Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Letters

Where to begin... You are an amazing boyfriend! I love how sweet & caring you are.. I love the little moments we share together! Such as when you get up you give me kisses in my favorite spot which is the forehead, how if in the middle of the night I roll over to grab my phone you seem to think I am falling out of bed & you grab for me (that is too precious), I love how you love to cuddle next to me in bed & that some part of us has to touch always... the little moments truly for me are what makes me care even more for you & helps us as a couple to grow! 

I know you are Jeremy's daughter first & foremost! Thank you for opening your heart up to me! I adore you & am so blessed to have you in my life just as much as I am to have your daddy as well..

You are your daddy's child through & through.. I love how much you both look alike! Seeing your daddy with you Wednesday night was precious! I can see how much he adores you & Mads.. He is a great father! 

I am so glad to know that you are growing! Its wonderful.. I cannot wait for you to get here! I am impatient just a tad bit. I just want you healthy & here already.. I wanna hold you, kiss you, cuddle you & so much more! I am already in love with you little one!

Mom & Daddy:
Tomorrow is your surprise party! I love that I have been able to plan this for you both.. Its exciting! I hope you both  love it...

Fast & Furious 6:
The Mr & I are gonna see you Sunday night so please be good! Everyone so far says you are great so we have high hopes for you :)

Gracy & Addison:
I love both you girls to pieces! You both are such a blessing.. You both very much are like the little sisters I never had but always wanted.. I enjoy my time with you two always.. I cannot wait to see you both grow up & become young ladies while spoiling you both rotten!

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