Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cardstore Review

Ladies do you ever wanna find that perfect website to design something that you can truly put your own touch too? Well let me just start by saying I have found it :) Yes you heard me correctly I have finally found a website that allows me to personalize anything from birthday cards, invitations, save the date, & so much more! It truly is all about you & how you want it designed!

Cardstore has won me over! I am huge into being able to personalize things exactly how I want them! I guess that is why I love all things monogrammed as well. It is nice to have tons of options. I love that cardstore allows me so many great options! Anything that can be custom is good in my eyes because to me it gives things more of a meaning or reason to keep it because its a message from you instead of some stranger just writing words! 

Lauren asked me if I wanted to do a review & without hesitation I said YES I would love too.. It was a great opportunity for me & this now has became my second review for a company! I am blessed that my little blog is growing & that company people are asking me to do reviews for them! I only hope they like/enjoy what they read from my reviews! 

With that being said my parents both have upcoming birthdays! My mother as you all know just had her birthday this past Saturday & my father will be having his this coming Wednesday! Instead of doing individual birthday cards I decided to combine them together! Reason why you ask? Well that is a good question to ask & do not worry because I will answer it for you ladies! As you all know I decided to throw my parents an over the hill party so I thought it would be much easier doing one card saying I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise party! I did do two separate cards for their actual birthdays but this was a little add on bonus! So all together I have given both of them two cards a piece. 

I bet you all would like to know how to find the birthday section on Cardstore right? Well here is the birthday card section! Its super easy to navigate the whole website. I enjoy that on the main page you can even find discounts to use for varies things which comes in nice! Now days every little bit of savings help.. & the nice part about Cardstore is that they are reasonable prices! Not too over priced which is nice..

Here are a few photos from the card I have chosen for my parents!

I bet you all want to know why my photos of the inside is pink? The inside is originally white with black lettering but when I edited them I colored them so you all could read the writing inside that I had picked out better. Here is where you can see the original :)

As a little surprise I was sent a 25% off for a whole year  that I can use on as many cards as I order! I loved that little surprise that came in my package! Speaking of package I received mine just two days after I had placed my order! They did a great job & got it here in amazing time :) I was very impressed & thrilled..

 Overall I can truly say this has been the best card I have ever given anyone & in the future I will be using Cardstore for all of my birthday cards, Christmas invitations, Save the Dates, baby announcements & so much more!  I was so very pleased with how it turned out... 

Lauren thank you for the opportunity :)

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