Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Letters

I loved that I was able to have lunch with you on Sunday! Even if it was just lunch & you had to go back to Knox some time was better then none at all.. I cannot wait to see you this coming week when I head to Knox to have lunch with you as well as spend some time with Sara & Ava! You know I gotta see my sweet niece while there :)

Thank you for being so sweet & surprising me! I loved that you wanted to take me to see Lone Survivor :) I even loved that before hand you took me to our favorite coffee place which just happens to be Starbucks! It perked me right up especially after only 4 hours sleep before hand.. I also loved that during the movies you handled me so well when I jumped, cried, & anything else that was a tad bit out of the normal.. You are truly such a trooper :)

Thanks for being so wonderful here lately! I just love that your coffee always hits the right spots.. You warm me up when its freezing cold outside burr!

Lone Survivor:
Thanks for not only being such a great book but a great movie as well. I truly loved both but I do admit I had more emotions when it came to the movie all because it made it seem so real more so then I could do when only reading the book.. I know you are based off of a true story & I truly know my heart was breaking for every single person involved!

Valentines Day:
Today is your day! The only single day you get just once a year.. You arrive on February 14th & then leave as fast as you come it feels like! I love to celebrate this day whether with someone or not I know I always have someone because I am loved & I love in return! I cannot wait to celebrate today.. I will do that by eating oh so yummy tempting treats as well as going to the movies & you better betcha that by the end of the night I will have a cuddly little bear to cherish as well :) I cannot wait to see endless love however in theaters today as it is being released.. 


Aunt Joyce:
I love that Sunday's always seems to be just our day together anymore & I am more then ok with that! Every so often its not but now days that is very rare! I cannot wait to see Labor Day with you Sunday @ the movie theater & I cannot wait to eat & catch up with you! I love you more then you know & I am truly blessed to be one of your nieces :)

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