Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The pumpkins I carved! I was not great at carving.

Casen came by work. His grammy brought him! I was so happy to see hims... He looks all ready for some fun! & yes I do have scrubs on. Just not my scrub top today only bottoms! I am like a little pumkin all decked out in black & orange.

Casen was so cute dressed as a little monster! I love when he takes photos with me & best part is when he goes to leave he says bye see you later & it is so sweet how he says it! You yourself would just have to hear it said!

I edited a photo of the bestie & I too from the other night at the bonfire we all had. I had to share our spooky looks! I added spooky eyes, fangs, & cobwebs... I love photo editing!

I hope you all you sweet ladies have a great Halloween :) I just had to share some of my fun for the day...

Pins On This Crisp, Chilly Fall Day

I am linking up with Michelle her addy is ^ :)

I want this so badly!

patterned dress
This would be such a cute Fall/ Spring dress for me :)

Comfy fall look
I so wanna put this in my closet for Fall/ Winter wear!

Love this!
I love the two tone colors in this scarf. It would go so cutely with several of my outfits!

Monogrammed Chevron Infinity Scarf Knit Jersey. $25.00, via Etsy.--NEEEDD IT!
I so want one monogrammed for me :)

fall outfit
Too comfy...

I love this for summer, Fall, Winter, & Spring! During  Summer just pair with shorts, Fall pair with leggings, Winter go with leggings or jeans then in Spring you can do leggings :)

So cute for Fall/ Winter wear!

Wine Station. need. want. have to have!
Yes please! This should be a must have in our home....

sparkle lips pacifier
How darling right?

Modern Peasant Dress with Sash and Flower Clip - Christmas Holiday Red and Green Chevron zig zag stripe - Holiday Collection. $39.00, via Etsy.
I so love this little bebe dress! I want it...

rosette picture frame!
I so wanna make one of these little beauties!


Things Im Lovin On This Crisp, Chilly Fall Day

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I am loving that there is only 16 more days as of today until Breaking Dawn Part 2. & you better bet my little booty will be there in the theater watching it :)

I am loving that in 16 days I will be Gatlinburg bound with my madre, 2 of my aunts, & one of my sweet baby cousins. It is gonna be so much fun.

I am loving that this week is almost over!

I am loving that this weekend is my weekend off, hello fun time!

I am loving that Nashville, Beauty & Beast, & Chicago Fire come on tonight... I am obsessed! I mean don't get me wrong I am obsessed with a lot of shows during the week! Its awful at how many I watch!

I am obsessed with all my Pinterest finds. I so wanna put the clothing in my closet, & snap my fingers & make the others appear where I want them to go.

I am loving that we did not get snow yay! I hate that yucky nasty stuff! This cold weather has been bad enough... Which I also hate by the way!

& most of all I am loving that today is Halloween! So HAPPY HALLOWEEN sweet ladies...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Safe Haven

I truly do not even know where to begin. As most of my ladies know Nicholas Sparks has always been one of my favorite writers. I have read every single one of his books & I have loved & enjoyed them just as much as the next one read. This past year I read his newest one that came out which was The Best Of Me. Well I am excited to say that he now has finally finished yet again another new book. I Still do not know the title too it but I for one am dying to know so that I can go buy it & of course read it. & even better then that I love that his book Safe Haven as well as Best Of Me is being made into movies.

I am so excited that Julianne Hough & Josh Duhamel will be the couple in the movie Safe Haven. Those two have such a cute chemistry together as you clearly can see above. As far as details movie wise. The preview has done made it amazing debut & it was beyond great! See for yourself...

The movie will make its full debut in theaters on February 8, 2013. As a reader of all his books I am always curious as too see whether the actors portray a true sence of love that his book did with each other & I am so thankful that in each movie thus far it has exceeded the limitations a thousand times over. 

Best Of Me is currently being put into a movie as well however the actors have not been announced yet nore has the release date for the movie. But let me assure you that once I know you all will too because I will be too excited not to share with you ladies :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 AM Random Shots

Wow where do I even begin at! You see I was on facebook browsing when all of a sudden Brit post a picture. I was laughing my ass off to say the least. Well I of course in response to this photo:
said wow
Brit said: listen when you were going to work at 5am we became our own source of entertainment lol.
I said: This is so amusing I wanna put it on the blog!
Brit said: bahaha do it! I have another one too. I will text it too you!
I said: I cannot wait to see it

Well let me tell you it was ten times more funny then the first one see:
Do you ladies not agree here?

