Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am loving that my sweet little niece/nephew is still baking & getting bigger with each day! I am so ready to find out what the little one will be...

I am loving that I have weekends off! It gives me time to enjoy the outdoors..

I am loving that summer is almost here.. 

I am loving that Friday is when I should be receiving conformation calls for my parents surprise over the hill party I am throwing the first weekend in June! 

I am loving that I have been horseback riding twice this week already.. Its a stress relief for me to say the least!

I am loving that tomorrow I get to have a dinner date with Priscilla.. I have missed her all too much!

I am loving that since it was so rainy & stormy outside last night I got extra snuggles in! Those are always nice of course..

I am loving my sweetie :)

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KrissyGirl said...

Horseback riding is so nice! And a stress relief you're right. Aren't horses just wonderful? My cousin owns her own horse and he's just awesome!

What I'm loving is how great you are, just saying :)

Trish said...

sounds like lots of good things!
trish @ tales from ...