps!

me tryin to do just dance for kids im better at just dance 3

my face expression as some insane guy tried to dance with me the end is quiet funny!

Fun night

I know that I have been a bad poster this month ladies but I promise to get back in the swing of things! Thursday was my sweet baby cousins birthday! Scarlett olivia turned 6 :( such a bittersweet moment my mini me is growin up to fast on me... Here are some pics I took of us on her big day :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my sweet ladies! I hope you all have had a great day with all your family! I know I have had an amazing day with mine & their is no where else I would have rather been at:)

Hidden Hollow Lights

Friday night after I got off work
I wanted to spend some time with my cousin Felicia whom came in to visit for the holidays with her daughter Kaitlyn for a week.
I hardly ever get to see them anymore so it was nice to spend some time with them & since the hunny was at a dirty santa thing I figured this would be a great time to see them both :)
We went to Cheddars to eat where we waited for about an hour
then afterwards went to Hidden Hollow to let Kaitlyn see the lights :)
Then we went to Wally World after & it was crazy insane with a line of waiting for about 40 minutes gosh it was packed full....
Here are some pictures of us ;)

She loves this santa hat hehe too cute! She wore it inside cheddars

she cut her hair :( I guess all kids do it once though when little... I know I did as a child!

Kaitlyn loved watchin me swing on this big huge swing which went out over the water :)

Please ignore the crazy face expression of mine please :)

I think she became my new hunny however I do not think it would last bc my other hunny would never let me go :)

Me n Frosty :) Kaitlyn loved this but she would not take a pic with him or santa ;( I did though :)

I wanted his nose :)

Ms. Piggy 

attempt 1 of tryin to get on ms piggy

attempt 2 of getting on ms piggy

attempt 3 equals success :)
now tryin to get off of ms piggy

hello santa :) I have been a very good adult this year :)



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Way Behind

I know I am so very far behind that its not even funny
But this girlie girl has been super duper busy this month & its been completely insane & crazy
I mean my list could go on & on for a decade I do believe
I know thats bad trust me but so true
I have missed all my Wednesday & Friday happenings along with all my day to day things
I am so so sorry
All I can say is I hope it gets better after this month is over 
Fingers crossed times 20

I will fill you in on a little that has went on the past 2 weeks :)

1.Mike has gotten 2 new tattoes since his last one which was only 3 weeks ago his sleeve is coming along good... & ps this gf does not like the creepy looking skeleton guy at all :(

2. Mike was in a wreck which was not his fault I was scared half to death but thankfully he was ok :) I guess thats a plus with boyfriends whom have big trucks they dont get to much damage done...

3. This has been my life pretty much all month minus one day per week :( the life of a nurse is crazy & stressful I must admit

4. I have been spending all most all my free time with my sweet amazing man :) I love hims...

5. Also lets not forgot about all the family get togethers I have now been to 2 & had one of my own @ my house can you say lets pull hair out bc that is exactly how I felt @ my home with everyone in it...

Ladies again I am so so sorry I hope you all forgive me I promise I will try & do better on my lovely blog posting....

Sunday, December 18, 2011


1. What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
2. Worst/funniest white elephant gift ever received?
3. Is your Christmas tree plain & simple (White lights & matching ornaments) or wild & crazy (colored lights with lots of ornaments over the years)?
4. How do you iron your clothes? the old fashioned way for back in the shower then dryer?
5. How much baking do you do for Christmas? & what are your must make items?

1. Oh goodness I do not even know how to tell you all my favorite one because over the years I have had some pretty amazing ones I must admit & to tell you just one would be impossible for me to do ladies...

2. Would you believe me if I told you ladies that I have never participated in a white elephant gift exchange? 
Well Im being honest I haven't! I have no clue what that even is to be honest... Is that good or bad? hmmm...

3. Well we have 4 Christmas trees up! Crazy right... 2 is plain with white lights & matching ornaments, 1 is colored lights with matching ornaments & the last one is filled with homemade Christmas tree ornaments I have made :)

4. Ha I do not even own a iron board so therefore I must admit I am the girl to wet a wash cloth soak it in water then throw it it & my wrinkled clothes back into the dryer :) so much easier then trying to iron hehe

5. Military cookies & Reindeer droppings are a must for me to make during Christmas & yes I do a ton of baking during this season :) I love it...

Girls Night

After my long stressful week 
us girls had a girls night & let me tell you it was very much needed to say the least
I was beyond ready to pull my hair out thank goodness for my girls to keep me sane
I did however see my lovely man that night but then again I always see him...
here are some pics from our night however they are before we went out so you do not see the whole gang of us just a few of us...

Pin Pin Lovies

Pinned Image
I thought this would be super fun & cute for something like a party perhaps!

Pinned Image
I am so in love with these little babies :)

Pinned Image
I am loving these little booties but I must be honest I wish they came in adult sizes because I so very badly want a pair of them to wear :)

Pinned Image
I love this walk in pantry its so cute & adorable :) I would love to have it in my house ...

Pinned Image
I so want a shower like this so spacious & adorable every girlie girls dream hehe or at least mine lol

Saturday, December 17, 2011

What I am loving

1. Uggs :) I already own a black pair but now I want a brown pair too :) I am so loving these babies...

2. Osito North Face Jacket is something I am loving & getting for xmas exact same color:)


3. I'm loving that this Saturday hint hint tomorrow since I am super late on this  is my family get together @ our house :)

4. I am loving the fact that I actually got to spend some time with my girlies Thursday as well as my babi :)

5. As always I am loving my sweet man....