Monday, May 27, 2013

Restaurant Review: Bobby Q's

I decided that yesterday I wanted to go all natural! Can't you tell? No make up on what so ever & for me that is rare!

Anyway to the subject @ hand.. I decided that since Jeremy & little miss was going to go race that I would stay back & do some spring cleaning! That lead to a huge mess which me & my over need to keep things clean & organized was driving me crazy! Before long though I had things back pretty, neat & organized! 

My parents asked me if I wanted to go try Bobby Q's out with them so I agreed! I love BBQ its always so good. Now I would say every where has good BBQ but that would be a complete lie! Some do & some do not! 

One place that does NOT have good BBQ would be Bobby Q's but then again they do not have much good of anything & what they do have is over priced. I could go to my favorite BBQ place for that amount..

Here is my plate! I should have taken a photo of my parents plates as well...

Where to begin? Well you see that macaroni it was cooked from a box! Yes you heard me right a box that you buy @ the store its not homemade. It was very dry & far from moist. My okra was burnt so it was not so edible! I can @ least say it was crunchy.. Now let's move on to my BBQ chicken! It was cooked with that awful liquid smoke stuff & then for a few minutes I would say cooked with the BBQ on it however the sauce was awful but then again that may just be the awful taste from the liquid smoke. That will forever remain a mystery! I can at least say my bread tasted good.. 

Daddy ordered ribs & mom ordered a pork chop!  Daddy's ribs might as well been called bones. There was not enough meat on them at all the was beyond lean to say the least. Mom tried eating hers but she gave up! Daddy managed to eat his but I have no clue how! Both of theirs was also cooked in that liquid smoke.. It tasted awful. If my daddy says its awful you know its because because my father can truly eat almost anything!

After we decided we was done trying to eat our food we was going to go pay! Our total came out to 45 dollars for the 3 of us! Now here is the crazy part.. Are you ready? Those people could not break a $100 dollar bill... How crazy is that? As over priced as their things are you would think that they would be able to break a $100 dollar bill but no! Not even close to it.. What would they have done if daddy did not have anything else other then 100's in his wallet? I guess we would have ended up not having to pay them? I truly do not feel like we should have had to then because of how awful the food was.. 

If I had to rate Bobby Q's I truly think I would give it a 2 & that is only & solely because the girls in there working was sweet! That is it! The atmosphere is old & the food needs a lot of work & revamping! 

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