Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Jeremy
I love you hunny & I am beyond thankful for you not just today but every single day. I know since yesterday you have been busy with races & will continue to do so until sometime next week! I am missing you none the less... Sleeping in bed is just not the same when I go to bed alone without you in it or if I wake up & cannot feel you next to me! I am a tad bit spoiled & too use to us going to bed at the same time together always! I also miss our nightly cuddles on the couch before bed when we just relax & watch a movie or two.. I love the little things with us!  I know you are loving all these races going on & I love that you love it but I am not gonna lie I will be one happy girl when we get back to our normal routine :) 

Dear Mads
Sweet girl I hope you get to feeling better soon! I know you already feel better then you did Wednesday but bless your heart I feel bad that you could not hold nothing down & kept throwing up! Boo to stomach bugs... I know they are awful to say the least! Love you sweet girl!

Sweet Blog Girls
A few of you sweet ladies have asked me for the recipes too my Cajun Burgers & Margarita Chicken so this weekend I am going to be posting those recipes for you sweet girls so please make sure to check out the blog this weekend if you was one of my sweet ladies that asked for them :) I thought posting them on the blog would be easier then trying to email each of you separately! Hope that is OK & works...

Sweet Niece/Nephew
You are still growing & I am a happy aunt about that! You are now the size of a lime! You only have two more weeks left staying in the 1st trimester! But I am even more excited that come this time next week we can find out what you are if you are sweet & work with us :) So please be sweet & show us your goodies! I wanna be able to call you either a niece or a nephew & soon after that actually call you by your sweet name that my brother & Jaranda decide on for you :) Love you sweet baby..

White House Down
I really wanna see you but I know the hunny wants to see Now You See Me first... I am excited to see both none the less! You look good & I cannot wait for us to watch you in theater!

Now You See Me
The hunny & I will be seeing you Sunday so please be good! I know for previews we love what you are showing us so please let the rest of your movie be just as good as the small preview portions! 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Running Shoes

I love my two new pair of running shoes! They are so darn cute.. Wanna see? I know you do that is why I am gonna show you! See how sweet I am :)

Pair # 1 is Torch running by Nike
Pair # 2 is Zigkick running by Reebok

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I am loving that I have finally caught up on sleep!

I am loving that I had this past weekend off & spend every bit of it with my hunny! 

I am loving that my sweet niece/nephew has grown by a whole week! 

I am loving my new running shoes!

I am loving all the yummy food I have been cooking this week :)

I am loving that summer is finally here officially! 

I am loving that 4th of July is closer to being here! I am ready to be out on the lake watching those fireworks :)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Weekends from Spring to Fall around here involve races for my man & the guys! Of course us ladies go & watch as much as we can! But let's be honest it's not something that we enjoy as much as our men do..

This past weekend the boys was too race at Bull's Gap & Clarksville. Saturday was Bull's Gap while Sunday was Clarksville. 

On Saturday morning we all left at 10:30! The drive down was about 2 hours. Since they are an hour ahead of us we arrived a little before 2 there time. It was without a doubt a hot day outside! 

Now most of the time I love when the kids go but not on this day! Mads was so fussy to say the least... We had forgot to pack things for her to do which I know made it worse but even us adults was so miserable outside that it made it hard not to be a little hateful or get easily irritable. 

It was a well lesson learned called next time double check things twice over to make sure every bag needed is packed in the truck & ready to go!

Once the sun went down it felt decent outside & was not so bad plus the races had started which helped Mads not be so fussy which we was thankful for! I am sure she was thankful too that we was not too fussy with her as well..

Overall the night turned out great! We arrived back home our time around 2 in the morning but that was with the boys dropping Mads & I back off at the house. They still had to go wash the race car so that it would be ready to race tomorrow! Jeremy did not get home until 4:30 in the morning bless him! I know he was tired..

Sunday we was able to sleep in which was nice! We did not have to leave until around 1:30 in the evening to head to races! It was without a doubt a scorcher outside again but we knew eventually it would cool down once the sun had gone! 

The races went good but to no fail it was eventful none the less! Just a typical race weekend though.. The kids did better on Sunday but they did not come until after the sun came down which made it easier I know! 

After races was over packing everything up begin & by the time we got home it was 4 in the morning.. I had to be up & leaving for work by 6 so needless to say I was so tired at work on Monday.. 4 in the evening could not come fast enough for me so that I could pass out & keep my much needed sleep that I so very badly wanted! 

Over all though I loved my weekend.. It was tons of fun & we all enjoyed ourselves :) I wish I had taken more photos but I was too busy trying to film the races for the boys so they could watch themselves to see how they could improve so here is the only 3 photos I took all weekend no lie & if you know me you know how crazy that is because I am always one to take tons of photos..

