Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pin Pin Love

I love love love this little dog I so want it :)

Pinned Image
I so want to fix these yummy little things ;) Christmas Chex Mix...

I so want to eat this that bad? & best of all I love that it is Christmas colors :)

Pinned Image
I think this is such a cute idea I so wanna do this...

Pinned Image
I love anything Tiffany so this ring is absolutely adorable :)

How cute is this cake I just love all the colors in it :) I do not think I would be able to eat it because its just too cute...

Gosh I am just loving all these I picked :) I could add a million more though I do know that much :) Would love to have you sweet ladies follow me on pinterest & on my blog as well :)

Lovin Wednesday

Hey Yall I am linking up with sweet Jamie today  for What I'm Loving Wednesday @ This Kind Of Love

I have so much stuff that I am loving :) What are you sweet ladies loving?

I'm Loving...

1. My new limited edition baby blue wii :)

2. That tomorrow is one of my friends Sierra's birthday & she turns 18 Oh how I would pay to be 18 again.... But I am so excited to share the special day with her :) She is such a blessing in my life!

3. My very best friend Amanda is getting married this Friday & I cannot be more filled with joy & happiness for her...I know she is marrying her soul mate whom she loves very very much & I am so happy & blessed to be apart of Amanda & Nick's Wedding! It will be odd hearing her called Cohagen instead of Howard by the last though... Big adjustment!!!
Me  & Manda :) Love her 

4. Most of all I love my sweet man :)

Hope you sweet ladies enjoyed this! 
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So What

I am linking up with sweet Shannon for So What Wednesday @ Life After I Dew

I have several things I am saying so what too! What are you ladies saying so what to?

1. I only have 4 days off for this month of December! Did I ever meantion that sometimes I hate being a nurse?

2. On my days off I already have them planned out &  all of them will be out of town things... I will happy to leave :)

3. The day after Thanksgiving we didn't put up our Christmas things...But they are now up :)

4. We have 4 trees up in our home... I love all 4 of them plus all of our decor & we leave them on throughout the whole entire night :)

5. That I am really really tired of all this cold weather already :( I mean my man can't even keep me warm enough because its so cold outside :( :( :(

6. I cannot stop playing the wii just dances

Thank you sweet ladies for checking out my post :) 
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Christmas Trees!

I have found some of the cutest Christmas trees....
& guess what If I had room in my house I would put them all up :)
They are all so adorable & cute.
I mean how could I not love them?
Let's see if you ladies love them!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I just love love love all of these cutie's :)
do you have any favorite ones from the ones I have chosen?
Or do you have colors of your own that you would prefer to have on your Christmas tree or trees?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

Oh how Christmas will be here before we all know it!
I have yet to start my Christmas shopping...
I just find it hard to find time to do it I guess.
But in my defense I have been having one day off of work so on that day I just wanna be lazy...
Is that so bad?

Thanksgiving is now over so all my Turkey/Fall decor came down yesterday :(
Such a bitter sweet moment!
I am already missing every thing Fall....
However, I am looking forward to so many things in which Christmas Season will bring :)
& I am now able to put up all my lovely Christmas decor yay!!!
I am super excited to have my home look like Christmas inside & out ...
Here are some cute things that I truly love love love!
beautiful Christmas decor!

lovely christmas decor!


ribbon tree........i might have to do this

I have been singing several several Christmas songs here are some of the ones I have been singing...What have you all been singing if any at all?

1. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
2. Away In A Manger
3. Deck The Halls
4. Do You Hear What I Hear
5. Frosty The Snowman
6. Go Tell It On The Mountain
7. Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer
8. Jingle Bells

Tat Tat Tat It Up

Yesterday Mike decided that it was tattoo time again..
He decided that he wanted his sleeve to be started, 
Big sigh!
I will be honest though I do love a man with tats don't ask me why because I do not think I can answer it...
here is the tat...

look @ that face...He was bein a baby he said it hurt....

Yes this was my random crazy post lol....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Short & Sweet...Happy Thanksgiving Lovely Ladies

I know everyone has had such a busy day cooking up all kinds of yummy delicious foods that just melt in your mouth & fill our homes with such amazing aromas. I know I have & I just now got a little break so I decided to  make a short blog for you sweet ladies before I get off & go enjoy more time with my amazing family & friends whom are at my home for Thanksgiving....

