Friday, May 24, 2013

Sweet Letters

Blog: I am so sorry that I have neglected you here lately! I bet you are super mad at me huh? I know I would be if I was you! I really am sorry though life for me lately has been very busy & left little time to blog sadly.. I am at least trying that counts right? 

Lake: I love that after work today I was able to go to you for a few hours but gosh why are you so dang cold still? I need you to warm up as soon as possible & In my language that means like right now please & thanks! 

Sweet Niece/Nephew: I still do not know what you are & wont sadly for quite a few more weeks but I love you already & I pray for you every single night! I cannot wait to find out what you are so I can begin spoiling you before you even arrive! Rest assured that when you come see Auntie you won't have to bring anything because I will have it all here for you already! I am more then ready to hold you, love you, kiss you, & keep you overnight & take you on all kinds of fun trips :) You can be my sweet little mini me! 

Hunny Bunny: I love you! That is all :) 

Work: I really hate you! I love my patients but the people I work for are awful.. They need a better system & way of doing things that they do! I need a new job something awful.. & the sad part is that this job has made me hate nursing to some degree just because of the office people I have had to deal with not even the patients! I know I would miss my main patients but I need a change :(

Mom: Your birthday is tomorrow! Happy 57th birthday.. I love you even if at times you drive me crazy insane to the point of I wanna bound gag & tie you up somewhere & leave you there for awhile..

Daddy: I love you too the moon & back! Always have & always will... I love being a daddy's girl more then anything. Your birthday is Wednesday! You will be turning 50.. Happy Birthday..

Weekend: Please go by slow.. I know you will be busy but I do not need you to fly by! I need to feel like I have had & enjoyed my two day weekend..

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