Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things I am lovin

I'm loving that on Valentine's Day I was able to go to the movies! I was originally going to see Endless Love however it was sold out so I ended up seeing Winter's Tale! It was so good.. & I truly think it worked out for the best because Beth had been wantin to see Endless love so now when I head up to Knox I will be seeing it with her :) 

I am loving that on Saturday I was able to spend some time with Aunt Joyce! We original had planned on Sunday but we decided to change it up to Saturday.. We ended up going out to dinner & then to the movies! We seen Labor Day & It was amazing.. I loved it especially the ending!

I am loving my new Julep colors that came in the mail on Valentine's Day! They was too cute :)
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I am loving my newest DVD! Hello Best Man Holiday.. I knew after I seen it in theaters that I would wanna buy it when it came out..
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I am loving all my curly cues... I never wear my hair straight anymore! Its rare when I do.. I also love that my hair is getting longer!
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I am loving that come Sunday I will be seeing my sweet niece Ava as well as Sara! Afterwards hopefully I can do dinner with Beth while I am in Knoxville :) 

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Courtney B said...

Ah, I want to see that movie!! We saw Jack Ryan... it's no Valentine movie but it was still a good one :)