Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carnival Night

Last night the hunny & I took little miss to the carnival in town after my mother's birthday dinner. They come once a year right after school ends! She went the night before with nannie but wanted to go again.. Needless to say she got her way! 

We waited until later in the evening to take her that way none of us would be too hot! The night sky had a cool airy breeze blowing around so it was a tad bit chilly for what all three of us had on. None the less we all enjoyed the night together at the Carnival. 

Before going little miss asked me if I would ride at least one ride with her so I agreed to only one. Oh & for those of you whom know me you would know that I cannot do fair rides anymore! I found this out last year while trying to ride with Scarlet Olivia. I rode one ride with her & well let me just say I could not get off that ride fast enough to throw up :( Funny thing though I can still do theme parks & I am fine. How strange is that?

Once there we got her a wrist band which I mind you cost $20 dollars. Is it just me or is that not crazy? I remember when it use to be $10 dollars. I then purchased  enough tickets so I could ride that one ride I promised her! During that one ride after it went around just once I was done ready to get off but the carnival guy did not seem to think just once was enough! We went around that thing like 10 to 11 times if not more & once off I was right at the side ready to throw up! I felt awful the rest of the night :( but I know it sure made little miss happy so I tried not to show how bad I felt! 

Originally she wanted her daddy to ride them all with her since she knew my limit was just going to be one. But lucky for us some friends showed up & they had kids which in turn led to us adults all being able to have conversation while all the kids enjoyed riding together. Score for both us adults & the kids!

After we left the carnival we headed back home! Once home we all piled up in the living room to watch a movie!  Little miss watched 20 minutes of the movie & then was fast asleep while the Mr & I was able to finish all the movie he was so sleepy after it ended so he headed to bed! I ended up watching part of another one but then I too went to join him in bed for some much needed sleep. We left little miss on the couch to sleep since she seemed so comfy..
Here are a few pics!
On our way :)
He really hates photos :( I bet you can tell by that face expression I am getting..
3 of the 6 kids..

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