Ok so now story time:
I met Brit through blogging. I found her little blog & fell in love with it & as I got to know her I became to love her just as much as her little blog. Since then we have became friends on facebook, & text each other which I love! She is such a sweet, loving, fun girl! I swear we really could be best friends if only we did not live so far from each other :( That truly saddens me but at the same time I say distance does not really matter! Which it don't that is what vacations are for right? We both love similar shows & I love that she is as fun & outgoing as I am hello matched made in friend heaven duh! Oh & dont expect to see us on Thursday nights that night is reserved for Vampire Diaries where we text each other during the show lol.... We both love us some Stafan & Elana! 

So Brit if you are reading this which I am sure that you are considering you knew I was doing this post. I just wanna say I am so blessed to have met you through blogging. You are such a sweetheart & I love that I have been able to get to know you! I cannot wait to finally meet you in person & I truly hope our friendship can only grow in years to come! With trips even to Texas for my first time ever :) love ya girl!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Early Halloween Fun...

Last night my bestie Sayrah came into town to visit... So what did we do for fun we went to the Halloween Party at the club. It was so much fun! Tons of fun, laughter, dancing, drinking & much more! I loved seeing all the ghouls dressed up. Sayrah & I was spoil sports we didn't dress up but let me assure you if we could have found a cute costume we would have but we could not find any cute ones so we decided to go with cute outfits instead :) That counts right? I loved getting to see/spend time with not only Sayrah but a whole lot of my others friends too. It was nice catching up with everyone. We was having so much fun that we did not take many photos but I am gonna share the ones in which we did take :)

Spidey & I :) He was like 6'6 on stilts ...

Sayrah & I :) me wuvs her to pieces...

Kayla Beth & I.... I love this girl too ;)

Will, me & Sayrah

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

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Let's Begin...

Dear work, I really hate you anymore! You seem so unorganized & it should not be the case! We have computers with schedules & stuff how do you still manage to screw them up? I mean do we screw patient info up too?NO! so why mess up schedules please get it together before you push more of my buttons thanks!

Dear Friday, you are a little chilly today & you have no sun popping out :* Please do not get too cold!

Dear Sayrah, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night :) Its gonna be such a fun Halloween party night! I am sure we will take tons of photos as usual without the boys in it because they both hate photos yet we love them but its ok...

Dear Halloween Party, You better be great! I mean bring your A game :) I am ready for some fun, dancing, drinks, food, & so much more :)

Dear Sunday, please do not be too harsh for me! I know I will be out late Saturday & all but still be calm at work & not too crazy!

Dear Body, please do not hate me after the lack of sleep you will get Saturday night & having to be up early Sunday for work! I promise I will go to bed early for you Sunday night as long as you are nice Sunday day :)

Dear Krystal's, you had your little burgers on sale for only 25 cents & I got 25 of them. You gave me a great deal Wednesday. Oh & they tasted amazing as always. They really hit our yummy spots!

Dear Nails, I know I have neglected you this week. I know your chipped & missing paint. I promise tonight I am going to fix you all & make you pretty again. Do not worry!

Dear Black Mountain, I never want to see you again after you made us walk 16.7 miles that was insane & to find out after that you had some man murder his fiance there & scatter her parts in those woods freaks me the hell out! You are one hiking place I will never miss or want to see again.

Dear Camera, you did a great job with photos Tuesday! I took a lot of great shots & I was so pleased with them :) Thanks for being sweet to me on that end! I am glad we work well together... 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm Loving On This Warm Fall Evening

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1. I am loving that this week has flew by it seems like...

2. I am loving that Magic Mike came out on DVD..

3. I am loving that Saturday night Sayrah & her man are coming down to the Halloween party! 

4. I am loving all my cute little goodies I have been cooking/baking lately :)

Pin Pin Love On This Warm Fall Evening


Linking up with Michelle!

Super cute!!


Love this


Fall colors!! :)

Cozy Blues.

this outfit is perfect.

sparkle scarf
reupholstered glider how-to

How To: Turn a Bookcase Into a Bar

felt owl pillow.... OMG!!!!!!!! CUTE!!!!!!!

Mommy's Sippy Cup Personalized  Wine Glass by MemorableDesigns, $10.00

Basement entrance... I love the brick wall

A river sink -- can also be filled with ice for parties


Pineapple Jack o Lantern, this is awesome!