Pinned Image

I am thankful for:
My amazing parents whom raised. They did an amazing job!

My amazing family such as Aunts, Uncles, Cousins & so forth. I am blessed everyday to have them in my life throughout the whole year & not just today!

My Friends whom have been apart of my life for as long as I can remember they are not just friends to me but also like my brother & sisters I would never trade them for anything or anyone I love that they are in my life!

I am blessed for the amazing person in my life! He brings me such joy & seems to always everyday put a huge smile on my face :) love him!

Most of all I am thankful for the life I was given & the life I am able to live on a daily basis! I would never wanna trade my life for someone else's life....I love mine all too much :)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my sweet ladies! I hope you all are enjoying the precious moments with your family & friends on this amazing day! I love each & everyone of you all & consider you all a huge part of my life :) I am thankful for you all.....

Recap of this week!


Mike & I have been very berry lazy all week! I have still been sick so I have not wanted to do much of anything... So normally after work for us we have been chillin inside watching movies & stuff at the house :) I am starting to wonder if Its ever going to be better but at least he has been a great cuddle buddie & a sweetie pie as always :) you gotta love him....

That has literally been our whole week thus far minus today because we have been cooking & visiting families & later tonight we will be doing some Black Friday shopping I cannot wait....


Hims looking all cute & adorable today for Thanksgiving :)


Me looking all cute & adorable today for Thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Gifts Perhaps!

As we all know Christmas is approaching fast!
Sadly it will be here all too soon & its creeping up on us :(
I am without a doubt a girlie girl!
& this girlie girl loves jewelry....
I found some of the cutest pieces of jewelry ever!
I would love to have them in my jewelry collection
I mean who would not wanna add new pieces from time to time...
Here is some of the cutest pieces that I love & want :)

Pinned Image
I would love to have this piece... I love the custom made part of this bracelet. It would be so cute & adorable & most of all it would have meaning in the carving :)

Pinned Image
All girls love diamonds! I know I do :) I also love this ring because its got my birthday stones in it as well :) In my eyes that makes this ring a keeper :)

Pinned Image
I love these! They would be super cute for fall & since I normally am dressy these are perfect for me :) can you say me want....

Pinned Image
This would go cute with a fall outfit love this :)

Pinned Image
You could dress this up or down depending what outfit you wanted to wear.... I would wear it non stop I do believe its just so cute...

Ladies could you see yourself wearing any of these? If so which ones? If not why not? Would love to hear your thoughts on these cute little things:)

Wanted Clothes!

Oh ladies if only I could have all the clothes from Pinterest!
I would be one happy girl I must admit...
However, I bet I am not the only one
I am sure several of you ladies would be just as happy as I would be...
Am I right?
Here are some of the sweet clothes I have found that I would love to put in my walk in closet :)

Pinned Image
Love this pink & grey!

Pinned Image
Love love love this color mix. They play so well together, don't you think?

Pinned Image
I love how this is semi dressy yet still very casual at the same time....

Pinned Image
I love how dressy this is! Such a cute look!

Pinned Image
I love this casual look! & best of all it has two of my favorite colors black & green :)

Pinned Image
I think this is super cute & dressy which would be perfect for my Christmas get together I want this so so badly so now I just wanna go find something that semi resembles it bc I do not wanna pay out the wazoo for these pieces....

Ladies! Which ones are your favorite & why? I would love to hear what you all think about these outfits :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodies For Thanksgiving

Ladies Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday
I am so excited to start cooking all the yummy treats!
I am more then ready for my home to smell of all kinds of delicious foods & such ;0
I am going to post some of the things I am cooking hopefully you sweet ladies will love my food course menu....

1. Deviled eggs
     2. Pigs in a blanket

Meal Parts:
1. Chicken dressing
2. Ham
3. Sweet potatoes
4. Fried Okra
5. Cream corn
6. Mash Potatoes
7. Baked beans
8. Mac n cheese

1. Pumpkin rolls
2. Rum cake

Pinned Image

All these foods just look so yummy I cannot wait to eat them all :)