Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Friday night after I had gotten off work I went to the race shop to see the boys & too see the girls too of course! I just love Addison & Gracie.. We ended up making Strawberry Daiquiris & virgin Strawberry Daiquiris! They was yummy :) Afterwards it was bedtime for those 2 little girls... I went & layed down beside Addison while she feel asleep! 

Saturday Jeremy & I went to his parents house that morning to drain the pool water out to place new water in & use chemicals! Afterwards I grabbed us some lunch & we went to the race shop! A few hours there & I had to leave everyone to go to a party! 

Afterwards I came back to join everyone & on the way back Addison called to ask me how much longer until I arrived.. Bless little miss impatient! After there we decided we wanted some mountain snow & it was oh so yummy :) Brooke, Michael, Jeremy, Addison, Gracie & I all got different kinds! 
I gave Addison a bath per her request! It ended in water everywhere which had to be cleaned up of course.. After the shower little miss & big sissy snuggled in close to me & Addison said I just wanna rest my eyes for a few minutes OK & I agreed! But I knew she was sleepy because when she gets that tired she gets extra snuggles in... In about 10 minutes she was passed out like a light so I carried her to bed & placed her in the bed to sleep! Afterwards Gracie & I played games while the others watched TV...  

Sunday Brooke did not feel good so I watched the girls while the boys worked on the race cars! It was a fun rainy day but needless to say I was exhausted! Between hide & seek, walks, monopoly, & so much more It worked up an appetite for us all so we decided to order a pizza :) 

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KrissyGirl said...

I was just thinking about ya darlin' lie! thinking about how I hadnt seen a post from you today. I always look forward to them :) It's not blogger without a post from Ashleigh. I love this post, so summery and fun. That daiquiri looks amazing, oh I'm jealous!!! And thats really Jeremy's parents pool? So so nice! I want to assume mountain snow is like a slushie of some sort? Perfect weekend with the girls too!!

agalandherdog said...

You had a busy weekend!