Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday MOM

Dear Mom,
I know I am a whole day late but 57 is the new 40! ( Hope its fine that I just told the whole world your age). I am so thankful that god gave you the title of my mother. Even with our ups & downs I still love you none the less! I think he gave me you to challenge me & you do challenge me all the time.

I love that you take such an interest in every aspect of my life! Oh wait maybe not so much! I sometimes wish you did not want to know my whole life story sometimes.. Things might be a little better then. But I know you well enough to know that you must know all or you feel like its crazy not to know! 

I love how you support my dreams, passions & entire life even if you might have wanted it differently in your eyes! You look through mine & you know I am right where I want to be! You support me even when you don't understand my ways. 

Thank you for being you! I love you..Happy Birthday mom!

Me on our way to meet my parents for mother's birthday dinner @ her favorite all time place Cheddars...

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