The last photos is of the moon & how close to the earth it is. It will not be this close to the earth again for another 25 years... Crazy huh?

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Meal Plan For This Week

I know I normally do this on Monday however I was a wee bit tired so nothing was done yesterday! Next post will explain why I was so tired..

Shrimp & Pineapple Kabobs

Cajun Burgers & Fried Potatoes

Margarita Chicken & Baked Beans

Hotdogs & Chips

Fried Shrimp, Macaroni & Cheese, & Rolls

Dinner Out

Dinner Out

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Hudson:
I love that I can make you giggle.. You have the sweetest little laugh & grin! You are so very precious & the spitting image of dada.. However it is hard to capture you in the moment because as soon as you see the phone you completely stop & your sole focus is on the phone only.. I am sure in your little mind you are saying hey could I see that thing you have there so I can play & slobber all over it? I know you are always using it to flash a bright light in my face.. which is true I do use it to take photos of you all the time but I cannot help it!

Dear Niece/Nephew:
I finally got to see a picture of you.. You are so tiny still but you are growing! You are still in the first trimester & will continue to be for 3 more weeks! Oh & you are now the size of a Prune but you wont stay that size for long because within the next 3 weeks you will double. I love you so much already & here within the next 3 weeks we will be able to see what you are so please be sweet & let us see your gender! Here is your photo..

Dear House:
I want you.. You are too cute on the outside! Best part is the fact that you are for sale yay :)

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Link Up: Breaking Traditions

I am not that girl that is going to stick to traditions when it comes to my wedding. Is that crazy to some? I am sure it is however to me no its not..

1. I will not be married in a church.. In fact I wanna be married outside somewhere pretty!

2. I do not want the traditional vows to be said.. I want my own vows to be read which by the way I have done chosen :)

3. I will not be wearing white wedding shoes in fact I will be wearing the bridesmaids dress color for my shoes.. I love that we are all tied together in some way same for the groomsmen as well.. 

4. I will have dancing at my wedding! I want a father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, husband/wife dance & then everyone else can enjoy dancing until way in the night :)

5. Instead of a guest book I want them to sign picture frames that have photos of my hunny & I  in them together for our engagement photos...

There is so much more that I will be doing differently but for now I will leave you with the above 5 things that will be anything but traditional. I hope you ladies enjoyed reading & seeing the things in which I will be changing on the day  I say I do :)

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dollywood Trip

Dollywood is a theme park owned & named by Dolly Parton & It is located in Pigeon Forge. It is organized by 8 theme areas. 

1. "Show Street" It introduces the park with eating places, sweet shops, or you can see live shows at Show Street Palace & Dolly Theater.
2. "Timber Canyon" It is mine themed & here you can find Mystery Mine, Thunderhead, Timber Tower, Lumberjack Lift, River Battle, & Little Logger Landing
3. "Adventures in Imagination" is where you find the wilderness tour & Chasing Rainbow Museum.
4. "Jukebox Junction" Here you can find Rocking Roadway or just enjoy a 50's theme area.
5. "Rivertown Junction" Here is where you can find a replica of Dolly's home which entails hand blown glass, & craft places.
6. "Country Fair" If you have small kids here is where you wanna be! It will remind you of a carnival for tots...
7. "The Village" If you wanna jump all aboard then here is where you need to be to find the train which takes you 4 miles around Dollywood. Not only will you find the train located here but you can find the carousel, magic trick show, & Heart Song Theater. 
8. "Craftsman Valley" is the oldest & largest part of Dollywood & just keeps growing. You can find rides such as Tennessee Tornado, The Wild Eagle, Blazing Fury, Wooden Coaster & a few more! As well you can see the Bald Eagle sanctuary, the chapel, & the falls here as well..

It always is way busier during the summer months but a little trick is if you go late @ night its not so bad or during the week day as well is a better time to go! Best thing to know also is that if you go after 3 pm you automatically can go back for free the next day for the whole day! How great is that? 

Now that you all know a little bit about Dollywood here is our trip there for the day! 

Jeremy, Madison & I left the house around 10:15 in the morning but with pit stops & such & their time being an hour faster we arrived around 2 in the evening to Dollywood. 

Once there we parked in section F which our trolley said was for friendly..why yes we was friendly! How did they know? They did a good job..

The temperature for the day was about 98 which was not too awfully bad but it would have been nice if it had been cloudy instead of so sunny! All in all though it was a great day! We all 3 enjoyed our time together. The lines was not too bad either but I am sure that was part to do with it was Father's Day weekend which helped our case a lot! 

