Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sun Bathing Time After Work

After work ended Friday I decided I really wanted to go to the lake! I wanted to take the float & layout.  I truly thought that the water would be a little warmer then it was but sadly the water was still way too cold for my liking to jump in. 

Alisha & Kate jumped in with no problem! How they stood it I will never know! But others must have been fine with the water temperature because several was in it.. I voted for the beach part only needless to say! 

I love that even though I did not get in the water I was able to put our lake pass to use finally! I renewed it back in February so it was nice to finally have it hanging up in the vehicle! We go so much that its cheaper to have a lake pass then it is to pay to swim or put the boat in. & the nice thing about our lake pass is that we can use it anywhere :) Score!

Here are a few photos..

Afterwards I was able to spend time with little bit! She wanted me to fix her hair in pretty bows too so here is the before & after :)

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