Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mardi Gras With Alicia

There is so much excitement to take in during Mardi Gras that most do not even know where to begin at. The mention of Mardi Gras leads to thoughts of celebrations, beads, & of course floats parading through the streets. Mardi Gras is to celebrate the craziness that makes us all human! That is a good way to put it in terms I would say. Its a night where you get loud & party hard until the sun comes up literally then sleep all day to awaken with a hang over from hell. 

Alicia & I knew a friend (Chris) whom was playing so we made it a point to go see him sing. He is amazing at singing! Almost every time he plays you bet your ass we are there to see him sing & play that guitar. So we had seafood of course to eat. Alicia had Shrimp Pasta & I had Shrimp & Cajun Fries. Hello yummy in our tummies.

Our night was filled with tons of fun & excitement! It was interesting to say the least. For instance the boys behind out table was insane! They wanted Sherry, Alicia & I too take a photo with their trophy which by the way said STD Trash Talker on it! We touched it before reading it but I assure you once we seen the reading we went straight to our hand anti bacterial & scrubbed our hands several times... All in all though our night was fun & we had a blast :)

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