After our long day ended & we closed the park down at 9 in the evening we headed over to Hooter's... I really wanted Fuddrucker's however it would have been closed by the time we would have made it too it sadly. 

Hooter's was good but we all 3 was tired & beyond ready to head home to the house. We arrived back home around 2 in the morning. I think it was safe to say that we all 3 was happy to be home to sleep..

Here are some photos of the day :) Enjoy! 

All in all it was a great trip & we are ready to go back & hit up Splash Country now :)
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sweet Letters

I love waking up next to you! I could not imagine it any other way.. You are my perfect other half! I love all the time I am able to spend with you always..

I am glad Jeremy had you Wednesday! I enjoyed being able to take you swimming after I had gotten off work! Its nice to just have you & me time.. Of course I do love the time I can spend with Hudson & Jeremy involved too..

Tay Tay: 
I love you sweet cousin of mine! I still cannot believe that you are 14 it feels like you should be so much younger.. I am glad that I was able to spend yesterday with you! It was nice getting to enjoy time at the lake & @ our favorite place hello Starbucks..

Cotton Candy Frappe:
Thank you for being wonderful! I tried you Thursday & you tasted amazing.. You are my new favorite drink!

I am so excited to be seeing you tomorrow! Jeremy, Mads, & I are coming to play! I am so ready to ride rides & eat some dipping dots.. I also am pretty excited that I get to spend the whole day with two of my favs the only one missing is sweet baby Hudson! Please somehow do some magic & make Jeremy wanna take photos please & thank you! His sister requested tons upon tons of photos...

Jeremy & Daddy:
Happy Father's Day Sunday! You both are amazing... To my sweet man I love you & I am so thankful to see you be an amazing father to Mads & Hudson.. You are great with them! If someday we choose to get married & have more kids I know you will be just as amazing with them.. To my sweet loving daddy! Thank you for a wonderful 24 years of my life.. You have been my life saver more times then I can count! You know every little thing about me & I am so beyond blessed & lucky to be your daughter! I know if you read this you would say no you was the lucky one & you are but I way more lucky..  I love that both you are important to me!


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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am loving that my sweet niece or nephew has grown by a whole week! I am so ready to find out the gender! 

I am loving that tomorrow is lake day... I am so ready to be in some cool crisp water especially since its been so hot out!

I am loving that I have Saturday off! Maybe I can talk the Mr into going to Dollywood.. I wanna ride rides & eat some dipping dots :)

I am loving water here lately! It seems to be the only thing that is quenching my thirst.. Everything else just seems to make me even more thirstier :(

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Model Race Night

Saturday night after getting back from running in Color The Curve my man had races in Burnside Kentucky @ Lake Cumberland Speedway! 

I was excited to be able to see him race because I know how much he loves it! Jeremy & Michael races late models! Each weekend they always go somewhere different so they are always learning new ways & tricks..

Saturday was a bad night however to race where we did! It was almost like a bad omen from the very beginning! wanna know how! Well here you go! 
1. We left late to head to the races
2. A tire came off on the way there
3. Michael's dry shaft broke on the car after he did a few heat laps! Which landed him not being able to race the rest of the night
4. Jeremy wrecks & his car gets demolished (granted it was not his fault) The guy whom was suppose to slow down decided to ignore the caution light & hit Jeremy going really fast crashing into the whole front)
5. Another wreck happened with a completely different car
6. Another dry shaft came off someone else car
7 another wreck again  & this time the guy went to the hospital..
See how I say it was just a bad omen all together? Gosh it was a bad crazy eventful night! 

There was 8 of us whom went to the races: Mike, Marty, Michael, Addison, Jason, Jeremy, Madison, & I...

During the races we had fun even with all the eventful evening craziness! I kept an eye on Mads & Addison while also taking photos of the boys... Marty ran around trying to find things & keep track of scheduling stuff while the boys was busy working on the cars & racing them! 

However I am not going to lie the scary part for me was when my man got hit! I was terrified & in that moment that then reminded me of why I only go every so often! What girlfriend wants to see her man get hurt? Not me! I had to calm down mads since she was worried about her daddy & I had to pretend that everything was fine for her sake but deep down I was worried! I was glad to see my man climb out of that car & walk.. It was a sigh of relief for me & everyone else! 

At the end of the night we made it home around 2 in the morning & I was never more excited to crawl into bed with my man & get some sleep after we put Mads to sleep! I was happy to have him beside me in one piece! He however took a good beating don't get me wrong but it was not bad enough that he needed a hospital & so for that I was thankful! 

Here are the photos from Saturday night.. Enjoy!

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